Top 10 Best VPS Hosting Options In 2021

A VPS or virtual private server is a piece of software that sells as a service to customers. Usually, internet hosting companies are the ones to sell VPS hosting services. It typically acts as a virtual machine with access to many programs on its platform. All these programs are accessible to the customer and they have full access to it. It also enables the customer to optimize the type of software that best runs with their website. A VPS is a more economical option than having one’s own physical server at a location. The key driving force behind VPS hosting is virtualization. It is the process by which multiple virtual servers operate under one physical machine. Space for storing files for a website is always a requirement for any website owner. There are many best VPS hosting options you can choose from. VPS hosting is of two types.

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Top 10 Best VPS Hosting Options in 2021

1. GoDaddy


GoDaddy may not be the best VPS hosting option you can choose. It is certainly one that deserves recognition. GoDaddy offers some high-quality VPS hosting packages for customers. They provide the option to choose from a Windows or Linux framework server. This helps customers make better platform choices based on their needs. Their packages also offer SSL which is a secure way of transmitting files over the internet. For customers who are new to VPS hosting, GoDaddy has a cPanel management dashboard. This means that it makes it easy for customers to manage their websites. Additionally, they also grant root-level access to their customers. This enables customers to install extra components for better flexibility.

GoDaddy offers the option to have their expert manage certain aspects of the server. Their personnel offer services like security patches, backing up and other perks. They also have built-in firewalls to their servers and tools to fight malicious software.

Coming to performance, GoDaddy does not disappoint in the slightest. Even with a high number of visitors, your website is unlikely to falter. GoDaddy does not charge for extra bandwidth used during high traffic periods. If the trend continues, the experts recommend an upgrade. Featuring modern hardware on their servers, GoDaddy provides smooth sailing for its customers.

The basic plan starts from a mere $19.99 every month. Windows-based environment choices tend to be less expensive than Linux environments. This is one of the best VPS hosting options you can choose on a budget.

2. Hostinger


Hostinger is the VPS hosting service for anyone new to VPS hosting. They provide entry-level options to customers. A customer may use Hostinger’s services as a gateway to starting VPS hosting. Most of their hosting options are Linux environments. Even though they offer Windows-based environments, the specifications vary between platforms. Hostinger has shown that it has good uptime during prolonged tests. Downtime is not a big issue with their infrastructure. They have a very active customer service team that is eager to help customers with issues. One great advantage of their customer service is that they are multilingual. Hostinger has their servers set up in prime locations like Europe, Asia, and the United States. This means that no matter where you are, your website is likely to load fast. This also reduces latency when browsing through the web pages.

Additionally, Hostinger’s services come with a host of free tools. The tools offer free website templates for customers to choose from. A free domain name is also provided once you buy their package. The interface of Hostinger is simple and uncluttered. It provides a comprehensive overview of everything to do with your website. Although cPanel is not used by Hostinger, the interface offers all basic functionalities. If you buy their four-year plan, you stand to save a lot of money. The four-year plan costs only $0.80 per month, which is less than a cup of coffee.

Some downsides include no refund policy on some fees and payment for extra domains. It is still one of the best VPS hosting options you can choose from.

3. InMotion


InMotion is among the best VPS hosting options you can choose from. They set a high standard in VPS hosting. The company is known for its high-tech hardware backing their servers. Their infrastructure relies upon solid-state drives, which eliminates long load times. InMotion offers onboarding for its new customers through system administrators. It helps the customer get familiarized with the new environment. One of the best features of InMotion is their backup system. The customer’s website is replicated on the company servers. This means it serves as an instant backup in case of a failure. They also offer updates, vulnerability patching, and other services. These come standard with the package. On top of that, customers may add layers of other services to their pre-existing plan.

InMotion is not for customers who are new to VPS hosting. A lot of their services come at a premium. This is due to their clientele who expect nothing but the best from VPS hosting services. And InMotion delivers on their promise time and time again. They do not stop at implementing solid-state drives for performance. Rather, they take it a step forward. They offer pre-assembled software tweaks and configurations to better performance. Like many others, InMotion uses cPanel for management. They also provide root-level access to their customers for better customization. Additionally, their packages are full of useful features. They come with state-of-the-art backup systems and free website migration tools.

At a starting package price of $19.99, InMotion is a potent choice. It is for those want a streamlined VPS hosting experience for a somewhat premium price.

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4. Bluehost


If you opt for shared hosting, Bluehost is one of your best options. The company was established in 2003. They are operating for almost sixteen years in the market. Their low-cost options are popular among website owners. Bluehost’s VPS hosting services are a combination of power and flexibility. They offer the option to have websites hosted across servers at different locations. This means a lower risk of failure and lesser downtime for the website. Additionally, flexibility is another selling point for them. Their service enables customers to use shared and dedicated server at the same time.

