Top 10 Best Universities in England

Universities in England

Are you thinking about completing your studies in the United Kingdom? Good for you as we have the top 10 universities in England listed here. There is never a boring moment in the British countryside. The campus life is fantastic, and you can find some great student nightlife activities as well.

What You Need to Know to Study in England

As an international student, you need to apply through the UCAS to complete your studies in the UK. The system takes your grades and personal statement into consideration when applying. If you plan to study at Cambridge or Oxford, you need to submit an application in October already.

A fact is there are more than ten top universities in England and depends on where you plan to live. If you want colder weather with cheaper living costs head north. Alternatively, you can check the south coast for a beach lifestyle, but it does come with a price tag.

The best choice is London but can also be expensive to live in. Another important thing is the methods of teaching is different and focus on independent study. Furthermore, you will have more freedom to choose the courses you want to study. Therefore, instead of taking subjects on the side, you will focus solely on one topic for the whole duration of the program.

You will need to get used to studying in English, and you get access to loads of student vouchers to buy tech gadgets and books. To save money instead of buying textbooks head over to the school’s library instead. Another fantastic thing is as a student you can get loads of discount with different activities in the city.

Another important thing is the UK is tightening up their border controls, and you need to apply for a student visa. For non-EU, students wanting to study in the UK for less than six months you need to apply for a student visitor visa. If you plan to stay longer, you will need to have it extended.

Do you plan to work in England after getting your degree? You need to apply for a one-year extension to your visa without obtaining a work permit. However, if you are from an EU Country, you do not require a visa to come into the country. For more information, visit the UK Government Visa Website and UK Immigration.

Top 10 Best Universities in England

1. University of Oxford l Oxfordshire

University of Oxford l Oxfordshire

The University of Oxford is in the medieval city center and consists of 44 colleges with halls. There are over 100 libraries, and it has the most extensive library system in the United Kingdom. The alumni network is enormous, and they are associated with Nobel Prizes in chemistry, physics, medicine, and more.

The new research-driven institute focused on sciences and ranked number one in the world for medicine. Whether you want to study art, business, computer science, all of this is possible with them. If you are an undergraduate student, you get access for one year to accommodation.

However, as an international graduate student, the living place is not guaranteed, and you will need to find accommodation through the Graduate Accommodation Office. Alternatively, you will also have to have your passport scanned by the police.

2. University of Cambridge l Cambridgeshire

University of Oxford l Oxfordshire

The public research institute is one of the 4th oldest surviving universities in the world. Furthermore, it is the 2nd former school in England. The campus is known for international students, and they have an International Summer School offering many courses.

There are 31 colleges where you can receive small group tutoring. Six of the schools offer more than 100 faculties such as Arts & Humanities, Clinical Medicine, Biological Sciences, Humanities & Social Sciences, and Physical Sciences & Technology. The majority of the schools you find in Cambridge with some situated near the Cam River.

You have access to over 100 libraries, nine arts/scientific and cultural museums all open to the public. There is also the botanical garden and has a publishing business as well. Furthermore, the institute has an accommodation portal for you to explore and find a suitable place to stay.

3. UCL l London

UCL l London

UCL was the 1st university in England to acknowledge woman. The schools found in the hub of London and are a member of the Russell Group. There are eleven faculties for you to study from the arts, environment, engineering, to life sciences. Furthermore, the institute has received 29 Nobel Prizes related to scientific discoveries.

Further, it has one of the largest postgraduate systems, and students come from around the world to complete his or her education with them. Alternatively, UCL has 26 halls that accommodate 6,000 students. The living rooms vary in size and have everything you need to live comfortably.

There are on-campus halls for postgraduate and undergraduate students with catered and self-catered options.

4. King’s College London l London

King’s College London l London

A leading university with excellent teaching is King’s College London. Furthermore, they have cutting-edge research. There are five campuses and partnered with the British Library, National Gallery, Southbank Center, British Museum, and more. In addition, they offer internships and active recruitment.

Alternatively, they also have a wide selection of postgraduate and undergraduate courses available. As a local or international student, you can find quality accommodation with them. On the other hand, you can join the many student organizations available as well.

