Top 50 Best WordPress Magazine Themes

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Websites containing news appear and vanish within a short period of time every now and then. However, there a select few which gain popularity and are able to sustain the success. For example, The Verge began operating quite recently and yet, it is one of the most powerful players of technology-based news. Every month, millions of users visit the website to obtain relevant information. Of course, The Verge is not the only website that uses a WordPress. When you think about the proper use of WordPress Magazine Theme, your mind will instantly bring up TechCrunch, Engadget etc. The host for such websites is WordPress VIP hosting. The main purpose of it is handling the growing number of visitors each month. This VIP hosting is a version of web hosting which Nginx maintains. For management activities, it takes the help of Automattic. WordPress Magazine themes help in the creation of blogs as well as a news site.

Who Use WordPress Themes?

WordPress Magazine Themes provide the news websites with a proper platform to create something unique that can become big. If you aspire to be a website author or a blogger, you have to make full use of the themes for a number of news websites. This includes technology, politics, sporting events etc.

To begin your journey with WordPress, we have made a list of WordPress magazine theme that can be customized including a plethora of colouring choices, numerous fonts, customized widget etc.

Top 50 Best WordPress Magazine Themes

1. Newspapers


If you are looking to publish news, information worthy of being in magazines and review site then, this is the theme for you. It is among the top selling WordPress magazine theme as it consists of 65,000 purchases and even more. This theme comprises of a tagDiv Cloud Library containing more than 420 stunning already made templates. You can use those templates in case of posts, category, authors, tags etc. Newspaper as a WordPress magazine theme is unmatchable when it comes to workability. Consisting of stylish outlines, distinctive demos as well as a smart ad system, the Newspaper theme easily stands out as one of the best WordPress magazine theme.

2. Gillion


Complete with stunning visuals and aesthetic features, Gillion is a very dynamic WordPress magazine theme. The special feature of Gillion is that, this theme is suitable for every type of news aggregator as well as niche content. You may also use to review products on the internet. However, it creates intrigue among the users due to its effectiveness in the management of news sites. The structure for this WordPress magazine theme allows you to effortlessly grab the attention of the audience and convince them to return for more. This aspect of Gillion allows the ad space to monetize your content into a real source of income for you. It has a unique user interface that includes numerous front-page outlines that suits your need, columns, layouts etc.

3. Divi


While most WordPress magazine theme are not tech-savvy, Divi is. It comprises of a huge theme, catering to the needs of a webmaster who may or may not have past experiences with coding. Even if the webmaster has no coding experience, he/she can seamlessly sketch out, grow and sustain a completely functional, new and lustrous website. The website can engage with a variety of niches and the website consists of intentionally diverse practice sites. It is beneficial for a new user as he/she can start on the correct path even if it does not necessarily concern his/her project. The theme itself is available with Divi Builder, comprising of block-based modular content creation does not need any coding. It will grant you certain degree of flexibility as well.

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4. Soledad


If you are looking for a WordPress magazine theme which presents a creative perspective then just look into Soledad. It shows much compatibility with various apps as well as other usage starting with aesthetic magazines on the internet to ravishing blogs, hooking the audience perfectly. Soledad will be at your beck and call from the start if you want to create an outspoken layout. You will have more than 250 impressive custom-built options for your blog to be unique.

5. SmartMag


Few WordPress magazines ooze of such eloquence as SmartMag. It is quite the reactive, multipurpose WordPress magazine theme. The theme is strong enough and creates a platform for users make unique content with ease. With SmartMage, there is hardly any need to have any idea regarding coding. You can get absolutely stunning practice sites to experiment with your ideas. In addition, you can customize with the theme as much as you want, following your intuition. With the drag-drop page builder, you can make all the layouts your own. You will not have to break a sweat while branding and with a ton of useful widget, your work will only get easier. Usually, with such an efficient WordPress magazine theme, you can instantly create niche and even general purpose magazines.

6. CheerUp


Featuring 7 distinctive demos, CheerUp is a unique WordPress magazine theme. It also includes more than 200 stunning layouts. Once you start using this WordPress magazine theme, you will discover the use of customizable widgets that are in place specifically for blogging. You may even create handy magazine pieces with it as it is truly fun and perky concept. Not only does it provide numerous post format assistance, but also a very handy live customizer. This live format allows the user to scrutinize any alterations and update in that exact moment. If you are already adept at SEO then, you will find CheerUp to be quite useful and if you want a subscription, you have to make an account at MailChimp. One of the most beneficial features of CheerUp is that, there is a customizable menu which, in particular is easy to use from a mobile.

