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WordPress is heaven for website or web portal themes. The collection is always versatile and looks amazing. WordPress is the ultimate destination of webmasters to get the themes they are looking for. Directory themes are a great choice if you are looking to build such websites. WordPress will certainly provide you an excellent collection of directory themes. The themes are usually gorgeous yet simple looking and look professional as well.

Directory themes are always organized and have a fresh look. Whenever someone visits your website; the goal is to help them navigate in the simplest way possible. Your visitors should not have to waste their time looking for something. Finding anything must be very easy in directory themes. The themes should look good as well.

An engaging theme will get your audience’s attention.

Design Your Website Neatly | A List of The Best WordPress Directory Theme

The range is huge when it comes to WordPress directory themes. We have gone through the best ones considering features, reliability, simplicity in usage and other important factors to choose the best 50 among all directory themes in WordPress.

1. ListingPro


The theme is great for launching directory. Listing Pro is multipurpose; so this theme will go with whatever content you are planning to launch. The theme is fairly new in WordPress. Best thing about Listing Pro is that it has regular updates! You won’t have to worry about lagging behind with your website style as long as you work with listing pro.

The developers of Listing Pro have good reputation, which makes listing pro a promising directory theme. The features are excellent for all users and the theme is outstandingly fast. Every useful plug in is included in the theme so you won’t have to incur any additional cost.

There are monetization options as well along with a tech-savvy search tool, review system, ad manager and an intuitive interface for submission of listing!


2. Directory Engine

Directory Engine

EngineThemes always focus on building purposeful themes. The theme is as simple as it gets. You can easily set up your website with directory engine. The theme comes with a quick start guide to walk you through. The guide will give you access to different features so you can try them out before starting your website.

With directory engine; you will able to create your own page layout fully customized with ease! The theme comes with drag and drop feature as well, which makes working with it easier. You can add modules in the sidebar as widgets which will enhance the navigation system of your website.

Directory engine uses Ajax. The usage of Ajax makes submissions simpler and faster. Each new page added to directory gets a page of their own. For awesome navigation, simple use and outstanding style; Directory Engine should be your prime choice!


3. Wyzi



Wyzi has multifunctional purposes and acts as a service provider as well. It is one of the favorites of all directory themes in WordPress. The theme goes well with any kind of content and gives audience a sense of cleanliness in usage.

The theme comes with a huge range of options, which makes it a popular one as anybody can use it. The designs, layouts, plugins; are all versatile and does not resemble each other at all. The designers of Wyzi have really put effort in developing one of the best directory themes in WordPress for all the website builders out there.

The options in configuration of listing settings are also of a huge variety. The theme is compatible with WooCommerce. It has a library as well which includes add-ons!  The theme is an excellent choice with a variety of options.

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4. Listable


Whether you are a startup, a local website or an established company; you will be able to use this beautiful WordPress directory theme. The theme comes with many different and exciting features! Most of the features are customizable as well.

Best thing about Listable is that you can have a payment plan in this theme. The payment plan is customizable; so you can create one according to your customer base and audience.

The audience will have no issue listing their submissions to your website directory. The process just requires your visitors to sign up for their own account.

You can also decorate the homepage however you like. Adding category to the page, adding widget or sidebars is fairly simple. The theme is one of the best WordPress directory themes when it comes to flexibility and simplicity.


5. Vantage


We all know about ‘Vantage Point’; it is the point from where you can see everything. And what happens when you see everything? You get a clear idea of how things work and how you can implement your ideas in the most purposeful of ways.

The theme Vantage aims to give your visitors just that experience! Best thing about this theme is their payment process. Vantage can collect payment even on auto-pilot mode. They also have other payment getaways which will definitely attract more visitors to list their submissions in your directory.

Another unique feature of Vantage is their ‘claimable listings’ option to support local businesses. The listings are not limited to cities either; which is awesome as you will be able to expand your horizon!


6. Directory


Another outstanding WordPress directory theme. Directory is the most convenient WordPress directory theme out there. The theme comes with a Geo-tracker, which can track visitors’ IP addresses and help them find the listings in their nearby areas or cities. The app also comes with the Google Map and has excellent navigation properties.

