Top 10 Best Universities in the Philippines

Universities in the Philippines

Do you want to study in the Philippines? You can do this today at one of the top 10 universities in the Philippines available here. The majority of institutes have received accreditation from various countries worldwide. Furthermore, they offer enhanced programs to improve your knowledge and skills.

What You Need to Know to Study in the Philippines

When completing your studies, it will feel like your home away from home. The Filipino’s will welcome you warmly at the different institutes on the list. Furthermore, the cost of living is less expensive, you can experience a vibrant culture, and places while there.

Alternatively, it is beneficial as the tuition fees are cheap as well. However, before you start making plans, you can follow some essential steps. Always make sure to choose a government-recognized college and establish direct contact with the school through the admissions office available.

Make sure to put some money aside as personal appearance for an interview is high on the list when it comes to the Embassy of the Philippines to obtain a visa. You will need to hand in your application for the student visa yourself and have all the documents completed with your interview.

Alternatively, you need to arrange for accommodation with the institute before your arrival. All your documents need authentication by the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) and the Embassy of the Philippines.

Top 10 Best Universities in the Philippines

1. University of the Philippines l Diliman

University of the Philippines l Diliman

The coeducational public research university is in Diliman and is a flagship campus of the Philippines. UPD is one of the largest institutes related to programs, faculty, and scholars. On the eastern and western side of the school is the main campus known for its science and technology.

The schools accredited by the Commission on Higher Education and have two more campuses in City of San Fernando and Olongapo City. You can get your bachelors and masters degrees in several areas with them. The admission is selective and based on your entrance exam.

While there is accommodation for guests at the NISMED hostel, it only hosts up to 120 people at a time. Another favorite lodging for students is at the University Hotel that is a fully-fledged lodging with conference rooms, events, and dining facilities. Alternatively, you can stay at the UP Dormitories and exclusively for freshman, graduates, and international students.

2. Ateneo de Manila University l Quezon City

Ateneo de Manila University l Quezon City

The non-profit private university is in Quezon City that is the National Capital Region of the Philippines.

Furthermore, you can find branch campuses in Rockwell Makati City. The schools accredited by the Commission on Higher Education and affiliated with the Christian-Catholic religion.

At Ateneo, you get elementary, secondary, graduate, and undergraduate levels. You can do arts, law, philosophy, medicine, and more. Furthermore, there are 48 Bachelor’s of Art, Bachelor’s of Science, and Bachelors of Fine Arts degrees. There are four campuses, and Loyola School offers graduate and undergraduate courses.

Further, the institute has international exchange linkage with different organizations around the world. There are numerous research centers, library, and the Church of the Gesu stands on the Sacred Heart Hill. There are three on-campus dormitories, and they have accredited off-campus hostels available.

Another highlight is the Ateneo Art Gallery, and you have access to the university archives.

3. University of Santo Tomas l Manila

University of Santo Tomas l Manila

UST is a private Roman Catholic research university in the Philippines. The school boasts a mixture of old and new architecture and has a multi-deck car park. All the courses and programs available at the institute is accredited and recognized globally.

You can get your Bachelors, Masters, or Doctorate when attending the institute. No matter what profession you want to follow, you can achieve this at UST. Furthermore, it is the founder of the University Athletic Association of the Philippines. You also get access to modern media equipment, the UST Tiger Radio, and so much more.
On the other hand, there is no mention of accommodation on campus, but there is loads of hostels off-campus providing the affordable cost of living for students.

4. De La Salle University l Manila

De La Salle University l Manila

Another top university in the Philippines is DSLU that is a non-profit and private institute in Manila. The schools accredited by the Commission on Higher Education and have a significant ranking. There are five campuses, and the Taft Institute has 19 buildings with classrooms.

Laguna is a satellite campus in Binan City, and Makati is an extension of the DLSU in the city. There are 15 boards of trustees and is one of the oldest members of the De La Salle Philippines network of institutes. There are 74 undergraduate programs with over 100 graduate courses for you to choose.

Furthermore, there are three chapels available to meditate, and one of the academic requirements for international students is the LASARE courses. Alternatively, there is no mention of accommodation, but there are many affordable lodging close to the institute.

5. Polytechnic University of the Philippines l Manila

Polytechnic University of the Philippines l Manila

The research university in Manila is a non-profit organization that offers higher education for local and international students. The institute lies adjacent to the bank of the Pasig River. The main campus Mabini comprise of the main library. There are several parks on the premises with a lagoon and several sports facilities as well.

