Top 10 Best Universities in Germany

Studying at one of the top universities in Germany comes with loads of benefits. The institutes in the country are ranked and valued top-class in the world. The schools have state-of-the-art facilities, research-based courses, countless funding options, and offer a unique lifestyle for all students visiting the country. Therefore, if you want to improve your academic and research skills, this is the place to be.

What Should Have In Place to Study in Germany

You have decided to complete your education at one of the top universities in Germany. Therefore, what is next, and what do you need to have in place before starting your application? Firstly, you have made the right choice, as the German educational system is excellent.

The practical part is vital as Internships play a significant role with many of the programs. However, finding work in the larger cities is not a problem. Furthermore, there are different journeys and activities to do while there. So what can you expect when you want to study in the country?

The process all depends on what you plant to study. If you want to complete a Bachelor degree, you will need to provide your entrance qualification, transcript of grades, language proficiency, valid ID and Passport, and a motivational letter. The biggest problem you may face is that the majority of courses in German and not English.

To apply for a Masters Degree, the same documents are relevant except that you need to provide a recognized Bachelor Degree, essential references, and your work experience is optional. Once you have all your documents, you can complete the application online, many of the institutes want you to post or hand it in by hand.

When you receive your university admission letter, you need to get a visa and take the letter with you to the German embassy in your country. The most important document you must have is the German Blocked Account confirmation letter to prove you have the finances to study in the country for one year.

The next step is to find accommodation before arriving in Germany. Depending on the campus, you may be able to find accommodation with them and best to contact the school you plan to study. Another crucial thing is to register your address with the authorities.

The good news is you can work part-time and study in Germany. You can work for up to 20-hours a week with your student visa.

Best Universities in Germany

1. LMU Munich l Munich

LMU Munich l Munich

LMU is one of Europe’s leading academic and research universities. At the institute, you get a wide diversity of fields to study from cultural, law, economics, to humanities. The focus is on research and made for curious students who want to improve his or her skills.

There are 18 faculties, and it has one of the best library systems. The medical center you can find next to Charité in Berlin. The landmark is one of the largest institutes in Germany. Furthermore, the campus forms part of the urban landscape, and you can find various schools throughout the city.

The establishment is within reach of the Bavarian Alps and a wide selection of other leisure activities. The biggest problem you will face is finding housing in the city. Therefore, you will need to find a private room, flat share, or apartment as only a handful of students get entry to the student residence.

2. University of Würzburg l Würzburg

University of Würzburg l Würzburg

The Julian Maximilian University of Würzburg you find in Bavaria and are one of the oldest universities in Germany. The school comprises ten faculties with academic studies in law, economics, humanities, natural sciences and more. Furthermore, the schools part of the U15 groups and the focus is science.

They have a leading medical center that employs many people. Further, they have received 14 Nobel awards, and while there, you can enjoy the remarkable architecture. At the campus is a botanical garden and free to the public to explore.

The fantastic thing is if you apply by the official deadline you can feel assured you would have a room available on campus. There are single and double rooms available with furnishings, bedding, and more.

3. Humboldt University l Berlin

Humboldt University l Berlin

Another top university in Germany is the Humboldt University of Berlin. If you are interested in studying arts and humanities, you will be in an excellent institute renowned for these fields. HU Berlin offers higher education and remains a model institute for teaching and research.

Furthermore, it produced 29 Nobel Prizes in physics, literature, and economics. Another highlight is that Albert Einstein was a professor at the school. At the campus, you can complete your studies in postgraduate, undergraduate, and doctoral levels. When it comes to accommodation, finding a place is difficult, and the university tries their best to accommodate you.

The only accommodation they offer is for exchange students, and you will need to apply for lodging in Berlin before heading out to the country.

4. University of Freiburg l Freiburg

University of Freiburg l Freiburg

The University of Freiburg is the 5th oldest institute in Germany and has a long history of teaching humanities and sciences. International students make up around 16% of the total number of scholars. They received 19 Nobel Prizes and won the highest research prize.

The undergraduate programs are enormous, and they offer graduate to professional degree programs across eleven faculties. Furthermore, you have the option of adding interdisciplinary and innovative studies to your bachelor’s degree. There are three campuses with historic architecture and a library.

