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Wedding Magazines

Weddings are always considered as ‘dreams coming true’ moments, especially for the bride. No one wants to compromise on their wedding. All they want is to tell a story of how they fell in love and decided to settle down.

These days’ weddings have set up a benchmark by making people more creative about their special occasion. This has resulted in planning for days and months, and varieties of ideas to make the day special. So while planning for your wedding you can check out the glossy wedding magazines to get a better idea and a clear image to maintain the focus on your big day. You’ll get different types of wedding ideas, planning and inspiration, make-up, wedding preparations, menu selection, decor, music, honeymoon destination and so on.

So check out the following magazines to get inspired for a fairy tale wedding!

Best Wedding Magazines | Inspirations and Ideas


This special issue is filled with a list of vendors and party trends that would give your guests an evening to remember. Few trendy real weddings are featured in the magazine as well from where you can seek ideas to organize your own party. If you are looking forward to a classy and luxurious event, this magazine can be the perfect assistant.

2. Modern Wedding: Creating a Celebration That Looks and Feels Like You

Modern Wedding: Creating a Celebration That Looks and Feels Like YouFrom flower arrangements to making seating charts, the book covers everything you need to focus on for your special day. Whether you wish to have a luxurious event or a simple ceremony, it can provide ideas for them all. Real wedding photographs are features inside to show how beautiful the end result can be. The ideas here are not influences heavily by the modern trend but are more in touch with nature.

3. A Practical Wedding Planner A Practical Wedding Planner 

This book is a step-by-step guide that can help you achieve your dream wedding without overestimating the budget. Since wedding days are special, people sometimes tend to go out of their way to fulfill everyone’s wishes. But blowing the budget is not a smart decision. With this planner, you can get the motivation and direction you need to stick to your specified budget. You can plan the wedding around it and offer tips that may help you cut some costs.

4. Loverly Wedding Planner: The Modern Couple’s Guide to Simplified Wedding Planning 

Loverly Wedding Planner: The Modern Couple's Guide to Simplified Wedding Planning

With this planner in hand, a lot of your stress would go away once you dive into the organized steps laid out in the pages. From picking the flowers to throwing the bouquet, the planner would ensure you can cover every single detail and maintain the deadlines. The guide also offers great tips for same-sex weddings. The planner also contains tips from newlyweds that can help you overcome your own hurdles. Aside from the hard copy, you can also look for the Kindle version.

5. Martha Stewart Weddings: Ideas and Inspiration

Martha Stewart Weddings: Ideas and Inspiration

Since 1995, Martha Stewart has been a trusted name for couples who have to go through the stressful process. From the engagement party to the reception, every small step is covered in this planner. Plan your dream wedding Martha Stewart style as you explore the color patterns, make the vendors list, schedule bachelor parties, figure out the cake flavor, etc. The planner is filled with colorful pictures from real weddings that can trigger your own inspirations.

6. Style Me Pretty WeddingsStyle Me Pretty Weddings

This magazine features 17 exquisite wedding pictures that show the distinct touches along with tips from the lovely brides. They can help trigger inspiration of your own. There are also DIY projects if you want to give your wedding a more personalized feeling. You can design vases yourself to put on the tables as centerpieces. 5 different blueprints are included in different themes so you can choose how which cultural and trendy elements you would like to see reflect on your wedding.

7. The Groom’s Instruction ManualThe Groom's Instruction Manual

In most wedding planning scenarios, the brides are the ones going crazy with planning. But grooms can take the reins since it’s their special day as well. This unique guide helps point out every wedding planning detail from a guy’s perspective. Both the bride and groom can share responsibilities like how they would share their lives after the ceremony. You can buy the paperback version or get the Kindle one from the Amazon store.

8. The Budget-Savvy Wedding Planner and Organizer

The Budget-Savvy Wedding Planner and Organizer

It’s normal to be confused when you’re planning a wedding. The added stress can make things difficult which is why you need a planner like this to keep you on track. The Budget-Savvy offers what you should ask the vendors, what to look for as you choose the venue, which items should be part of your DIY project, etc.

9. The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner and Organizer

The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner and Organizer

The planner includes worksheets that can help you plan each task. There are tips on cost-cutting so you won’t end up broke after the ceremony. There are also lists of questions attached that you can ask your vendors and how to choose them. The detailed steps can make your wedding planning a breeze.

10. Inside Weddings MagazineInside Weddings Magazine

Get inspiring wedding tips from these 124 pages of events. The magazine can help you look over every single wedding detail and appropriately guide you with its expert advice. The magazine has featured real-life brides and grooms as well who provided tips from their own wedding that can come in handy. Consider the magazine your personal wedding planner and make your special day perfect.