Unlike traditional VPS hosting companies, Bluehost utilizes solid-state drives for their servers. Solid-state drives are the replacement for hard disk drives. They have better read and write speeds that contribute to the performance of the servers. Failure rates are also lower for solid-state drives. Having this feature means smaller load times and lesser latency. And they are more reliable than traditional hard drives as they have no moving parts. Extra CPU and RAM are not part of their offering. They do offer the option to upgrade storage.

You may avail of their services for a low monthly fee of $18.99. The services come with a 30-day money-back offer. If you are not satisfied with the service, you are able to get a refund. Customer support is also a part of their package. They are available on call, 24/7. Compared to many VPS hosting companies, Bluehost does a better job. They have better uptimes, good performance, and less downtime. It is one of the best VPS hosting options you can choose.

5. StableHost

StableHost - vps hosting options

StableHost is a worthy candidate in the market of VPS hosting. They have been in business since 2009. A small fifteen-person team is the backbone of the company. VPS hosting is not the only offering from their company. WordPress, SSL- all are part of their offering to customers.

They use a cluster configuration that is built upon hardware from SuperMicro. For performance, they use a hefty amount of RAM, powerful CPUs, and state of the art SSDs. The SSDs are the main game changers due to their fast speeds. All the subscription plans come standard with root-level access. You have a choice of using your own operating system on the machines. Plus, gigabit speeds are a lucrative part of their offering.

Although the company is built on a firm framework, there are some issues. Customers consistently face high downtime on their websites. It is aggravated further by the fact that customer service is not streamlined. The ticketing system for customer service is haphazard at best. Also, backup is an issue with StableHost due to hidden clauses in their terms and conditions. Users also complain of getting false security alerts during work.

StableHost is for small businesses or entrepreneurs who plan to make use of VPS hosting. For enterprise users, there are better options in the market. Expanding to their systems takes about twenty-four hours.

StableHost is a decent VPS hosting provider. Their prices start as low as $9.12 per month. They may not be the best VPS hosting option you can choose but they are certainly worth a try.

6. HostWinds

HostWinds - vps hosting options

In the fight for the best VPS hosting options you can choose, HostWinds is likely to come out on top. The company started its operations in 2010. Ever since they have won awards for their uncompromising service. The company believes in providing quality service paired with affordable prices. A core business value of HostWinds is providing outstanding service to its customers. They also promise customer satisfaction.

They offer both Windows and Linux machines for the user to choose from. Set up times are almost non-existent. Like a few other companies, they utilize solid-state drives. This ensures data safety of the user. It also comes with performance benefits. Load times are very fast and there is barely any latency. Websites load up quick and are very responsive on their network. Backups occur on a nightly basis. This ensures that user data is safe in case of a failure. Uptime is very high on HostWinds. Their superior hardware ensures that your website is functional all the time. Downtime is not something you will worry about if you use HostWinds. Also, they provide a remote management console. Which means, their console enables you to control servers, no matter where you are.

Whipping up a potent combination of quality and affordability is HostWind’s forte. They have a number of hosting options available for customers. Their lowest offering starts at $5.50 per month. That is a very low price for a very high level of service. If you are in the market for a good VPS hosting option, don’t miss out on HostWinds.

7. JustHost

JustHost - vps hosting options

Operating since 2002, JustHost is another worthy competitor in the VPS hosting market. They are a fierce competitor and have over a million websites under their belt. VPS hosting is only one of their offerings. They sell everything from domain names to e-commerce services for customers.

Boasting solid hardware and software support, JustHost is a great option. High performing hardware is part of their offering. Set up times are very fast for their premium packages. They use completely self-managed machines. This translates to a lot less hassle on the customer’s part. Backups occur on a weekly basis. Being based in the cloud, JustHost has a very user-friendly interface. It helps a customer tweak every important aspect of the service. Root level access is a part of the package. Uptimes are very good throughout the year. Websites load fast and are responsive. Even under load, websites are smooth to operate on their network. Downtimes occur sometimes during random months but that is true for most providers. Security is tight with the implementation of SSL.

Yet, their customer service is not up to the mark. Also, they try to get potential customers to buy more expensive subscriptions through ads. Backups are not always reliable since sometimes it gets missed.

For their VPS hosting service, JustHost has a 30-day refund policy. If you are not satisfied with their service, they are more than happy to pay you back. As part of the VPS hosting service, JustHost provides free and paid add-ons. One of them is integration with Google apps. Plans start from $3.95 per month. Their services are among the best VPS hosting options you can choose.