Tuition is free for non-EU and EU students, but you will need to pay an administrative fee. Even the student dormitories are accessible and offer affordable places instead of renting it privately.

5. University of Hamburg l Hamburg

University of Hamburg l Hamburg

Today the University of Hamburg is one of the largest institutes in Germany for education and research. At the school, you get excellent research opportunities with a range of degree programs. There are numerous interdisciplinary projects in a broad range of fields.

There are 170 programs with eight faculties, including law, business, education, humanities, mathematics, psychology, marketing, and more. Furthermore, it is the home to a wide selection of museums, and they focus on sustainability in teaching and research.

The majority of undergraduate courses is three years and divided into phases. After completing your degree, you can pursue a master’s degree immediately or enroll at a later stage. However, some master programs have restrictions and best to review it carefully.

Finding accommodation can be difficult and best to check beforehand for vacant dorm rooms provided by the student service.

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6. ULM University l ULM

ULM University l ULM


In Baden-Württemberg, you find ULM University that lies close to the France and Switzerland border. They focus on public, natural sciences, and medical research. There are four faculties, and it has a private university hospital. Some of the other subjects are engineering, computer science, mathematics, economics, and more.

Furthermore, they offer quite a few international masters’ courses in English. The institute sits on a hill and is home to a science park and development centers. As a science student, you will need to complete internships with the companies found on campus.

As a master degree student, you need to complete your thesis with industrial partners. While there, you can enjoy the vibrant campus life and see the Danube River. Accommodations offered in several residential homes and rented out for six months.

7. University of Bonn l Bonn

University of Bonn l Bonn

The Rhenish Friedrich Wilhelm University of Bonn is a world-leading research institute. The school has partnerships with 70 universities around the world. About 12% of the student populations made up of international scholars. The main subjects are mathematics, astronomy, physics, philosophy, and economics, to name a few.

There are 90 different degree programs found across the 371 buildings of the campus. The school you see on the banks of the Rhine River and remain a historic place to visit. The college has 37 student dorms and can apply directly with Studentewerk if you are interested in a room.

Furthermore, they offer German Language courses to help improve your experience while completing your studies with them.

8. Technical University l Berlin

Technical University l Berlin

TU Berlin is another research university in Germany and part of the TU9 group. Furthermore, they have student exchange available between all the engineering schools on the list. You can study from humanities, natural sciences, engineering, and more within the technical industry.

Furthermore, it covers a vast space over different parts of Berlin with the main campus in Charlottenburg-Wimersdorf. There is also a satellite campus found in Egypt. Further, it is home to two centers, and as a student, you get access to the science library, workstations, computer workstations, and more.

The technical institute provides accommodation only for summer and winter courses available. However, there are different portals available to find a suitable place to live if living in Berlin for a year or more.

9. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology l Karlsruhe

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology l Karlsruhe

The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology was originally a nuclear research facility. KIT has several schools in the city, and the north campus is in the business district while the south one is in the center of the town. The other name for the university is Fridericiana, and some of the most significant inventions started here.

Some of the former students are known for their skills such as Karl Friedrich Benz who designed the “Benz Patent Motorcar.” Another well-known inventor is Karl Ferdinand Braun, who developed the cathode ray tube found in TVs. Furthermore, they received six Nobel Laureates. In addition, the school is a member of the TU9 German Institute of Technology group.

Unfortunately, finding accommodation in town is not easy and will need to find a place to live before arriving in the city. The best is to contact the Student Union to help you find an affordable home.

10. University of Bremen l Bremen

University of Bremen l Bremen

The primary purpose of the Universities in Germany, Bremen was to train teachers. Today more than 200k students are enrolled at the institute. They have a broad spectrum of programs that include engineering and natural sciences. The school is a major center for science and has numerous independent research facilities.

The campus consists of twelve faculties with subjects in Chemistry, Engineering, Law, Business, Economics, and more. The majority of the student body made up of international scholars from different countries. Further, they have partnerships with a wide selection of global universities.

Finding accommodation, you need to contact the Studierendenwerk Bremen to assist you with a place to stay.

Universities in Germany is a magnet for international students to complete his or her degree. With all the top universities in Germany here, you can find a suitable place to further your studies. The fantastic thing is while you may need to dish out money to find accommodation the tuition fees are free. Therefore, you can save loads of money to spend on other essential things, such as places to visit while there.

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