The listings can be searched in different categories and sub categories. The theme is excellent for handheld devices as they won’t even need to put their location in; the GPS will provide necessary information to find listings.  Monetizing directory also comes with option in the Directory theme. There are two options you can work with; one is per listing basis and other is creating subscription packages.

The theme is an outstanding WordPress directory theme and the title is well earned.


7. Urbango


Urbango is a premium WordPress directory theme. The theme comes with a versatile range of exiting features. And the features are actually engaging for both website builder and the audience!

The theme has beautiful upbeat design and easy navigation. It is a multifunctional theme; which makes it suitable for any kind of listing you would like in your portal. Everything looks good and appealing in Urbango.

The theme has designs and layouts for listing beauty salons, co working spaces, shopping places and food- drink businesses.

The demo website looks awesome and does an excellent job to show users how their homepage would actually look like to visitors. It is customizable of course. Other features include a grid display, full length slider, and a very efficient search tool.


8. ListGo


ListGo is the ultimate destination for the best demos in WordPress directory theme. The demos of ListGo are well designed, comes with exciting features and extremely easy to work with. The theme is highly flexible and user friendly.

Any visitor would be impressed with the professional look of your website if you are using ListGo. The websites designed with ListGo have reported some quality listing submissions in their directory. The theme reflects on professionalism and work ethic.

ListGo gives you an option of including the feature of recurring subscriptions in your monetization system. A better monetization policy brings many visitors to directory websites. Your members will also be able to switch and cancel their plans in a very flexible manner.


9. Listify



Listify is a minimal aesthetic looking WordPress directory theme. The theme also comes with very exciting features and high flexibility in usage.

Listify includes some great plugins of directory websites. The developers of Listify are very passionate about making their users experience amazing. This is why they have provided you with awesome design and best features; all in one theme!

The theme has rich snippets support. This will ensure that your website shows up as one of the bests in the listing websites.

The monetizing option is also very flexible; you can charge your members however you would like. Listify allows you to fully customize monetization.  The theme is an excellent asset to any directory website. You might want to give it a try!


10. Search & Go

Search & Go

Search & Go is a very pretty WordPress directory theme. The theme is highly efficient as well. It is very modern and has been released not long ago. The fresh release of this theme ensures that it has the most tech savvy and modern features.

Search & Go is appropriate for different kind of contents. The versatility of contents and usage made it one of most popular WordPress directory theme is a very short time.

Visitors will have the option of listing their own submissions. You can give them this access for free or charge them too; it’s all up to you.

You can create unlimited monetization packages for your members. It is a fully customizable theme. You will feel like you haven’t used one at all!


11. My Listing

My Listing

If you are targeting the users of some particular geographic region and would like only their submissions; My Listing is the most appropriate WordPress directory theme for you!

The theme works best for local directories. It can be accessed by other people as well of course but the listing is directed towards a specific geographic area.

The demos in My Listing are inspired by capital cities of the world which are very famous. Each demo is different from the others and easily distinguishable. The demos are highly compatible with both desktops and handheld devices. You will be able to attract a pool of visitors easily with My Listing.

The theme has Elementor page builder, drag and drop features, and an outstanding user interface. It is great for any kind of content! Try it out to reach all the potential visitors in your area!


12. Business Finder

Business Finder

Business finder gives you many opportunities to integrate different features to your website. The listing of directory is simple and very easy for all kinds of users.

The theme is easy to set up and looks appealing. It comes with PayPal. The monetization system is simple and highly customizable. Its simplicity and appealing appearance makes it one of the best WordPress directory themes. The theme ensures high flexibility. You can include relevant links to your listings as well. The listings can also have other things includes like a gallery of relevant images. It is a very pretty and simple theme; you can give it a shot for sure!


13. Spot Finder

Spot Finder

Spot Finder is another popular WordPress directory theme. The theme comes with many unique and exciting features. The Spot Finder is a well organized, neat and clean theme which will ensure your visitors’ satisfaction. Everything is easy to find in this theme and easily accessible as well.

The theme is created by Templatic team; a reputed team for creating beautiful and purposeful theme for a long time. The theme will give your website a fresh look!

