Top 10 Best Whitening Body Lotions In 2020

Whitening Body Lotions

Dark patches, dryness, suntan may be regular occurring if you are often outdoors. But don’t let that stop you from having fun. Add a whitening body lotion to your skincare routine in order to revive your skin and gain naturally fair skin. We have carefully picked the top 10 best whitening body lotions that are available in the market today so that you can have beautiful, naturally glowing skin in no time. Read ahead to know all about it!

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Top 10 Best Whitening Body Lotions In 2020

10. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Cream

Whitening Body Lotions | Top 10 of 2020
If you have rough skin that turns as dry as a desert when not taken care of, then this product by Palmer’s will do wonders for you. The lotion is formulated with vitamin E and comes in a 13.25 oz. container to lighten your rough skin.

  • Provides moisture for 24 hours
  • Heals and softens skin.

9. Nivea Extra Whitening Cell Repair Lotion

Whitening Body Lotions | Top 10 of 2020
One lotion to target several skin concerns, Nivea Extra Whitening Lotion not only lightens your skin but it also deals with blemishes and helps your skin fight against signs of aging. The product is rich with glycerin, natural oils; fruit extracts and comes in a 400 ml bottle.

  • Contains SPF 15
  • For all skin types.

8. Advanced Clinical Coconut Whitening Body Lotions

Whitening Body Lotions | Top 10 of 2020

Coconut ingredients have many useful benefits for skin including hydration, skin lightening, and more. The whitening body lotion also contains lauric acid which is rare in nature and has incredible skin benefits. The product contains 98% natural plant oils along with anti-aging agents and cocoa butter, and comes in spa size containers.

  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Paraben-free.

7. Nivea Nourishing Skin Whitening Body Lotion

Whitening Body Lotions | Top 10 of 2020
If you are looking for something to suit your anti-aging skincare routine, then you should check out this body lotion by Nivea. It offers excellent elasticity to your skin while dealing with rough and dark skin concerns. The lotion is enriched with antioxidants and vitamin C, and moisturizes skin for 48 hours.

  • Can be applied during day or night
  • Rick lotion for dry skin.

6. Garnier Whitening Body Lotions

Whitening Body Lotions | Top 10 of 2020
Garnier BodyLight Lotion hydrates your skin while providing protection against the sun and lightening your skin. It is one of our favorites as you can apply it at any time of the day and expect consistent results.

The product comes in a 250 ml bottle of non-sticky creamy lotion containing UV filters to reduce melanin intensity in skin cells. If you’re searching for a body lotion that will offer you radiant glowing skin, then we suggest you try this product.

  • Suitable for men and women
  • Paraben-free.

5. Olay Ultra Moisture Body Lotion

Whitening Body Lotions | Top 10 of 2020
This body lotion by Olay offers ultra-moisture for 24 hours straight to help your drying skin by strengthening skin’s resistance. The lotion contains Vitamin E and B3 along with shea butter to offer you noticeable softer and lighter skin. It comes in a pack of two 600 ml bottles offering a great saving opportunity.

  • Works to improve skin barrier
  • Provides moisture for a long time
  • For dry skin.

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4. Mason Naturals Vitamins Whitening Body Lotions

Whitening Body Lotions | Top 10 of 2020

The product is infused with one hundred percent pure collagen to act on skin lightning with full force. It fits with any skincare routine.

This is a high-quality skin lightening moisturizer that also works against signs of aging. It encourages skin elasticity to promote firm and tight skin.

  • Nourishes dry skin
  • Comes in a container of 57 gram.

3. Nivea Soft Moisturizing Whitening Body Lotions

Whitening Body Lotions | Top 10 of 2020

To meet all your skin concerns, you can try this moisturizing cream which also works as a skin lightening cream. It is safe for use in all skin types.

The product is packed with jojoba oil and vitamin E to boost your skin’s health and it has been tested and recommended by dermatologists.

  • Light and creamy formula
  • Great for moisturizing and skin hydration.

2. Aveeno Daily Body Lotion

If your skin is on the darker side then you should check this body lotion by Aveeno as it comes with a superior absorbing formula to prevent dryness as well to lighten tan.

The product contains colloidal oatmeal along with emollients to offer ultra-moisture to your skin. It is non-greasy and gentle enough for multiple uses throughout the day. Aveeno Daily Body Lotion contains Vitamin C mixed with antioxidants and natural nutrients to help your protective barriers fight against the sun.

  • For dry and sensitive skin
  • Keeps your skin hydrated for 24 hours
  • Tested and suggested by dermatologists.

1. Neutrogena Whitening Body Lotions

Neutrogena is one of the most reliable names in the industry, and we have been impressed by this offering as well. It is a part lotion, part sesame oil uniquely formulated to hold body moisture for a long time so that your skin feels soft and smooth.

Its lightweight formula leaves no grease on skin, rather it absorbs instantly allowing your skin to breathe and glow. It comes in a pump bottle of 946 ml and is approved by dermatologists.

  • Sheer; allows the skin to breath
  • Suitable for all skin types.

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Caring for your skin with whitening body lotions are important to protect your skin barrier, protect it against the sun’s UV, and fight signs of aging. While all the whitening body lotions from our list are dermatologist-approved and will make a fantastic addition to your skincare routine, it is up to you to choose one that will be perfect for your skin type and targets all your skin concerns.

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