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Wildlife Magazines

Before the arrival of the internet and TV, the best and perhaps the only way to get to know about wild animals were wildlife magazines. They were so popular back in the day that every school library used to keep a handful of wildlife magazines from different publications for students of the science club, and generally every student who was into nature and wildlife, hoping to create future naturalists, and their efforts have often paid off. Even after the outbreak of satellite televisions, it was very normal to find the latest issue of the National Geographic in any household, especially one that had children.

Wildlife magazines are educational, informative, interesting, and fun at the same time. And even to this day, they remain to be so. Whether you are a wildlife enthusiast or not, you have to admit that you’d want to grab a wildlife magazine and flip the pages whenever you get hold of one.

Having said that, we are also guessing that you don’t know that many wildlife magazines to grab in the first place, which is very normal, of course. And even if you do know, it is always a good idea to keep your lists updated with what’s new in the market. But that can come at the cost of your precious time and energy sometimes. And we all know that can be a big loss when there is so much to do in such a little time. So, here we bring you what we think is the ultimate list of the best wildlife magazines.

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1. National Geographic

National Geographic

Regarded as one of the richest sources of adventure photography, National Geographic is one of the pioneers of wildlife publication. For almost two centuries, the magazine has served generations of scientists, biologists, researchers, and enthusiasts throughout the world with their insightful articles, breathtaking photography by some of the finest photographers of the world, and all the information you need about the wild side. We had to keep it on top of our list of the top 10 wildlife magazines.


2. Bird Watching

Bird Watching

Bird Watching is a magazine solely dedicated to…yes, you’ve guessed it, bird watching or birding. Along with stunning pictures of rare exotic species of birds, Bird Watching also provides adequate information to naturalists about where and when to find these birds and how can they best be photographed. This magazine much appreciated by naturalists and birders ranks on number 2 of our list of the top wildlife magazines.

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3. BBC Wildlife Magazine

BBC Wildlife Magazine

Since its establishment in 1963, BBC Wildlife Magazine, or simply The Wildlife Magazine has been the torchbearer of wildlife publication. Full of rich contents such as articles from renowned naturalists to stunning wildlife photography by the best photographers of the world, The BBC Wildlife Magazine is definitely one of the best wildlife magazines in the business.

4. Wild Planet Photo Magazine

Wild Planet Photo Magazine

The Wild Planet Photo Magazine is more than just a wildlife magazine. It brings you advice, useful tutorials by experts, tips on wildlife photography, and more. It focuses on helping the enthusiasts to get started on wildlife photography and provides helpful expert advice on the matter. Professional wildlife photographers regard Wild Planet Photo Magazine as an important tool to have in their collection.

5. Adventure & Wildlife Magazine

Adventure & Wildlife Magazine

Adventure & Wildlife Magazine focuses not only on wildlife and the wilderness but allows you to take a look through the lenses of adventurers and wildlife activists. It sheds light upon the challenges that the stakeholders and communities living near the jungles face and covers the conflict between man and animal discussing conservation issues.

6. World Wildlife Magazine

World Wildlife Magazine

Founded and funded by the World Wildlife Fund in 1961, World Wildlife Magazine is one of the most organized publications on wildlife. It aims to make a positive impact on the ongoing state of the world’s wildlife conservation. The money earned from the subscriptions of both the print and electronic versions of the magazine goes to the welfare trust of WWF. Meaning if you subscribe to this magazine, you are actually playing your part in the conservation of the jungle and its inhabitants.


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7. The Smithsonian Magazine

The Smithsonian Magazine

Although not entirely a wildlife magazine, the Smithsonian Magazine includes a rich array of contents concerning nature and wildlife. Published by the Smithsonian Institute, the Smithsonian magazine brings a rich assortment of articles and photography on wildlife from all corners of the world. It is the brainchild of Edward K Thompson, the former editor of Life magazine.


8. The Georgia Wildlife Blog

The Georgia Wildlife Blog has a vast range of contents concerning not only the wildlife but how to make the best use of it with permitted fishing and hunting without harming the environment or endangering any species. It focuses mainly on the conservation of wildlife in Georgia. The publication is run by the Georgia Wildlife Conservatory.

9. Birds & Blooms

Birds & Blooms

Birds & Blooms is the magazine that publishes contents focusing on our feathered friends out in the wild. Targeting mainly to audiences who are into gardening and bird watching, Birds & Blooms offers stunning bird photography and stories sent in by readers as well as experts on aviary.


10. Outdoor Photographer Magazine

Outdoor Photographer Magazine

Outdoor Photographer Magazine serves as the ultimate guide for nature and wildlife photography. It has the latest news and updates on wildlife photography, tips on gear and technology, and stunning photos and stories of the flora and fauna. All of this has earned the magazine its rightful place in our list of wildlife magazines.


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Of course, the best way to experience and know about the wilderness is through the naked eye. And perhaps in this modern era of technology television and YouTube serve as the second-best options for your resources for getting quality content on the subject. But the good old fashioned way of learning through reading has still not been outdated. And that is why wildlife magazines are still in demand. We hope that our list helps you get some perspective on wildlife magazines and help you choose the best one.

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