The enrollment to the university is selective, and you need to pass the PUP entrance exams. Furthermore, admission to particular programs is based on your test results and availability. Alternatively, the student living is vibrant as there are many organizations and clubs to join.

There is also a variety of media outlets, and it has a DZMC campus radio station. You can participate in athletics, basketball, and volleyball to keep the mind and body active. There is no mention of on-campus accommodation, but you can find loads of living places around the institute.

6. Mapua University l Manila

Mapua University l Manila

Mapua is a private and profit higher education university in Manila. Whether you want to study architecture, arts, engineering, or short courses you can find it here. At the institute, you get ABET-accredited programs taken in state-of-the-art facilities with the latest technology.

Furthermore, the schools accredited by the Commission of Higher Education and have a large enrollment. No matter what study needs, you have you can get a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctorate with them. Accessible from the campus are recreational centers and malls.

Further, there are 17 interconnecting buildings with additional facilities such as the gym and chapel. While there is no mention of accommodation, we recommend you contact them directly for information.

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7. University of San Carlos l Cebu City

University of San Carlos l Cebu City

At the University of San Carlos, you get grade school, junior high school, senior high school, and undergraduate studies. There are five campuses available in different areas. The institute is a non-profit private institute that offers higher education. With them, you can complete your studies with accredited programs recognized globally.
The university has 57 undergraduate and 75 graduate programs and has an online enrollment system. On the campus are numerous cafes, canteens, transport systems, and dormitories. Furthermore, 50 food concessionaires are offering a variety of meals.

Included for recreation is the University Stadium comprising of a gym, basketball, tennis and more. There are an on-campus medical doctor and various counseling services.

8. Ateneo de Davao University l Davao City

Ateneo de Davao University l Davao City


Another non-profit Universities in the Philippines run privately is Ateneo de Davao. The institutes governed by a board of trustees and there are two campuses available. At the school, you can study for your graduate, undergraduate degree, or attend the law courses available.

Furthermore, you can educate yourself at the School of Arts, Business, Nursing, Education, and Engineering. There is also an extensive library system, and you can do some research at the American Studies Resource Center. While completing your studies, you can do athletics, be part of the student publication, or listen to the university radio station.

There is a clinic available on site, and there is accommodation available as well. You need to do an Entrance Examination to test your general knowledge, English, and Math.

9. Silliman University l Dumaguete

Silliman University l Dumaguete

For one of the select higher education Universities in the Philippines, you can look at Silliman. The institutes accredited by CHED and an excellent place to study nursing and teaching. When completing your studies, you will get a full view of the Cuernos de Negros Mountains and Visayan sea.

Furthermore, it is a residential campus and has 12 dormitories for students. Not only can you complete your studies to follow your passion you can experience a diversity of culture with the holistic formation of faith.
Alternatively, they have an open admission policy based on your academic performance, the quality of the school you come from, interview results, and qualifying exams for specific programs.

10. Centro Escolar University l Manila

Centro Escolar University l Manila

The Centro Escolar University is a private education Universities in the Philippines. Three campuses come highly recommended for health sciences, education, business, hospitality, and other programs. Furthermore, the college has institutional accreditation status given by the FAAP (Federation of Accredited Agencies of the Philippines.)
Whether you want to get a graduate, undergraduate or doctoral you can achieve this right here. You also get access to the student portal, library and more. However, there is no mention of accommodation and best to contact the school to find out more.

What’s to See in the Philippines?

While completing your studies at one of the Universities in the Philippines, you can visit some of the best tourist attractions while there:

  • Visit San Agustin Church that is a UNESCO Site
  • The San Agustin Museum
  • Manila’s Chinatown
  • Chinese Cemetery
  • Pasay Seafood Market
  • Greenbelt Mall

These are only a couple of place you can visit so once there visit some of the tourist sites you will not be disappointed.

Completing your education at the top Universities in the Philippines will set you up for life in your profession. The food is cosmopolitan, and you can find vendors to street food carts everywhere. Furthermore, one cannot visit the country without trying a delicacy such as Halo-Halo evaporated milk with sweet beans, agar jelly, yam, and various fruits. Plan your study programs and explore what this beautiful country has to offer.

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