11. Premier Bride

Premier Bride

Premier Bride magazine is the best wedding magazine out there. It can be considered as your local wedding resource as well. They’ll help you to choose the perfect outfit, help you to plan an eventful reception or a dream wedding destination. Moreover, you’ll get a clear idea by viewing their photo galleries on their website. The photo gallery not only includes a wedding dress but also rings bridesmaid’s dress, groom’s style, wedding cake, flowers, invites, accessories, hair and makeup, gifts and so on.

This Bride Magazine has the largest number of followers and viewers of around 450,000. They also have a blog where the frequency of the post is approximately 56 per week. They also have facebook followers of about 2,196,323. So, if all these people can trust them, so can you. Do look at the wedding magazines before planning for your big day!

12. Wedding Style

Wedding Style Magazine

Wedding Style is one of the best luxury wedding publications for sophisticated couples, which is full of information and inspiration. If you’re planning for a memorable wedding without any tight budget then this magazine is just for you. This magazine will provide you the most creative ideas from specialists. Readers are often attracted by their list of wedding professionals who make their dream come true.

They also have a bridal fashion section which provides information of renowned designers from different parts of the word, including, Paris, New York, Milan and many more. Also, they plan a luxurious and exotic destination wedding and honeymoon across the States and around the globe. They have been giving services for the past 20 years and won numerous awards for its beautiful design quality and content.

13. Bridal Guide Magazine

Bridal Guide Magazine

Bridal Guide Magazine has literally everything you need to know and plan for your wedding. From providing you with registry advice to gown, beauty and fashion tips, honeymoon info and some real-life wedding photos are all provided by this magazine. The frequency of their post is about 8 posts per week with Facebook followers of 639, 109. So, you can totally count on them. Their website and blog are filled with some amazing content that will melt your heart to get them on your special event. There are also many DIYs and low-budget creative ideas for the bride and the groom.

14. Newport Wedding Magazine

Newport Wedding Magazine

Let your wedding dress be stitched with emotions, wedding photographs be framed with memories and every single thing on this day may have intangible value in your life. This magazine offers you breathtaking locations and all the glam you could dream of to make your day great.

15. Inside Weddings 

Inside Weddings

Inside Wedding is the insider’s guide to wedding inspiration. It is undoubtedly the cutest wedding magazine amongst the ones discussed above. Like every other magazine, you can find galleries and lookbooks of previous weddings. You can find different segments like- vendors, news, different themed weddings, inspiration and calendar which includes beauty, bouquet, cakes, gifts, shoes, gown, lingerie and many more in their magazine to get inspired by them and plan yours.

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16. The Knot

The Knot - Wedding Magazines

If you’re planning to get the most out of the knot with the help of a dream wedding planner then this magazine is only for you. They’ll plan your wedding by making a checklist, guest list, vendor list, registry and also create a wedding day timeline to make your work easier. They also publish great contents, such as- 12-month wedding planning checklist calendar, wedding planning tips and tricks, most loved wedding themes to inspire you and so on.

17. Martha Stewart Weddings

Martha Stewart Weddings - Wedding Magazines

Martha Stewart Weddings is no different from the other wedding magazines. They’ll also plan your big day in different themes to create eye candy for the guests. They also focus on summertime wedding essentials; so, if you’re planning to say ‘I do’ this summer then do check them out for inspiration and ideas.

18. Munaluchi Brides Magazine

Munaluchi Brides Magazine - Wedding Magazines

You could easily get more information about weddings and how to make your day a blast, and in style, with the help of this magazine. The Munaluchi is best known for being the top magazine covering multicultural weddings.

19. Destination Weddings & Honeymoon

Destination Weddings & Honeymoon - Wedding Magazines

They all have followers from 300,000 to 100,000. So, you can rely on them for your wedding plans. Destination Weddings & Honeymoon will help you out in choosing the perfect destination for the event or honeymoon. They mainly deal with fixing the venue, such as- resorts, romantic gateways, island best, travel gear and many more. Do look through their pages and websites if you’re planning to get the most exotic place booked for your marriage ceremony.

20. Brides Magazine

Brides Magazine - Wedding Magazines

Brides magazine consider themselves as your ultimate wedding best friend. You can check their magazine or website to find out the latest wedding outfits that are trending now. You can also get inspired by different celebrity wedding and ask all your queries regarding them. They are super helpful in answering your queries. Moreover, you’ll find uncountable design and decor ideas for your big day. So, it’s a win-win. And don’t worry about the events cause BRIDES has got you all covered.

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Once in a while, leading a simple life, love allows us to be a part of a fairytale. So, weddings are always special as it’s a new road to your new life. So, get yourself pampered, list out all the things from the wedding magazines above that you are planning to do, and keep calm and keep slaying, cause your journey to ‘I do’ is coming soon.

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