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Best Universities For Electrical Engineering Degree

Electrical Engineering Degree

Having about 17,300 fresh graduates in the U.S.A. every year means that, Electrical Engineering is a very popular choice. There are few who would disagree once the numbers are in. Graduates with an Electrical Engineering Degree attain a forty-two percent boost in income compared to other college graduates.

On paper, the degree has been rated 7 in a total of 121 in terms of salary potential. On average, graduates of EE earn around $61,394 in the early stages of their careers. During the middle phase, that number increases to $103,601. And if you have come this far, it’s only natural for you to inquire about the best colleges for Electrical Engineering Degree around the world. Without further a due, here are the top-ranked colleges and universities where you can get an electrical engineering degree:

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Best Universities For Electrical Engineering Degree

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Commonly known as MIT, this has been the best option for students wishing to get an electrical engineering degree. To add to the bachelor’s program, MIT is also the place to seek graduate degrees in Electrical Engineering. It’s not just the quality of education that attracts students all over the world but the fast-paced life too. Coupling with reasonable price and outstanding instructional programs, MIT can be safely called a smart investment. They have achieved the position of #12 within Massachusetts and should you score 34 on your ACTs, you are well above the average score.

2. University of California, Berkeley

On paper, choosing the University of California to pursue an Electrical Engineering Degree may not be as wise as choosing MIT. But, as you complete the program, there is every chance of you earning $79,634 on aggregate during the earlier stages. When you decide to stick around for a longer period of time, the salary becomes $134,688 during the middle phase. The highly esteemed university comprises of one of biggest body of students inside California. The turnover rate provides a positive image as 97% of freshman come back for the next year of their EE program. Graduates of this university have done well generally since the chances of them defaulting on the student loans are negligible.

3. Cornell University, New York


Not many can find a better university for an Electrical Engineering Degree than Cornell University. Not just the bachelor’s program but, you can also pursue a graduate degree in EE from this institution. The location, Ithaca is highly suitable for individuals who have a penchant for the fast-paced life. If you live in New York already then the university should tremendous value to your self-esteem already.

4. Stanford University, California

You are passionate about the EE program and don’t want to enroll just because it is a wise choice. If that is the case, Stanford University is the ultimate dream theatre to pursue it. The university additionally provides graduates degrees to students willing to earn an advanced degree. In the case of Stanford, you will be provided with a comfortable, residential surrounding.

There are other areas of concern that you may have, primarily the percentage of students who defaulted. That number is pleasing as only 7% of the college graduates defaulted thus far in the country. In the case of Stanford University, it is even lower. Coming in with 1% default rate, the statistics are rather impressive for the university to pursue an Electrical Engineering Degree. They make sure students get enough time from the teachers since the student-to-faculty ratio is 10:1.

5. Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia

The contenders that can legitimately challenge this institution’s EE program are few and far between. The legitimacy is provided by the graduates themselves as they receive 6% more than the average graduates in the sector. It is set in a location that provides ample opportunities to network and explores for the students. Students graduating from the main campus have rarely faced problems when they paid off their loans. It adds further value to the electrical engineering degree at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

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6. Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University

The picture of 163 students graduating in 2017 with an electrical engineering degree from this university entices many to pursue the program. The location- Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania provides students the opportunity of enjoys the thrills of a noteworthy metropolis. Over the years, many have shown regrets over not applying to this university for financial complications. However, that problem no longer exists as 52% students applying to receive financial help if need be. Scoring in excess of 32 in your ACT will see you through to your dream program at Carnegie Mellon University.

7. Duke University, North Carolina

Don’t place your faith in the terms “best college”. Rather than that, set your sights on the “best college for you” and this is where Duke University enters. The big urban setting makes sure you get the best chance to network and discover what you want to. The school is reputed for their support of military personnel in addition to the electrical engineering degree.

8. California Institute of Technology

Students place California Institute of Technology towards the top of their priority list. What is the priority list about? Of course, you know that by now, as very few institutes provide as much prestige with their electrical engineering degree.

Freshly graduated individuals of the program are earning $71,477 on aggregate during the start. The middle phase rewards justly with $121,622 for the endeavor. There is a healthy dose of interaction between students and educators since, more than ninety percent of professors work full-time. Nearly half of the applicants submit ACT scores with 35 being the average score making the cut.

9. The University of Texas, Austin

The number of schools in Texas larger than this is almost negligible. After all, where else can students pursue an electrical engineering degree with as much comfort at the same price?

Electrical engineering is not necessarily an ever-expanding sector but, the opportunities students get are on the rise. In such a scenario, the right institute will never let you regret your choice, no matter what. The institutes mentioned here guarantee that you earn well while keeping your love for the field.


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