Top Best Video Editing Software For Mac

In the professional world, Mac is an immensely popular operating system and there is no depreciation in its popularity since its inception. So, there is no surprise that actually, there are myraid of video editing tools obtainable for it. With the use of appropriate video editing software for mac, you could add titles, soundtrack, transitions and many more effects without any troubles.

In case you wish to incorporate Hollywood-style effects in your video or wish to avail access to professional color correction, these tools are highly suitable. There are many such softwares that are freely available so you can carefully research them and decide which one to go wit. Besides, the advanced usage can be perceived through the paid versions. In a few minutes, you could generate professional-looking movies according to your convenience. The below section represents different video editing software for mac:

14. KdenLive

Gradually, Kdenlive has progressed since its beginning, in order to serve the users with the best. With the gradual advancements brought by the manufacturer, the software presently appears like a proficient video editing suite compared to its earlier version. Kdenlive is a short form for KDE Non-Linear Video Editor that is fundamentally targeted at the GNU/Linux platform. Also, it functions seamlessly on BSD and MacOS.


13. Filmora

Frequently, the need arises to import video clips from your camera or hard drive of a Mac based system. In such cases, Filmora works magically to help you out. In addition to the hard drive and camera, Filmora could also access clips saved on your social media accounts. It’s easy-to-use, peculiar interface entices the attention of beginners and seasoned video editing enthusiasts.


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12. DaVinci Resolve 15

DaVinci Resolve 15 offers both free and paid version to fulfill the needs of different users. Based on your editing needs and budget, you could choose for the free version or paid one. Basically, its free version provides features like editing, motion graphics, color correction, visual effects, and audio post-processing. When you invest $300, you could procure the studio version. This version is capable to add multi-user association, FX, 3D tools, and more. In addition to using on Mac, DaVinci Resolve 15 can also be accessed on Windows and Linux.


11. Movie Edit Pro

Now you could prepare a wonderful movie from your camcorder videos with the use of the Movie Edit Pro tool. Essentially, it is a professional grade video editing tool comes with the easy-to-use features and flawless working mechanism. For those who are passionate about shooting videos, Movie Edit is a perfect choice.


10. Camtasia

Camtasia is extremely useful when you intend to prepare videos which would utilize footage shot from your PC screen. The reason behind this is Camtasia is essentially a screen recorder and video editor tool combined in a single product.


9. Total Video Converter

There are lots of effects to be implemented even after the video gets edited. To meet such needs, the Total Video Converter is a perfect choice that allows you to trim, edit, improve and view the video after you finish editing. This benefit makes it a preferred video editing software for mac among professional videographers.


8. OpenShot

OpenShot is free to use open-source video editing software for use on operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux. For beginners, it is a superb editor for grasping expertise on the video editing skills. For preparing basic editing in absence of facing time-consuming hassles, it is best to go for OpenShot. In addition to performing basic video editing, the users could make 3D animation too.


7. iSky Soft Video Converter

iSkysoft Video Converter is an advanced, wonderful, efficient video editor for MAC. To save time while editing, now you could easily edit your video using a collection of video editing tools. These include trim, crop, merge, rotate, subtitle, filter effects, watermark, and many more. The intuitive interface based tool assist you to effortlessly convert movies, videos, and TV shows to run on a wide range of devices like PC, iPhone, iPod, and iPad


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6. Video Editor MovieMator

What makes Video Editor MovieMator so special is its flexibility provided to trim, move, split and merge clips from varied sources. Generally, the tool supports every consumer file format that users might need. Also, it is simple to directly import from devices like the iPhone or GoPro.


5. Avidemux

Avidemux is broadly popular when it comes to easy to use editing functionalities. The tool for Mac is specially designed for accomplishing simple trimming, filtering, and encoding. Besides Mac, Avidemux is available for use on Linux, Microsoft Windows, and BSD under the GNU GPL license. It is known that this video editing software for mac incorporates a wide range of image, video and audio formats. Names of these formats are AVI, MP4, ASF, MOV, AAC, JPG, AC3, DVD compatible MPEG files, etc. Excellent compatibility is offered to work seamlessly with several video formats. One of the beneficial aspects of Avidemux is you could trim ads from a TV recording.


4. Apple iMovie

For gradually attaining grip on video editing skills on Mac, beginners can try Apple iMovie software. You can use the editing tool on your iPad or iPhone too. This free to use tool operates excellently on iOS and Mac OS platforms. This gives assurance that video editing can be accomplished even on the go. For beginners and hobbyist, the Apple iMovie tool consists of approachable tools to make sure you effortlessly convey your footage as well as edit a video clearly.


3. Avid Media Composer

When the need arises to edit a video in a professional manner, there is nothing wrong in trying the Avid Media Composer software. Through the help of its exceptional Source Browser feature, the users could conveniently navigate through their clips, glance at the previews and also import media files.  Ranging from small films to the biggest movies, the majority of the present day productions are shooting videos in 4K and higher resolution rates. Its paid version is available at $19.99 USD/month and it packs in loads of great features to make you expert in the field of video editing.


2. Final Cut Pro X

Even with a little experience in the domain of video editing, you can now easily use the Final Cut Pro X. Initially, you may need to go through some tutorial videos to easily get familiar with its use. After you have gain sufficient experience, you can gain expertise in fundamental editing and can learn more info about the latest tricks.


1. Adobe Premiere Clip

When you wish to experience video editing quickly and amusingly, Adobe Premiere Clip software is the one. High-quality videos with the required editing effects could be effortlessly shared across social platforms. Offered from the top brand Adobe, the users can operate right from the virtual reality to 8K footage within the native format. The reason behind the great reliability of this video editing software for mac from Adobe is the brand is popular since years.


For Mac OS, the concerns associated with video editing are now discarded using the programs discussed above. They will let you master the video editing skills in a few days of use.


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