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Website Builders are time efficient software that enables users of all competencies to swiftly build up their own customized websites without assistance from a web developer. Generally, setting up a personalized website requires the user to have pre-requisite knowledge of coding and programming. But with the aid of website builders, one can design their own website without any manual code editing whatsoever. Technology has come far advanced from the 1990s when the first website released was entirely written in HTML, all of it manually.

There are two categories of website builders, offline and online. For an online website builder, you will be required to sign up on their website shortly after which you can start designing your website. Such web hosting companies provide you a platform to build from a private site to a site for all sorts of businesses. On the other hand, offline website builders come as installable software that works without the internet. It is apt for professional web-designers to create pages on the software and then publish it online under any host. The cost for both offline and online builders comes at the same price so you will need to make your pick. To decide on which of the best website builders suits you most, you can simply try their trial version before making an official purchase. Almost all purchasable website builders come in trial version for convenience.

With that being said, we list down our top 10 best website builders from all the options that are out there.

Top 10 Best Website Builders

1. Wix


Wix also is known as, is an Israeli web development platform that has become the world’s favorite and one of the best website builders out there due to its ease of use and affordability. It is ultimately an online website builder. It allows users to create websites that are suitable for both desktop and mobile with an easy to use user interface. The online site provides drag and drops features for the addition of tools while building a website. It is simple, fast, easy to use, affordable, and most importantly, efficient, which is why it is one of the best website builders to exist.

While using Wix, you are bound to get a native app feel rather than an online website. There are over 500 templates to work with on Wix. One of its latest features is the Wix Turbo which significantly increases its working speeds. Despite being an accessible home to a vast range of intricate design options and powerful features, Wix is still simple and easy to use by any level of user. One doesn’t need any pre-requisite to operate swiftly on this platform.

Being one of the best website builders, Wix provides both free and paid subscription accounts. Obviously, the paid accounts get more features, storage, and flexibility on Wix. The free option only has access to 500MB of limited storage and bandwidth, whereas the paid option gets unlimited bandwidth. The pricing for Wix account is the worthiest at its price. The prices for its various plan selection start from $11 per month and go as high as $500 per month with their private enterprise plan.

2. Jimdo



Jimdo is an eccentric web hosting service whose headquarters go all the way back to Germany. The main aim of Jimdo is to assist novice users in developing great professional looking websites. What makes Jimdo one of the best website builders is its added features in the free mode. The open plan comes equipped with unusual extra features like no other free plans, such as the password-protected interface. Another selling point of Jimdo is its handy tech support. In case of any assistance during troubleshooting, you can always rely on Jimdo’s as your best website builder. The layout of the site is consistent and straightforward all throughout; therefore, you won’t face any hardships when working on it.

However, it is wise to mention that Jimdo’s design is quiet unconventional to some, if not, most. Also, one might feel that its competitors have better features. Nevertheless, to say, Jimdo does have a better free plan than most. At its price, Jimdo provides a rich experience to its users. It is quite a reasonable price for one of the best website builders out there. The costs for Jimdo’s website building plans start off from $7.50 per month to only $30 per month for a premium plan making it the most generous of all.

3. Constant Contact


Constant Contact

Next up in our list of best website builders is the one called Constant Contact hosted by an online marketing company that goes by the same name. The headquarters of this company is situated in Massachusetts. Their website is powered and developed entirely by means of AI, which places it amongst the best website builders you can find. All kinds of businesses and organizations can quickly work efficiently with Constant Contact. Its intuitive interface enables users to sync with a page of desire on Facebook. It is also equipped with an aptitude for smart analytics. Its contact support is available 24/7, so you can be assured of quality assistance.

The algorithm provides the user with a wide array of modern templates and customizations to work with. Its flexibility is admirable, which is why we consider it one of the best website builders. The yearly plans come along with a free domain for a year after which you can choose to renew it for $18. Its open program includes unlimited storage, which is a rare feature amongst the best website builders. Additionally, the prices for website building plans start from $10 per month to $20 per month and are best suited for online businesses.

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4. Weebly


Weebly is one unavoidable mention in the list of best website builders from several ones available. It has been out and about for a long time providing quality features for website building. It is enhanced with a powerful editor and hundreds of web templates, all of which are designed professionally. The drag and drop tool on Weebly is also neatly designed. However, there is very little flexibility in positions for placement that you can access while creating a webpage. The free plan provides a limited 500MB space while designing a website along with which it places ads along with your website.