7. MagPlus


If you want a WordPress magazine theme to focus on proper advertising and publicity then, you must look at MagPlus. You can get your hands on a number of demos relating to your topic of interest. In addition, MagPlus is well known for having Google AdSense as well as other similar features. Using blogs and portfolio to specialize in promoting skills, you can try out a large number of layouts alongside more than twenty sliders and eighteen headers. What’s more interesting is the fact that, you can easily create engaging content with the drag-drop feature of MagPlus. In this way, you can engage with your audience with the help of one of the best WordPress Magazine theme.

8. The Issue

The Issue

At the time of introducing a new online magazine, you do not have to start from scratch any longer. It is due to the fact that, tools such as, The Issue is going to save your time and refresh your mind. This is a useful WordPress magazine theme which comes in handy for newcomers and eliminates the need of hiring a programmer. With the use of smart pre-existing demos, you may quickly make your page go live. What makes The Issue one of the best WordPress magazine theme is that, you can make use of all the current web and tech practices and stay relevant.

9. Webify


As a WordPress magazine theme, Webify is quite efficient. We say that because, you can access numerous demos to get an idea of webpage development. In addition, there are a number of modular elements as well as a customizable cache system. Lastly, you have a live page builder at your disposal which makes your job all that much easier.

10. Herald


A news website is one theme which enables us to observe the world thoroughly. If you aspire to have a professional news page of your own, it is necessary to check Herald. It is without a doubt a very unique WordPress magazine theme comprising of a wide variety of efficient features. As a visitor of this theme, you may find the site quite mesmerizing given how alluring the design is. Any website using this theme will look equally stunning on any form of device e.g. mobile phones. Of course, there is a chance that users may become somewhat perplexed during the installation process. However, Herald takes care of that problem. By introducing an interactive video which instructs users and guides them at the time of installing the theme, Herald is truly unique. As the owner, you have the privilege of colour-coding all the layout sections. Of course, it is only possible because of the smart category that it features.

11. Gridlove


Everyone has read about this WordPress magazine theme. The reason for such popularity of Gridlove is the result of maintaining professionalism with writing including visual appeal. You can experience the flexibility of Gridlove through colours as well as limitless sidebars for posting on. This theme also comes in handy due to the post view support which will feature posts in an order. Generally, this order is maintained by ranking the amount of views. In fact, it is so flexible that, you can customize it according to your own preferences. You can achieve this by selecting from this huge gallery of pre-existing layouts. This WordPress magazine theme is also available with WooCommerce as well as WPML.

12. Uncode


Uncode is a master at combining simplicity with unique customization. As a result, you are sure to get an individualized vibe. Crafting with a WordPress magazine theme has never been this easy. With Uncode, you can truly enjoy setting up your own webpage. It is going to offer you more than 30 homepages which comes with a single click import demo. Uncode widely promotes blog and portfolio which works in a small store as well as for a photoblogger. With the use of Visual Composer, Uncode presents itself as a reliable page builder, featuring six menu styles to boast off.

13. Opinion


There are varieties among WordPress magazine theme. However, it becomes even more apparent when you visit Opinion. With it, you are sure to gain a touch of innovation resulting in you being miles ahead of your competition. There is always a chance that you are unsure of what web design you can work with. Once you visit Opinion, all your confusions will go away as users are quite likely to fall in love with it in their first visit. The structure of Opinion is a differential factor as it allows the WordPress magazine theme to produce the best result without regards to the device.

14. Barta


Few WordPress magazine themes allow you to create your own magazine as quickly as Barta. With an array of features, Barta allows you total creative freedom. You will find a variety of trial material waiting for you at Barta to inject professionalism even if you are not a pro. If you have authentic and mesmerizing content inside your blog or magazine and it gains traction, then Barta will allow you to monetize it through the advertise management packages. Of course, once you reach that stage, you may consider expansion. Thankfully, Barta is completely compatible with WooCommerce so you do not have to worry about expansion.

15. Newsmag Pro

Newsmag Pro

This is a very sturdy and efficient WordPress magazine theme which allows users to fit their magazine website in every part of the globe currently. The theme itself comprises of untapped capability to cover a basic and modern features which you expect from a magazine site. So, it is natural for Newsmag Pro to feature unlimited sliders that you can customize as much as you want. Of course, you can take advantage of other functionalities offering the chance to create dynamic content and even sturdy search characteristics.

16. Voice


If you are searching for a no frills WordPress magazine theme, Voice is just right for you. Comprising of a straightforward media specially as a news and magazine site which reports about entertainment, politics etc. Voice defines minimalism for as WordPress magazine theme. As a theme, it garners a lot of attention simply because of the superior level of quickness and efficacy. Voice consists of an optimization which is suitable for very quick loading time. In addition, it guarantees that your server loads in an orderly fashion despite your stories or posts gaining massive attention.

