Top 10 Best Universities for Supply Chain Management Degree

Supply Chain Management

What to Consider Before Getting a Supply Chain Management Degree?

Supply chain management careers can be quite interesting, lucrative, and fast-paced; however, it’s still not widely known yet. Different industries can have different jobs, but the majority of them need some type of system implementing supply chain management. The fields, such as transportation as well as logistics are getting merged with this field.

The emerging need for supply chain management in almost every sector makes the field very attractive. Getting a supply chain management degree can help out if you enjoy finding your career there. Therefore, where you pursue the degree becomes important considering the fact that the field requires specific skills.

Most times companies looking for supply chain managers will look for a blend of communication and computer skills in the candidates. Since the field is mostly driven by data, there’s a need for the skill to run a database along with other tracking software.

Universities that focus on these skills should be prioritized when choosing a supply chain management degree program. Let’s discuss the top ten best universities, where you can pursue a supply chain management degree.

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Best Universities for Supply Chain Management Degree

1. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University | USA

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University is among the first institutions to provide distance learning back in 1971. The university offers top-notch technology that can provide better learning opportunities. Therefore, US News & World Report recognized the private institution as one of the best in the country.

You can enroll in their logistics and supply chain management degree program both in-person and online. The program teaches students the concepts to make them competent for the best practices, professional ethics, and regulations.

2. Michigan State University | USA

Michigan State University

Next in our list in the Michigan State University, which is a research university. 25 programs from the university are graded in the top twenty in the United States. There are over two hundred academic programs offered by the university, and supply chain management is one of them.

The degree program for supply chain management consists of 120 credits. It emphasizes on components that add value from purchasing, manufacturing operations, physical distribution, and transportation. Students can develop their planning and controlling skills through the program.

3. Bellevue University | USA

Bellevue University

Bellevue University is a non-profit, private institution, and has an accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission. The university provides rigorous, flexible degree programs and majors both on-campus and online. Area businesses provide input on the programs, which ensures the necessary development of courses.

Their supply chain management degree covers the best strategies for the supply chain. You’ll find applied learning through practical use of theories on global sourcing, inventory management, suppliers, order fulfillment, and demand planning, quality management, global logistics and trade regulations and more.

4. University of Nottingham | UK

University of Nottingham

University of Nottingham equips students with mixing management methods and technologies for resolving organization issues. They also gain skills for understanding and tackling the complex challenges of operational management.

In their supply chain management course, you get to go through modules in decision support management science, modern operations management, and planning and managing of the supply chain during the first semester. In the second one, you get to develop upon the course you chose and choose which career path you want to pursue.

5. Northern Arizona University | USA

Northern Arizona University

The public Northern Arizona University has provided a student-focused experience for almost 120 years. Well reputed researchers and professors from around the globe teach their rigorous courses. There are over 120 programs in the university. In other words, these include their supply chain management program.

You can enroll in their Bachelor of Business Administration program and major in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Students pursuing the program of 120 credits will learn to make immediate impacts in terms of leadership positions.

6. Cranfield University | UK

Cranfield University | UK - Universities for Supply Chain Management Degree

When it comes to the best place to get degree, Cranfield University offers the largest specialist faculty in the UK in terms of supply chain management. They are famous for offering the skills along with the expertise mix needed for developing future leaders in the supply chain.

The university’s supply chain management degree brings the industry experts as guest speakers. You will get to learn all of the elements in supply chain management and vision further beyond with your very own implementation strategies.

7. Lehigh University | USA

Lehigh University | USA - Universities for Supply Chain Management Degree

Next is the Lehigh University boasting more than one hundred programs and majors. There are more than 7 thousand students enrolled in various programs. 96 percent of their graduates find jobs or get into grad programs within the first 6 months of their graduation.

Their supply chain management degree focuses on the analysis of advanced cost, product development, e-business, and negotiation. In addition, you will study topics on supply management, risk and cost management, operations management, and logistics. The core courses on business come with the major coursework of the supply chain.

8. Clarkson University | USA

Clarkson University - Universities for Supply Chain Management Degree

Clarkson University is a leader in terms of technical education and research. They have over 380 government and industry partners which give straight access to careers and internships after graduation. There are over 60 programs including Global Supply Chain Management.

Their global supply chain management degree program has 42 credits in terms of business foundation coursework and 27 credits for business courses that are specialized. Moreover, students can be a part of community projects, directed research, and such for professional experience.

9. Murray State University | USA

Murray State University - Universities for Supply Chain Management Degree

Another public university for pursuing supply chain management degree is the Murray State University in the United States. They enroll more than 10 thousand students and aim to involve their students in creative activity, research, and collaborative scholarship. Logistics and Supply Chain Management is one of their 126 programs.

However, you have to complete 120 credit for the supply chain management program. It readies students for coordinating and managing material flows efficiently. Furthermore, the business core courses provide a foundation for finances, marketing, business communication, and economics.

10. Arizona State University | USA

Arizona State University - Universities for Supply Chain Management Degree

Arizona State University ranks nationally for being affordable and their graduates are some of the best in the country. Moreover, they offer a supply chain management degree for those who are interested.

The degree program improves supply chain management skills as well as providing the expertise necessary for succeeding the industries internationally. Students learn to build and maintain an effective and efficient supply chain. They can take on the leadership roles, such as supply chain consultants and managers, right after graduation.

We have discussed the universities where you can pursue a supply chain management degree to ease your decision-making. 

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