You can join a sports club, be part of the student media, or volunteer for different opportunities. Each campus also caters for various services from meals, vegetarian food, to snacks.

5. University of Manchester l Manchester

University of Manchester l Manchester

The university in England belongs to the Russell Group. The student community is enormous and has a lively atmosphere. There are four faculties, each with its school. In addition, you can study humanities, life sciences, engineering, medical & human sciences, or physical sciences.

The campus stretches for miles and has 245 buildings and in walking distance of the city center. Furthermore, it is also close to the Curry Mile famous for Middle Eastern supermarkets and curry houses. The best accommodation is in Fallowfield that is home to many students.

There is a wide selection of food outlets, pubs, and bars. You get access to the library with million printed books and electronic journals. Alternatively, you also have access to the John Ryland’s Library in town. On the days you have some time for yourself you can visit the Whitworth art gallery and Manchester Museum.

6. Durham University l County Durham

Durham University l County Durham

Another Russell Group Institution in England is Durham University. The school attracts many students around the world. There are three faculties’ art & humanities, science & social science, and health. Furthermore, there are 16 colleges and 25 departments with more than 200 undergraduate and 130 postgraduate programs.

On the other hand, the campus makes up part of the UNESCO world heritage site. The key aspect of college is sports, and they are the pathway for international students. The international foundation year comprises of one-year courses to study English preparing you for undergraduate level.

There are three pathways as mentioned and accommodations provided for the first year. After completing a year, you can decide if you want to live in private accommodation.

7. University of Birmingham l West Midlands

University of Birmingham l West Midlands

For a forward-thinking university in England, the University of Birmingham stands out for all the right reasons. The school is famous for global research and part of the Russell Group. You get the highest quality academic experience when taking an undergraduate study.

However, if you prefer to do postgraduate studies, you can also do it here. You get access to the best research facilities and training programs. You can even study in Dubai or Singapore. As a local or international student, you can get accommodation with the institute.

Alternatively, you get access to libraries, facilities, and more.

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8. University of Southampton l Hampshire

University of Southampton l Hampshire

The research-intensive university in England you find on the south coast. There are five campuses in the city with one more in Winchester and Malaysia. There are more than 300 programs available in various subject areas. They are at the forefront with research in cancer immunotherapy.

Even their engineering research is pushing boundaries now. Alternatively, the institute also helps students to start-up businesses. What is more, they offer various types of accommodation from self-catered, flats, to en suite rooms. They have several halls available.

9. University of York l Yorkshire

University of York l Yorkshire

The University of York comprises nine colleges with thirty academic departments. The research-led institute is part of the Russell Group and is one of the youngest schools. Furthermore, the establishment also received the Athena Swan award for supporting woman scientists.

You find the main campus in the southeast side, and you have access to laboratories, sports village, teaching spaces, and Springboard a start-up incubator that assists students with developing his or her ideas. The town is a cycling city comprising cycle lanes and off-road cycle paths.

There are loads of clubs, restaurants, bars, wetlands, and more. Additionally, the school has two art galleries and offers accommodation for international students.

10. Lancaster University l Lancashire

Lancaster University l Lancashire

Lancaster University is North of England and has a collegiate system. There are nine colleges with eight undergraduate and one postgraduate campus. The living space looks like a small town with bars, shops, cafes, and more. There are a theater and art gallery on campus.

When completing your studies, you are close to the sea and mountains with breathtaking views. The international study center is modern and provides help for international students to adapt quickly to life in England. Also, you can study for a pre-masters degree, undergraduate, or postgraduate degree.

There are six undergraduate degrees in business, engineering, life sciences, law, mathematics & statistics, and social studies. Furthermore, they proffer a wide selection of lodging on and off-campus.

Explore England with all its magnificent places from London right through to Lancashire in the north side of England. No matter where you plan to complete your studies you can find a suitable position at one of the top universities in England listed here. Enjoy some tea and eat fish and chips likes the Brits do today. In short, each part of the country has something unique to offer.

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