8. HostGator

HostGator - vps hosting options

HostGator started its journey in 2002. It has been in operation for around seventeen years. The company now operates in major markets like China, Canada, USA, Mexico, Brazil, and Russia. In fact, they are one of the most recognized hosting companies globally. Apart from hosting, it also offers services like web design, SEO and PPC campaigns.

HostGator is one of the best VPS hosting options you can choose. They offer both dedicated and shared hosting for customers. The virtual private server is built specifically for customer convenience. It lets customers configure and personalize the machine to suit their needs. This makes HostGator a very flexible option. HostGator’s customer service is among the best in the industry. They have also won awards for their superior customer support. Multiple layers of security guard the data in the servers. All data is encrypted to ensure anonymity for customers. Furthermore, they use different providers for their bandwidth.

A RAID configuration exists between storage devices. This makes for very fast load times and very low latency. Uptime is very high for HostGator with snappy load times. It lives up to its top tier reputation. Downtimes are few and far between. Additionally, website building tools and templates come as part of the package.

Compared to the other VPS hosting services on this list, HostGator is a stand-out. It shines in every aspect of the service that it provides. Prices are a bit high compared to other providers. Their basic package starts at a price of $29.95 per month.

9. iPage

iPage - vps hosting options

iPage is one of the oldest VPS hosting options on our list. It started business in 1998. Within the last twenty years, they have gained over a million websites. VPS hosting is not their only offering. They provide other services like WordPress hosting, website building. They strive towards making their services reliable, affordable and easy to use. Moreover, they take a different approach to VPS hosting compared to other companies.

Both shared and dedicated VPS hosting options are available. The choice of an operating system is completely up to the customer. Root access is available to customers who want it. On top of that, custom software is implemented if the customer needs it. Flawless integration is a specialty of their service. And servers are available for set up on very short notice. That makes iPage a very flexible provider. SSL certificates protect the data stored in the servers. Their customer support is available 24/7. Uptime is good and downtime is relatively low.

Despite all the good sides, the iPage has some problematic sides to it. Their membership purchase and set up may become a hassle. Miscommunication from customer support is another issue. Also, website transfers cause problems for many customers.

Although iPage has some problems, it is still a worthy investment if you run a small website. Due to the low price, you may try it out as a building block to expanding onto VPS hosting. It is one of the cheapest VPS hosting options out there. Their starter pack starts from a price of $19.99 per month.

10. InterServer


InterServer - vps hosting options

InterServer is a 19-year-old hosting company based out of New Jersey. Their hosting services are very reliable. Packages are also affordable if you are looking for a bargain deal. In fact, it is one of the best VPS hosting options you can choose.

InterServer gives value for money. Their plans come with a 30-day refund policy and a free SSL certificate. Set up of new servers is very fast with no delays. Customers may choose from both Windows and Linux operating environments. As a standard, they use cPanel for management. Their network framework is one of the strongest in the industry. They also make no compromises with their hardware. Solid-state drives hold the user data which makes for great transfer speeds. Their uptimes are high, rating at about 99.9% even with a concentration of users on the website. Downtimes are pretty low in comparison to major providers.

Free migration is part of their package deal. Also, you will be able to deploy many different applications. Prices start from $6 every month.

Factors to Consider Before choosing a VPS hosting option

Single server hosting and cloud server hosting are the two types of VPS hosting. Customers may choose from either one of these types. It depends on their budget and requirement. Usually, the single server hosting limits website data to a single physical server. It is also bound by the hardware limitations of that server. The risk of failure is high for single-server hosting. If one machine goes down, the website faces downtime. On the other hand, cloud server hosting is a more expensive option. In this type of VPS hosting, multiple physical servers across locations make up the cloud. As a result, there is no single point of failure and less chance of downtime. Before choosing a VPS hosting option, consider the following factors:


Even though the price is an important factor, it is not the most important. You should aim for a hosting service that is economical and meets your needs. You are not required to buy 10 terabytes of server space if you run a small website.


VPS hosting technologies evolve every day. It is important to choose a provider with enough flexibility to change according to your business needs.


The hardware used in the servers is an important factor. It is crucial in determining the quality of your VPS hosting experience. Use of good storage devices, processors and RAM ensures smooth hosting on servers. It is a good idea to check out the hardware specs of a hosting provider before choosing.


The type of virtualization offered is important to your hosting. Not all types of virtualization will fit your needs. Also, not all type of virtualization is compatible with your website. It is important to understand the type of virtualization a company uses before investing.

Server location:

An important, yet often overlooked factor is server location. A Malaysian company, looking to serve Australian customers cannot have their server located in the United States. The concentration of traffic indicates the best location to set up a server.

We have discussed the top 10 best VPS hosting options you can choose from. Some of the providers function better than others. Yet, each of the options is worth consideration for VPS hosting.

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