Top 10 Best Wide Tooth Combs of 2020

Top 10 Wide Tooth Combs of 2020

Are you someone with coarse hair that gets tangled every time you attempt to comb it? The thin tooth combs aren’t for you. What you need to deal with that unwanted snagging is a wide-tooth brush. moreover, using the same comb for every type of hair is not at all recommended. You need the right one for the right hair type. Say goodbye to the painful hair brushing by getting a wide-tooth hair comb. That’s why this article gathers the top 10 wide-tooth hair combs for you to choose from.

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Top 10 Best Wide Tooth Combs of 2020

1. OneDor Natural Sandalwood Comb

OneDor Natural Sandalwood Comb - Wide Tooth Combs

Made of High Quality 100% Natural Green Sandalwood. Each brush is created with the customary handcrafted system. Since it is produced using Green Sandalwood, the shade of the hairbrush will change to greenish over the long haul. moreover, It likewise has a one of a kind fragrance. It looks exceptionally wonderful with the Sandalwood grains appearing. The brush comes in various size teeth. They are separated distinctively as indicated by hair types. There are Extra Wide, Wide, and Fine tooth renditions.

  • Made of green sandalwood
  • Great fragrance
  • Comes in various teeth sizes
  • The handle is long so it’s easy to hold.

2. WOW comb The Original

WOW comb The Original - Wide Tooth Combs

The red roll on it has numerous tiny nubs that are functional. They help to distribute hair product evenly across the hair. The roller does not need to remove; you can wash it along with the comb. moreover, This one is more use for coloring or dying hair. But experts say this one works miracles while detangling hair too.

  • Has a roller than is functional
  • The teeth are widely spread
  • Perfect for applying color
  • It has a pretty nice return policy.

3. Cricket Ultra Smooth Hair Conditioning Comb

Cricket Ultra Smooth Hair Conditioning Comb - Wide Tooth Combs

The thing you will see about this brush is that it is extremely smooth and well rounded. There are no sharp or harsh edges. It was made with the fit and finish kept in mind. moreover, this is one of the best brushes for detangling coarse hair. Get rid of your hair tangling problems with this one.

  • 6-7inches long
  • Very affordable
  • Easy to clean
  • It can fit into your back pocket easily.

4. Diane Shampoo comb

Diane Shampoo comb - Wide Tooth Combs

The teeth on this brush are so far separated that it won’t harm your hair. This is an extraordinary comb for showering. The plastic build makes it easy to take it into the shower and get it wet. If you have exceptionally long, thick or wavy hair this is the one you should look into. moreover, this is an enormous brush. It won’t fit into your back pocket so if you want to carry it around you better have a bag.

  • Plastic made
  • Great for long and thick hair
  • Giant brush
  • It can carry in a bag.

5. Ultra Smooth Detangler Comb

Ultra Smooth Detangler Comb - Wide Tooth Combs

This is another one from Cricket. Cricket’s Ultra Smooth Combs are injected with Keratin protein and a surprising mix of Argan and Olive Oils to lessen frizz without leaving any sort of residue. moreover, the keratin is a special chemical that allows the hair to become straighter. If you have damaged hair, the oils will gradually repair your hair damage and eventually give you great hair.

  • Infused with Argan and olive oil
  • The teeth are infused with keratin
  • Large comb
  • Gives your hair a healthy look.

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6. Conair Anti-Static Detangling comb

Conair Anti-Static Detangling comb - Wide Tooth Combs

This is a comb made by some of the best manufacturers and it specializes in making it anti-static. Style your dry hair and smoothen it all the more effectively with absolutely no fly-a-ways. moreover, the broadly separate teeth evenly spread the hair products across the whole hair. This comb can also use to add volume to your hair. It’s for use with all hair types.

  • Anti-static
  • Leaves no fly-a-ways
  • Evenly spreads hair products
  • It can use with all types of hair.

7. PureGlo Detangling Comb

 PureGlo Detangling Comb - Wide Tooth Combs

This wide-tooth comb from PureGlo is made of green sandalwood and wild ox horn. They are made with customary Chinese handicrafts. moreover, the Chinese incorporate buffalo horns into their medicine quite a lot. Every hairbrush has a different kind of wood pattern. You can rest assured that these are static-free.

  • Made from natural green sandalwood
  • Buffalo horns  use to make them
  • Each comb has a unique pattern
  • Anti-static.

8. Swissco Tortoise Wet Wide Tooth Comb

Swissco Tortoise Wet - Wide Tooth Combs

This brush is hand made in India. The color of the comb is the tortoise. So don’t assume it’s made from tortoiseshell. It successfully deals with both wet or dry hair. moreover, The compact size is one of its bestselling features. You can carry it around in your pocket wherever you go.

  • Made in India
  • Completely handmade
  • Can deal with wet or dry hair
  • Very compact and portable.

9. Wetbrush Detangling Comb

Wetbrush Detangling Comb - Wide Tooth Combs

This WetBrush look wide-tooth comb is incredible for gliding through wet hair. If you are suffering from a case of severely tangled hair, use this comb and a bit of coconut oil and set your hair free. moreover, this will just go through your hair smoothly. The long handle also makes it easy to use.

  • Great for wet hair
  • Can untangle hair in minutes
  • Has a long usable handle
  • Quite compact.

10. Kent Handmade Large Wide Tooth Comb

Kent Handmade Large - Wide Tooth Combs

This one from Kent is as big as 8inches. This one made for both men and women. Molded combs are cheap and don’t last very long. This one, on the other hand, was cut and formed from a single sheet of cellulose acetate. This process makes this one a perfect wide-tooth comb.

  • The build quality is quite good
  • The comb is extremely flexible
  • The comb holds up quite well
  • The handle has a solid grip.

So, these are the best wide tooth combs in the market for you to choose from. Pick the one that your budget supports and buy it. You will not disappointed by purchasing any one of these.

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