Top 10 Best Woven Blankets In 2021

Woven Blankets

Blankets, they are the essential item for those winter nights. A beautiful blanket can elevate your bedroom or Livingroom. After all, it works as another accessory that can add a personality to your home. Talking about beautiful blankets, what can be better than those woven ones? They are so beautiful and cozy-looking that you’ll feel like wrapping them around even by taking a glance. In the market, you will see different types of those with different qualities. That’s why, to save you the trouble of going through the hell of assessing them all, we have made a list of the best ones. Check it out.

Top 10 Best Woven Blankets In 2021

10. MEXIMART’s Authentic Mexican Falsa Blanket

Woven Blankets

The first choice on our list comes at a reasonable price and beautiful design. It comes in 72 x 54 inches and 5 different colors.

  • Its loose-weave creates a soft texture
  • The small size makes it a great accent throw

9. DII Farmhouse Cotton Stripe Blanket

Best Woven Blankets | Top 10

Bring a decorative look to your room with this modern stripe blanket. It comes in the size of 50 x 60 inches.

  • Machine washable material makes it easy to clean
  • The thick design makes it perfect for cold weather

8. El Paso Designs Mexican Yoga Blanket

Best Woven Blankets | Top 10

This pretty white and dark brown woven blanket is an old fashioned one that you can add to your decor if you want to bring a classic look to it. It is 100% cotton made and measures 50 x 50 inches.

  • The chevron pattern brings a classic look to it
  • Machine washable material makes it convenient for you

7. Graced Soft Luxuries Throw Woven Blankets

Best Woven Blankets | Top 10

This wonderfully designed cashew colored blanket is quite large and can add a bit of luxury to your house. The chic designed woven blanket is made of 100% acrylic.

  • It is machine washable, so you don’t need to do much for cleaning it
  • The comfy fringe blanket makes it super soft and cozy

6. Rajrang Bringing Rajasthan To You Primitive Rustic 

Best Woven Blankets | Top 10

The teal blue color makes it very eye catchy as well as beautiful. The design is well-detailed and woven perfectly. The blankets are perfect for all-weather and come in the size of 50 x 60. 

  • It can be washed gently with cold water and dried in the shade
  • Its excellent design makes it a perfect gift

5. Falsa Mexican Woven Blankets

Best Woven Blankets | Top 10

This handmade blanket is so beautiful and cozy that we are sure you will love it! The beautiful multi-colored stripes make it even prettier. You can get it in different colors as well. It is soft as well as beautiful, which is woven by the wooden loom. It gives out a traditional vibe. 

  • The well-made blanket makes it last for a long time
  • Super soft and lightweight material makes it comfortable to use

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4. Sweet Home Collection 100% Fine Cotton Luxurious

Best Woven Blankets | Top 10

Get this king and queen-sized blanket for yourself and your partner. It comes in 16 different colors! So, you can choose whichever you prefer the most. The king-sized blanket comes in 180 x 90 and the queen-sized blanket comes in 90 x 90 size.  

  • The material is machine washable, perfect for your ease of use
  • The classic woven design can add a bit of elegance to your room

3. El Paso Designs Mexican Yoga Blanket

This Mexican woven blanket is one of a kind. As its name suggests, you can use it as a yoga mat. So, if you are a yoga enthusiast, what can be a better option to use than a beautiful woven one? It measures 51 x 74 inches. You have different colors and designs to choose from. So, a yoga woven blanket can match with your choice as well.

    • The blanket is woven with recycled items for environmental friendliness
    • Its fancy design makes it perfect to use as a home decor

2. Battilo BTL15033-CAMEL Cable Knit Throw

This camel color beautiful woven blanket can be a perfect addition to your living room or bedroom accessories. The brand offers several different colors for you to choose the best one.

The blanket is made of 100% polyester, which makes it extra soft. It is an oversized big cable style throw that comes in 67 x 51 inches.

  • The extremely soft texture makes it super comfortable to use
  • The material is high quality which makes it sturdy
  • The oversized blanket can fit your body perfectly

1. Brahms/Mount Monhegan Cotton Throw Woven Blankets

This top quality, woven blanket has a distinctive style. The pattern it has is very eye-catching. You can easily realize that it is sturdy by feeling its texture. The blanket is slightly ruglike and quite tick. Textured, which makes it sturdy but super soft to use. The fantastic part is that it offers 27 different colors for you to choose from.

  • 100% cotton ensures a soft and comfortable touch
  • Machine washable material makes it super easy to clean
  • Hand-twisted fringe ensures its well-designed body

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Wrapping up, finding a cozy and beautiful looking blanket can be the best gift you can give to yourself. Who doesn’t like those winter nights, being all curled up under his favorite blanket? Woven blankets can be the right choice for you if you like them to be extra pretty. We hope you have found the perfect blanket for yourself from our list. Whichever blanket you choose from our list; we assure you that you won’t regret it. They are gorgeous and durable enough to last for long. So, pick the one you love the most and enjoy your winter days! Good luck!

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