Top 10 Watercolor Paintings | Take Your Artwork To The Next Level

Watercolor Paintings

If you have an artistic streak, you probably are a fan of paints, especially of watercolor paintings. Watercolor is one of the most popular modes of paintings among artists as it doesn’t require much preparation or mixing technique. While selecting a watercolor paint set you have to check its consistency, permanency, and light-fastness. With so many brands and options in the market, it can be pretty confusing for you to choose your watercolor painting. To make things a bit easier for you, we have sorted out a list of watercolor suitable for both professionals and beginners.

Let’s read on to find out the watercolor you need!

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Top 10 Watercolor Paintings

Watercolor Painting Reviews | Take Sketching To The Next Level

1. Van Gogh Watercolor

Van Gogh Watercolor

Made in the Netherlands, this watercolor painting is equally popular among professionals and amateurs. According to the users, Van Gogh’s watercolor has very good blending quality with consistency in colors. In addition to that, the color looks very vibrant after drying which is rare for most watercolors of this price range. If you are just starting to tinker around with watercolor, Van Gogh’s watercolor would be a good choice.


  • Doesn’t discolor at light exposure
  • Dries fast
  • Excellent transparency


  • Slightly expensive for an entry-level color

2. Prima Marketing Watercolor Confections, the Classics

Prima Marketing Watercolor Confections, the Classics

Prima marketing’s classic has the perfect set of 12 basic colors with a built-in mixing palette. Coming in 12 half pans, the classic watercolor painting provides easy handling. The half pans also reduce the chance of leaking color which is a relief you don’t get in color tubes. With the option to buy different shades separately, the classics are definitely a smart choice for beginners.


  • Built-in palette
  • Easy to carry
  • Option to buy refill separately


  • No light-fast rating

3. Winsor and Newton Cotman Watercolor

Winsor and Newton Cotman Watercolor

Winsor and Newton Watercolor is quite the hit among the artists with its high light-fast quality. It provides the flexibility to buy in tubes or in half pans. With a variation of 6, 10, 12 and 24 sheds, Winsor and Newton watercolor paint is suitable for both professional and beginner artists. The compact design of this color set makes it very easy to carry around.


  • High rating of permanence and light-fastness
  • Affordable with good quality
  • Provides good textures


  • Uses synthetic filler to cut the cost

4. Reeves Watercolor Set (24 Pack)

 Reeves Watercolor Set (24 Pack)

Reeves 24 pack watercolor set provides a wide array of sheds. You don’t have to go through a lot of color mixing process with Reeves. It offers a generous portion of color at a relatively cheap price. All in all, Reeves watercolor painting dries quickly leaving a nice texture.


  • Affordable and suitable for beginner
  • 24 sheds of color
  • Provides a nice finish


  • Doesn’t come with brush or palette

5. Winsor and Newton Professional Watercolor Set

Winsor and Newton Professional Watercolor Set | Top 10 Watercolor Painting

If you want to upgrade your watercolor from beginner to professional, Winsor and Newton’s Professional would be a good option. This watercolor painting set provides pure colors that come in handy when you are trying to make several different layers. The transparency and consistency of this professional watercolor are simply amazing.


  • Great price for a pro-level color
  • High permanence rating
  • Options to buy individual refill


  • The labeling is hard to read

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6. Schmincke Horadam Aquarell Half Pan Paint Metal Set

Schmincke Horadam Aquarell Half Pan Paint Metal Set | Top 10 Watercolor Painting

This German paint offers detailed guidelines and descriptions of colors. The details of color granulation, opacity and permanence certainly come in handy both for the professional and beginners. The color itself is of great quality and provides easy handling. The option to buy either tube or half pan is also a plus for the artists.


  • Detailed colors description
  • Long-lasting metal case
  • Superior quality paints


  • Doesn’t come with a brush

7. Holbein Watercolor

Holbein Watercolor

Holbein is a trusted name in watercolor paint. This watercolor painting provides a finely grained color. Though the colors come in 5ml color tubes, their rich colors make up for it. A strong color can be achieved by applying just a bit of color. The fine grain also keeps the painting from cracking after being dried. This Westernized color comes in 24 different sheds.


  • Superior quality, fine-grained colors
  • Remains intact after drying
  • Affordable for pro-level painting


  • 5ml tubes unsuitable for a large painting

8. Sennelier La Petite Aquarelle Watercolor

Sennelier La Petite Aquarelle Watercolor

This French watercolor is indeed excellent for beginners. This honey-based watercolor painting has impressive light-fastness and permanence. Sennelier La Petite comes with 24 sheds; some are Sennelier exclusive. The watercolor set comes with a mixing palette that can be strapped to your hand. Sennelier also provides the option to buy colors separately and to create a customized watercolor set.


  • Honey based, luminous color
  • Large mixing palette
  • Unique sheds of color


  • Doesn’t provide a brush

9. M. Graham Watercolor Set

 M. Graham Watercolor Set

M. Graham comes with superior quality in 10 different sheds. The organic origin of the colors gives them a vibrant luminosity. Moreover, M. Graham watercolor painting uses honey that results in a long-lasting rich color. The high pigmented color also provides great transparency. In addition to these, the process of color manufacturing is totally nontoxic and environmentally friendly.


  • Rich color with less amount
  • High rate of light-fastness
  • Smooth buttery consistency


  • Narrow selection of color

10. Daniel Smith Watercolor

Daniel Smith Watercolor

Daniel Smith provides 6 tube high-quality watercolors suitable for budding professionals. Furthermore, the graininess of the color adds some texture to paintings. Moreover, with the selection of warm and cool colors, you can set out to explore your color mixing ability. Undoubtedly, with high light-fastness and permanency, Daniel Smith’s introductory watercolor painting provides you a lot to explore.


  • The colors blend well
  • Excellent for transitioning into pro-level
  • Separate refill can be purchased


  • Can be a little expensive

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On a final note, the selection of watercolor largely depends on your level of skill and your preference. Therefore, f you are a beginner, start with something simpler and work your way up. In addition to this, as the effects of watercolor depend heavily on the surface, make sure to use some good paper to paint on.

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