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Top 10 Wahl Clippers of 2020

If you are looking for a new trimmer to trim up the unwanted hair from your body and keep yourself nice and tidy, you might have come across the name Wahl more often than not. Wahl provides a wide range of products. So even if you narrowed down your selection of clippers to just Wahl clippers, you probably are still struggling to pick the best out of the bunch. This article will help you to choose the best trimmer that will suit your needs. Here are 10 of the best trimmers from Wahl!

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Top 10 Wahl Clippers of 2020

1. Wahl Clipper Beard Trimmer 9819

Wahl Clipper Beard Trimmer 9819 - Wahl Clippers

The first one on the list is this beard trimmer from Wahl. It might be marketed as a beard trimmer; you can easily use it for those precise haircuts and also for manscaping. The multiple attachments that it ships with are useful and often come in handy. There is an LED indicator to make things easier.

  • Comes with multiple helpful attachments
  • Can cut longer hair strands
  • The battery is long-lasting
  • The LED indicator makes things pretty easy.

2. Wahl Clipper Elite Pro 79602

Wahl Clipper Elite Pro 79602 - Wahl Clippers

This one is one of the more premium offerings from Wahl. This one can cut through any type of hair, be it curly or straight. The clippers are designed to work with both dry and wet hair and will work flawlessly. The dual motors make sure you receive the best performance in every use. The combs are also quite durable and strong.

  • Can go through any type of hair
  • Can be used on sideburns and the top
  • The dual motors help a lot
  • The combs are quite sturdy.

3. Wahl Chrome Pro Haircut Kit

Wahl Chrome Pro Haircut Kit - Wahl Clippers

This Chrome Pro kit from Wahl is one of their best sellers. The clippers are great for many textures of hair and you can easily handle them with. The ergonomic design of the clippers helps you keep on holding on to them while long work hours. The clippers also come with multiple attachments.

  • Comes with several combs
  • Provides a better grip
  • Comes equipped with multiple attachments
  • The taper level provides a better hold.

4. Wahl Clippers PowerPro 9686

Wahl Clippers PowerPro 9686 - Wahl Clippers

These clippers are famous for their ultra-friendly grip. You will get a consistent haircut by using these clippers every time. The clippers feature support for many attachments so you can also attach the segments to clean up your nose hair. The cutting lengths can be easily adjusted so you can use them without hesitation.

  • Comes with a variety of attachments
  • Easy to use without irritation
  • There is a variety of cutting lengths
  • The design makes it easier to grip and handle.

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5. Wahl Clipper Home Barber 79524-3001

Wahl Clipper Home Barber 79524-3001- Wahl Clippers

This one comes with three parts. All the parts are easy to grip and handle. The design makes it easy to work with these for long hours. You can use them with both hands. The attachments that ship with this are useful and more often than not, come in handy. A little mirror is also included to make things easier.

  • All three parts are easy to handle
  • Ambidextrous
  • Comes with useful attachments
  • The included mirror makes grooming very easy.

6. Wahl Professional 5-Star 8148

Wahl Professional 5-Star 8148 - Wahl Clippers


This professional product from Wahl is one to beat. Many barbers recommend this one as it can provide the best of all worlds. It surely is a complete package. The features that come with this are useful and no gimmicks. The 90-minute battery life makes it last through a few haircuts. The brushes make it super easy to clean.

  • Complete package
  • Loads of features that are useful
  • Unmatched battery life
  • Very easy to clean.

7. Wahl Super Taper II 8470-500

Wahl Super Taper II 8470-500 - Wahl Clippers

The super taper from Wahl makes it extremely easy to cut hair. The attachments are all nifty and come in use. The combs that you attach on top of the blades stay on there and don’t fall out. The materials used are plastic, but it’s quite durable.

  • The attachments are nifty
  • The combs stay secured
  • The plastic used is reinforced, so it is durable
  • The simple taper lever makes it easy to use.

8. Wahl 5-Star Balding Clipper 8110

Wahl 5-Star Balding Clipper 8110 - Wahl Clippers

This is another 5-star rater clipper from Wahl. The clippers can provide easy and fast bald cuts and it makes your job much more efficient. This goes through coarse hair without any type of snag.

  • Can easily produce bald cuts
  • You won’t face any hair snagging
  • The cuts are even and precise
  • Long-lasting and durable blades.

9. Wahl Cordless 79600-2101

Wahl Cordless 79600-2101 - Wahl Clippers

The motor of these clippers makes it quite a powerhouse. This has one of the best price-to-performance ratios in the market. You will get a smooth and clean cut every time you use it. The ergonomic grip makes it easy to handle.

  • The motor is quite powerful
  • The performance is unmatched
  • Gives a smooth and clean cut every time
  • The ergonomic grip makes it a top choice.

10. Wahl Professional 5-star Magic Clip 8451

Wahl Professional 5-star Magic Clip 8451 - Wahl Clippers

Another 5-star rated clipper from this amazing brand. The last on our list is the Magic Clip. The product comes with a flexible cord. This one is the lightest on the list and it will certainly not cause you any sort of wrist strain.

  • Very lightweight
  • The cord is flexible and firm
  • The motor is electromagnetic
  • The adjustment controls are simple and easy to use.

So these are the options for you to choose from if you are looking for Wahl Clippers. Wahl has a big reputation and their products show it. These clippers are from different ranges so choose the best one you think that will suit you.

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