Top 10 Watercolor Palettes | Great Pick For Your Painting Time

Watercolor Palettes

A good color palette is an essential tool when it comes to creating that perfect picture. Painting with watercolors, tons of mixed color hues and shades are required to blend on the color palettes. To ease your task, we have listed down the top 10 watercolor palettes for both beginners and professionals.

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Top 10 Watercolor Palettes

Watercolor Palettes Reviews | Great Pick For Your Painting Time

1. 20-Well Darice Palette

20-Well Darice Palette

Darice 20-well is an extremely versatile and budget-friendly watercolor palette that comes with a lot of functionalities. It has all types of wells for different purposes such as small to large circles, slanted and flat squares for the perfect combination of opaque and uniform mixtures. The rectangular 13’’ by 10’’ palette is an ideal tool for blending all types of watercolors and is super handy to use.


  • A multipurpose handy palette
  • Ideal 20-well palette for all kinds of mixture
  • Affordable for everyone


  • Not suitable for outdoor usage

2. Portable Painter pocket-size Watercolor Palette

Portable Painter pocket-size Watercolor Palette

This watercolor palette can effortlessly transform into a pocket-size purse making it an ideal palette for outdoor painting. It features a wide variety of slanted wells with many different sizes for the smooth blending of watercolors. Furthermore, the sophisticated leak proof-design prevents any paint spillage. It comes with a black casing which also acts as a palette stand as well as a brush holder and water container.


  • Compact size and design
  • Multipurpose black casing
  • Supplementary brushes come along


  • Inappropriate for studio use

3. 24-Well Martin Mijello Watercolor Palette

24-Well Martin Mijello Watercolor Palette

Martin Mijello features this 24-well watercolor palette with 3 color mixing areas which is super convenient for studio use. The airtight leak-proof design is highly recommendable and great for outdoor usage. The size of the palette is quite large measuring 11 x 5 x 0.8 inches when packed. This is an amazing palette serving the purpose of all kinds of artists and is easy on the budget.


  • An air-tight mechanism for ease of carrying
  • 24 wells for varying purposes
  • Budget-friendly


  • Large-sized palette

4. Watercolor Tin Palette by MEEDEN

 Watercolor Tin Palette by MEEDEN

One palette that has remarkably worked for every kind of artist is the versatile MEEDEN tin palette. The tin body is of great quality which resists corrosion and provides durability. Featuring 15 customized designs and a plethora of empty watercolor pans and foldout wells this watercolor palette is one of a kind. It is an 8.4 inches long box that has enough room for storing paintbrushes and is perfect for studio or open-air use.


  • The tin body resists corrosion
  • It has 15 configurable options
  • Suitable for both studio and outdoor painting


  • Comparatively expensive

5. Porcelain Palette by Jack Richeson

Porcelain Palette by Jack Richeson | Top 10 Watercolor Palettes

One palette that absolutely stands out from the rest is Stephen Quillers’ porcelain palette from Jack Richeson. It features 32 wells and a wide mixing space along with a dust cover for effective storage. Unlike other palettes, the porcelain material used ensures great quality and performance for studio use. Apart from watercolor, it can fit any other mediums such as acrylics or oil. This palette is an absolute win for any artist.


  • Great for an accurate color blend
  • Cleaning is easy


  • It is quite expensive

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6. Pro Art Watercolor Folding Palette

Pro Art Watercolor Folding Palette | Top 10 Watercolor Palettes

Artists who prefer standing while painting definitely should check out this wide variant pro art folding palette. This is a plastic palette which comes in 3 different sizes preferable for beginners. Offering 24 color wells and 5 mixing spaces alongside five paintbrush holders, this plastic watercolor palette is a one in all combo. The thumb-hole option is greatly convenient for standing artists.


  • 3 different sizes are available
  • Brush storage options for plein air painting


  • No slanted color well

7. Artlicious oval-shaped palette

Artlicious oval-shaped palette

This traditional wooden palette is highly suitable for both left and right-handed painters. Measuring 11.75 inches by 15.75 inches, the palette is an oval-shaped structure which has a thumb hole for ease of carrying. In addition, this ergonomic watercolor palette is lightweight and is a common choice for most people due to its affordable price. To experience the essence of an original artist, this item is the one to grab.


  • Long-lasting palette
  • Comes at a reasonable price
  • Highly portable


8. Universal Design Martin Watercolor Palette

Universal Design Martin Watercolor Palette | Top 10 Watercolor Palettes

The Universal Design watercolor palette in an incredible item with a unique feature of being able to keep colors undried for many weeks. It has 24 slanted wells and 2 large mixing areas inside the attractive blue casing. The other side of the case holds a removable tray which can be used for experimenting with colors. The airtight mechanism of the casing offers a travel-friendly palette for anyone to use.


  • A plethora of mixing areas and wells
  • An airtight casing
  • Easy to wash


  • The top tray tends to fall-out

9. Art Acrylic Rigger Watercolor Palette

Art Acrylic Rigger Watercolor Palette

If you are fond of plain air painting, the rigger watercolor palette is the one to grab. It is a 10.2 by 10.2 inches palette which consists of 33 partitions with 28 wells and 3 mixing areas to paint like a pro. Furthermore, there are holes for holding different sized brushes. This palette is the most recommended choice for studio and outdoor paintings. Not only the palette is super affordable, but it is also greatly transportable too.


  • Perfect to use on the go
  • Greatly affordable
  • Lightweight and highly portable


  • Inappropriate for beginners due to the complex structure

10. John Pike Watercolor Plastic Palette

John Pike Watercolor Plastic Palette | Top 10 Watercolor Palettes

John Pike’s watercolor palette is a unique creation designed to meet a specific purpose of flawless mixing and blending of colors compared to any other palettes. The palette is very large measuring 10.5×15 inches which makes it undoubtedly best for studio use only. It contains a total of 20 wells along with a vast well in the middle for unrestricted blending. The injection-mold design of the palette ensures quality mixing.


  • Leak-proof minimalist design
  • Injection-molded plastic enables uniform mixing


  • Vast size with no separate mixing areas

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In conclusion, a perfect painting on the canvas can only be created using some absolute blend of colors. This requires to choose the ideal watercolor palettes that precisely matches your purpose. All in all, the above mentioned watercolor palettes are some of the best ones to show off your painting skills.

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