The design for this theme has been used by the Airbnb Company as well. You can list any business in this theme. The theme is good for real estate listing, sale listing, rent listing and any other business you might have in mind.

Spot Finder is child friendly WordPress directory theme. The theme comes with Google map integrated in it. So the search too work inexplicably well with heavy traffic even. Your visitors will have no trouble finding any listing with spot finder.

The theme also ensures coverage of maximum screen. Its responsive design is mobile ready and your members will get their own profile pages!


14. Listing Easy

Listing Easy

Listing Easy is all about making things simpler and easier for both users and visitors. There are two homepage layouts in listing easy. Both the layouts look amazing and appealing. One of the layouts has an option of video background while the other gives you an opportunity to have a full screen image on your homepage.

After you have chosen which homepage layout to use, you can start choosing the modules Listing Easy has to offer. The theme has a professional look which will help you acquire trust of your visitors. The options you would like to display in your homepage are customizable.

The search tool is live which will ensure maximum visitor satisfaction. There is also an option of featuring certain categories. Here you will be able to promote some of your start listings or the listings that generate more money.

The templates in Listing Easy let you have all your listings in one page. The theme is compatible with WooCommerce as well. The monetization options are huge and come with a comfort of flexibility.


15. Service Finder

Service Finder

The theme will help you build a service providing directory or a business directory with WordPress. Your online directory will display listing settings in the most appealing and engaging manner with this theme.

The best part of Service finder is that visitors can book service through websites which have this theme. The theme increaser website visit and traffic as it has awesome features as well as a great look!

The theme comes with Stripe and PayPal integrated in it so your monetization process becomes 10 times easier! It is an awesome theme with the most amazing features among WordPress directory themes.


16. Javo


Javo is an awesome looking WordPress directory theme. The theme comes with awesome features that will certainly entertain your visitors. The homepage layout of Javo is engaging and highly impressive. It gives a calming feeling. The homepage has a background image with sliders. Javo has used Google Maps in a very interesting and clever way. Your visitors can click on markers of the Google map to see featured listing on that particular Geographic area. Visitors also have an option of sharing info and reviews to the website in this theme.

The theme has Visual Composer, which is a premium plug in. There is option of drag and drop page builder for easy usage as well. The tech savvy composer allows you to build your website in a neat way and fully customize it. You can enlist unlimited contents in these pages with a visual editor.

The Javo theme has integrated premium Slider Revolution plugin. You can include this anywhere and in any of your pages to make them fancier. The theme comes with very detailed video tutorials. The tutorials will walk you through every step of the set up.

The developers of Javo offer a service of free installation as well in case you face any issues regarding set up. The designs, a highly functioning listing and the amazing features make Javo an awesome WordPress directory theme!


17. My City

My City

My City is a theme that encourages a friendship between visitors. The theme will help you build a website where you can target a specific niche in a particular geographic area.

The theme is highly flexible. It will ensure that you get your desired outcome. Your directory website must look appealing yet you must have the flexibility and freedom over your layouts and contents. My City is designed just to meet those demands.

The theme has integrated Ajax and Google map. Both the tools make searching easier for visitors. The live search bar will give your visitors a phenomenal experience with the help of Ajax.

The listing pages are individual. They ensure to follow a high standard. A best thing about this individual listing page is that you will be able to include a 3D panoramic image! It can also include reviews from visitors, photo gallery, and listing infos.

The theme also offers visitors to book an Uber ride through your website! How cool is that! Your website can be the ultimate destination for people. The theme is the best integration of all amazing features and is an outstanding WordPress directory theme!


18. SuperList


Superlist is a fairly new WordPress directory theme. The developers of this theme aim to make building directory website with WordPress a more straightforward experience for all.

The theme is beautifully designed and has a great layout. It also comes with a feature of one-click installation. The demo makes work easier. It only takes about 5 to 10 minutes for setting up a directory website with Superlist.

After you are done setting up, you will check the online documentation before adding your own contents and start creating your directory website.

Anything can be listed in Superlist. The theme comes with custom post type. The custom post type opens the website to a versatile choice of businesses to be featured.

The homepage has Google map integrated. Monetization is also easy with Superlist, you can create your own packages!