One negative aspect of Weebly would be its lack of an Undo feature which is otherwise a default feature amongst most website builders. Its support tech might also not be the best one to seek out to while troubleshooting issues. Still, Weebly might cater to your ideal interests if you are looking for creativity. The features that are provided by Weebly are pretty sturdy and efficient. Its basic plans start from a price of $8 per month all the way to $25 per month. On the purchase of a professional plan, you get a free domain complimentary to your plan.

5. SITE123



Next in the list of best website builders is SITE123, which provides an interface which strikes a seamless balance between beginner and professional usage. Lots of customizable features are made accessible on this online website builder. Its user interface is quite fun to play around as with a few simple clicks lots of ideas can be incorporated into the webpage you are making. In the advanced mode, the various customizations available add to your website’s aesthetic appeal. It is swift to work with as its site measures a speed of 751ms load time. Their free option is pretty handy itself.

To sum up, SITE123 as one of the best website builders, it has everything that we are looking for. A decent speed aided with well-equipped customer support and pretty reasonable prices suffices to say. Beginners can easily adapt to it whereas professional users can look forward to improvising on their pre-existing skills. Although their live chat isn’t very dependable on their one to one assistance strikes a great deal. The prices for plans on SITE123 start from $10.80 per month for basic personal plan to $28.80 per month for their gold plan, which is worth its price undoubtedly.

6. 1&1 Ionos

1&1 Ionos - website builders

Although being amongst the best website builders, 1&1 Ionos isn’t really for the ones looking for cheaper options. Its pricey plans are still widely used by several users who find it ideal to their needs of building websites. Mainly owing to the easy to use platform that it provides along with an array of professional tools and feature plus a powerful drag and drop option, 1&1 is often listed in the top best website builders by reviewers. Its editor is one of a kind that enables the user to tweak and perfect their webpage layouts in a personal preference using 1&1’s responsive templates. The best part is beginners find no difficulty whilst designing a website almost like a professional web developer.

1&1 Ionos’s exemplary features come at a price that not everyone approves of. If you don’t mind spending a few dollars extra for one of the best website builders, then you are always more than welcome to invest on 1&1. The basic plans start at a relatively low amount, which is $1 per month for the first six months. After which the basic plan could cost up to $6 per month whereas the pro plan is bound to cost much more. It doesn’t provide any free plans but guarantees a money refund if you decide to withdraw subscription. For its grand price you get, limited SEO configurations, integrated a blog, website backup, and restore.

7. BigCommerce

BigCommerce - website builders

BigCommerce is one of the best website builders for building an eCommerce website with minimal efforts. If you are aiming for building and designing an online store that is bound to sell seamless, then, BigCommerce is your website. It goes with all the vital characteristics built-in. Thus you can maintain your costs small and your profits high.

It is an entirely hosted eCommerce solution that runs online by its robust technical support. All your website’s technicalities are swiftly handled by them whilst you look after building your business. Substantial traffic on the website is unlikely to cause trouble such as server to crash or anything of that sort. As being a prominent member of the best website builders to exist to date, BigCommerce promises its users speed and sufficient built-in features to host a perfect looking eCommerce website.

Its pricing might not be exactly for the ones on budget, so if you are open to spending some extra bucks on a website builder, be BigCommerce’s guest. They provide 15 days of free trial to all their plans. Starting from the very basic plan, it costs a $29.95 per month and features all the essential features that one needs for building an eCommerce website. Their most expensive plan costs a sky-high of $249.95 per month containing all the advanced functions.

8. Squarespace

Squarespace - website builders

Next in the list of best website builders is Squarespace, which is considered to be ideal for photographers. Its user interface isn’t really the easiest to use, which is why you will need some patience to play around all the features to gather basic knowledge of it. Soon after you overcome that phase, you are good to go. You will be making aesthetic looking websites in no time with Squarespace.

Unlike most of the best website builders out there, Squarespace lets its users change features of their website’s code straight from the builder. This opens up a whole new level of web design that simply isn’t available on most platforms. Additionally, to such detailed features, Squarespace also provides its users with a blogging feature and high tech support. However, for beginners, the layout of the builder might seem complex. There is a lot of details along with its resources going on here, so it is best to avoid if you don’t have previous knowledge.

The pricing might also seem a tad bit high compared to its average competitors, all of which are also amongst the best website builders. A basic standard website starts at a price of $12 per month, whereas eCommerce plans start from $26 per month. These plans don’t include email accounts.