19. Diamond



Diamond is a theme developed by the WP Zoom team. The theme looks very appealing and has awesome features as well. The layout is full width. You can also have a background image in the homepage.

The listings in your website can have sub categories. You will be able to display your listings in the most appealing of ways with this theme.

Google Map is integrated in the theme. Visitors will be able to locate their listings more easily with Google map.

A WooCommerce shop builder plugin is also integrated in the Diamond theme. WooCommerce shop builder plugin opens a huge new range of opportunities and businesses for a directory website. You should definitely try this premium and easy to use WordPress directory theme for your website!

20. Dining Engine


Dining engine is for all the restaurants listing around the world. The word Dining in its title gives away the sole purpose of this theme.

The theme looks amazing. It is bound to make any visitor hungry and looking for restaurants. The purpose of this theme being only one; makes it a very efficient theme.

If you are chef, or a food enthusiast; you will like this theme a lot. Although the theme is one focused directory theme; you can edit it to be compatible with listings of bistros, delis and cafes.

The theme is very fast loading. It follows the latest and fresh web designs. The theme comes with a drag and drop plug in which makes setting up and customization 10 times easier. Monetization policies are customizable and fairly simple as well.

The Dining Engine is very unique theme. You would like to choose only this one if it fits your business.

21. Directory Child Theme


This is the child theme of the Vantage theme in the WordPress directory themes. The theme looks awesome and is highly user friendly. It comes with two layouts and 8 colored skins for you to choose from.

Playing with colors is a fun part of this theme. Try it to find your inner artist!


22. Directory from AitThemes

Directory from AitThemes

This is another directory theme but the developer team is completely different. The theme includes premium Slider Revolution plugin, excellent short codes, and very useful demos.

You will be able to display a huge Google map in your homepage with this theme. The theme is highly customizable as well!


23. Directory theme from PremiumPress

Directory theme from PremiumPress

This is another directory theme built by the capable team of PremiumPress. The theme is functioning with high traffic and huge directory. This theme will help you make actual money from your directory website with the help of AdSense space and banner advertising. It is a useful and purposeful WordPress directory theme!


24. Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages WordPress Theme

The yellow page is an attractive WordPress directory theme. The theme comes with features like color customization, reorganizing the homepage, and integrated Google Map. The theme is very flexible and fast to work with. This theme has 200 countries preloaded that will help your listing structure. You will enjoy giving it a try!


25. Event Builder

Event Builder

Event builder is WordPress directory theme for event portals. The theme comes with 5 layouts of homepage. You can feature upcoming events from your listing in the homepage of your website with event builder. The theme supports PayPal and Stipe for payment. You will enjoy working with this theme!


26. The Navigator

The Navigator

This theme has a fronted submission form. Your visitors and members will have no problems submitting their listings with this theme. The theme is compatible with both handheld and desktop devices.

This theme is also designed for publishing blog posts. If you are a content marketer you will love the navigator WordPress directory theme.


27. Expedition


Expedition is designed to list submissions which act as city guides. If you are building a website that will act as a city guide and help people find attractive destinations in your city; you should certainly choose this theme.

The theme comes with WPZoom framework, a slider in homepage and other amazing features!


28. Emblem


Emblem has a unique look and appearance that differs it from all the other WordPress directory themes. The theme is very flexible to work with and has a geo location feature as well.

If you would like a unique appealing yet highly functional directory website, you should definitely choose emblem.


29. Cuisine


As the title suggests, Cuisine is a directory theme for food listings. The theme is designed to appeal any culinary enthusiast or a food enthusiast. The theme comes with features like individual listing, easy monetization and awesome layouts! The Google Map is integrated with this theme as well.


30. Listings


Whether you want to a directory of cars, or rent services, or real estate; anything can be featured in the WordPress directory theme Listings. The theme looks highly professional. It comes with a form builder and a configurable homepage! The theme also has a widget for visitor’s convenience in searching.


31. Geo Directory

Geo Directory

The theme looks great and is easy to work with as well. One unique character of this theme is that the features are not integrated. You will have to add them as plug ins. The theme is compatible with WooCommerce. It is a great flexible theme for any kind of listings.


32. Ultimate Directory

Ultimate Directory

Ultimate directory gives your visitors an opportunity to sign up and add info about their business in your website. The theme is highly functional and its purpose is praiseworthy. PayPa is integrated in the theme. Any listing from any location can be published in your website with this theme! It will expand your horizon.


33. Explore


A very appealing and engaging looking WordPress directory theme. Explore comes with a bunch of exciting features. The theme is designed for listing music events. Your visitors will be able to list concerts and other musical festivals in your website. The theme is very flexible to work with!


34. Eventum


The theme is designed for listing events. Every event is sort by categories as well as location. A listing calendar along with Google map is integrated in the theme. In this theme, each user can have their own profiles. Monetization is also an option. You should definitely try this theme if you would like event listing!

35. GeoDirectory Theme Framework

Geo Directory

This theme is highly customizable. It was created as a plugin for the Geo Directory theme mentioned earlier. Customization is fun in this theme. It is live and work happens through a visual interface. Everything can be changed in this theme including colors, images, layouts etc. If you enjoy creativity you will love working with this theme.


36. Geo Craft

Geo Craft

If you are looking to monetize your site fast; you should pick Geo craft. The theme looks appealing and has excellent features. You can arrange your content in many ways. The theme encourages businesses to add listing to your website!


37. Jobify


Jobify is a WordPress directory theme that lists jobs. It comes with a huge collection of templates and exciting search features. The purpose of this theme is served great. It is an awesome theme to work with, the set up time is only 5 minutes!


38. WhiteLab


This theme is a special WordPress directory theme. It comes in sober and professional look. It is a multipurpose directory theme suitable for many kinds of businesses. The theme has integrated system for payment which supports PayPal and Authorize. Net. You will get a simple and elegant looking directory website with WhiteLab!


39. Bridge


Bridge is a modern and upbeat looking WordPress directory theme. The theme has awesome demos that will make set up way easier for anyone. The developers of Bridge focus on the outcome. So whatever your purpose is, you will be ensured an excellent website with bridge.


40. Splendor


Splendor is unique looking theme. The theme looks amazing on all handheld and desktop devices. The developers included an “Easy Install” feature in this theme. The theme comes with samples and anybody can use this! It is fully customizable as well. You will be able to display any kind of listing in splendor.


41. Lisner


This is the simplest WordPress directory theme you will find. The theme is extremely easy to use and set up time is lesser than most. The theme has emphasized on typography and has awesome visuals!


42. Wilcity


Although the name suggests that it is a navigation website but Wilcity is actually multipurpose. The theme is very fashionable and upbeat. You can feature any kind of listing here and it would look cool. The website has features of reviews, dashboards and option of using SEO!


43. Cityo


Whether you want to list hotels, cities, restaurants or even markets; citiyo is the best WordPress directory for this job. The theme is well organized, easy to navigate and has awesome features you can work with!


44. Meraki


This is a theme only to be used for job listings. The theme is very useful and flexible. The different layouts for different types of jobs make it a visitor friendly theme. Meraki is purposeful and useful.

45. Workreap


Another engaging theme display job listings. The theme is highly customizable, sophisticated and has effective layouts.

The theme was designed with a purpose of creating a freelancers website.


46. Nightlife


Nightlife allows all visitors and owners to submit their content. The theme is awesome looking and does a great job of directory website. It is mainly an event directory theme. It comes with many options including filtering.


47. ClassifiedEngine


An EngineThemes creation. The theme is monetizable, customizable and highly flexible to work with.


48. Responsive Directory Theme

Responsive Directory Theme

It is a directory theme from the PremiumPress. The theme has exciting features. You can manage a huge directory with this theme very easily. The theme looks great in both handhelds and desktops.


49. Geo Places

Geo Places

It is a great city directory theme. The theme is easily navigable. There is support of monetization along with integrated Google map for visitor experience. The theme is very easy to work with and to customize.


50. Business Directory

Business Directory

The last but not least! Business directory is an amazing WordPress directory theme. The theme is from PremiumPress and has features like HTML5, calculators, Google Map and options of searching zip code!

Directory website performance and popularity depends on the contents mostly. But how the content is organized plays a huge role in this context. Choose a WordPress directory theme that compliments your listing contents and is compatible with your visitors!

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