9. WordPress

WordPress - website builders

One of the most popular builders out there, WordPress has been extensively used around the globe for building websites. The self-hosted WordPress ranks our list of best website builders, owing to its appeal, sharp tools, scalability, and comfort of use. You have the utmost control over your website while using WordPress due to its open-source credibility. For getting started on building websites using WordPress, you will need to make an account on the hosting website.

Using one of the best website builders like WordPress, you will be able to host any type of website, some of which include social networks, community forums, eCommerce, and more. Till date, around 50% of the websites run on WordPress. And the best part is that most of it are free. It has over 200 themes and templates to choose from, but unfortunately, not all allow drag and drop options. Its intricate layout of tools could get a little too complex for beginners, so you will need to learn slowly.

Although WordPress is free, unlike most of the best website builders, you will need to pay for specific options like the domain name. Purchasing a domain name on WordPress will cost you $22 per year.

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10. Shopify

Shopify - website builders

The last entry to the list of best website builders is an eCommerce website builder known as Shopify. Over half a million of online businesses across the globe runs on Shopify’s powerful builder. It is also a fully hosted web hosting solution, which means that you can stay stress-free about all the technical aspects of running a website while Shopify does it all for you. Shopify comes finished with inventory management, endless products, and features, powerful statistics, simple marketing alternatives, all of it neatly packed under one canopy.

Being one of the best website builders, Shopify has one of a kind integrated payment features that adds to the smooth usability of the eCommerce you are building. Another great feature of Shopify is that you can integrate it with WordPress, allowing you to attain the best of both worlds. However, once you set up your website on Shopify, your options are limited while moving your site away from it.

Its pricing is comparatively high, starting with $29 per month for the basic plan to $299 per month for advanced plans. Regardless of the price, Shopify is a hassle-free and a worthy eCommerce website builder.

key points that you need to note down before designing your website

With the passage of time, companies worldwide frequently release their version of website builders out of which it is hard to choose the best website builders. However, there are several factors to consider and options to discover before choosing your ideal website builder. Before discussing the best website builders out there, we will highlight a few key points that you need to note down before designing your website.

Mobile user interface

There is a considerable need to exaggerate on the importance of building websites that function seamlessly on smartphones. It is often seen that desktop designed websites don’t work on phones as they do on a desktop. This not only annoys the visitors to the site but also hamper your image and potential out there. You will need to pay attention to this much detail while building your website.

Informative Content

One could effortlessly showcase his/her creativity with the help of website builders, but your website is of no value if people don’t find what they are looking for. All the designs are worthless if there is nothing informative in your site. So make sure you know what your thing thoroughly to present it to others.

User Interface

The usability of a website is crucial for its visitors. How the visitors navigate through the website plays an important role here. It is best to keep it simple, but then again not too simple that there is barely any page to redirect to. An interactive website provides a greater appeal to its visitors.

Contact Information

So you have set up a bomb looking website with information relevant to your service, but it is all pointless if you don’t provide a contact number. The visitors attracted to your service are bound to look for ways to contact if they like what they see. It is really obnoxious when a site owner doesn’t provide their contact details. Make sure you always mention your contact details at the footer of your site.

Appealing aesthetics

It goes without a saying that aesthetic looking websites attract more visitors on the site added to that, frequent visits. The primary role of a website’s layout is to make an impression. The more skillfully you portray your brand, the better is the impression and appeal to your customers.


You don’t want to disappoint your usual readers with a page error. After all, it is impossible to predict when someone is going to click on that webpage. For this reason, you must ensure that your webpage is running actively at all times. It is also essential to keep things updated on the website as outdated pages easily let down the value of your website.


No one seems to have the patience anymore. It is 2019, Loading pages and buffering videos are now a thing of past. So ancient that if it were to occur soon, it would only to lead to furious users. You don’t want to lose users of your website due to a faulty server. Therefore, invest in building a website that is fast and takes minimal time to load. It is best to save people’s precious time and peace of mind as efficiently as you can.

When starting out on website building, one could get into dilemmas while stepping into an unknown world. This is precisely why you need to choose your best website builder, which is ideal for you by looking out for some specific features. For compiling this list down of best website builders, we have focused on particular elements of website builders. Some of these are easy usability, responsive templates, options, customization, SEO features, affordability, and its image library.

We have carefully listed what we consider as the best website builders out there. Each of them is unique in its function and suit different person requirements differently. Therefore, choose the one that suits you best.

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