17. Buzzy


Sometimes, you may come across a similar set of web designs which can bore you out. For such a situation, you need to encounter Buzzy because, it comes with an exclusive offer. Having such an innovative WordPress magazine theme will allow you to stand out from afar. Buzzy comprises of a creative outlook for content creation. It is going to help the reader have fun in reading your content. To add to that, it offers a few additional goodies such as, shortcodes, widget, drag-drop page builders etc.

18. GoodLife


People always want to receive entertainment as well as authentic information from the same source. Unfortunately, the traditional media system cannot comply with such standards while maintaining a certain amount of speed. So, people now look for online based news. Of course, if you are looking to make reliable, professional news site, you have to visit GoodLife. It is one of the few WordPress magazine theme that comes pleasant outline including a huge list of flexible features. In fact, GoodLife even supplies unlimited amount of sidebars. All the articles are categorized by a number of criteria: number of shares, post view as well as amount of comments.

19. Jannah


If you are looking to allure the audience stunning site designs then you can visit Jannah. With this WordPress magazine theme, you can create content with as much creativity as your imagination allows. It will offer a distinctive page builder alongside a stack of cool blocks. Users can even include the power Ajax Filter to gain a huge amount of speed.

20. DynamiX


If a WordPress magazine theme is able to cover every niche, then you may consider it one of the best. Such is the case with DynamiX as it allows you to work with internet-based fashion, technology, gadgets etc. As a WordPress magazine theme it takes little time to acclimatize with every need you have. Then it supplies all the important materials to launch a very fast website.

21. PenNews


This is a highly responsive, instinctive WordPress magazine theme. In addition, it allows you to work with more than one concept as it comprises of a unique batch of tools. These tools play the most important role to bring your magazine to reality. Many webmasters working with a variety of niche express their love for PenNews. Of course, it consists of a plethora of demos including layout which lets you start quick and simple.

22. Onfleek


It is a very in trend and distinctive WordPress magazine theme. Onfleek provides a sturdy and dependable platform for users to design complex themes. Developing tech savvy website with the help of Onfleek is no tough task. It is well known for simplifying the entire site construction process as a part of the new web. Onfleek achieves this by equipping you with a number of layouts that reek of professionalism.

23. Indigo


WPZoom has been successful in creating a stunning WordPress magazine theme which allows you to take care of all the minute details. Indigo comes with a single click installation process as well as documenting it all. One of the best features of Indigo is that it is very responsive and Retina ready. It means that, Indigo makes the image appear clearer with very decent quality.

24. The Fox

The Fox

As far as WordPress magazine theme goes, very few of them are as creative and cutting edge at the same time. Not only that but, you can use this WordPress magazine theme for a number of purposes. You need to be aware of the fact that, The Fox is an avant-garde theme capable of incorporating fresh web developing technology and then it deploys them with maximum impact. The presentation of it is quite unblemished as well as lucrative.

25. Zox News

Zox News

Primarily a WordPress magazine theme, Zox News also showing its expertise within mass communication sites. You cannot find a more convincing tool for an online news publishing. Using this format, you can add further utility in the form of limitless ad space. With the help of Theia Post slider, you may integrate video social platforms into Zox News.

26. Dreamscape


If you are working with DreamScope then you already know how fast response this WordPress magazine theme has. But, if you are new to it then, you need to know that it provides a sturdy platform to design and craft new sites. You can quickly build responsive sites full of eloquence. It allows the user to select the template of preference and organize everything by some clicks. With a crispy outline and philosophy demonstrating minimalism, Dreamscape is a very efficient WordPress magazine theme.

27. Tana


Many users associate convenience, power and resourcefulness with this WordPress magazine theme. Tana comprises of a thorough network allowing you to create simple magazine site with a wide range of niches and application. The best part about it is that, you do not need to having any experience with coding to design a worthwhile newspaper or magazine site when you work with Tana.

28. FlashNews


This modern WordPress magazine theme is efficient in creating a link between magazines, blogs and the public. FlashNews consists of numerous distinctive already built homepages as well as demo. The main objective of this theme is increasing speed and making eye catching posts. In addition, you can use WooCommerce for building stores as there is a level of integration between the two. It must be clear by now that, FlashNews attempts to focus on the graphical qualities of site building.

29. Malabar


In a long line of multipurpose WordPress magazine theme, Malabar manages to stand out. A lot of that is down to Malabar’s heavy reliance on feature toolkit to gather a flawless new website. It is staple of news sites for its ability to engage the audience with ease and a touch of elegance. You get to feature trendy articles and the latest update on intriguing stories in the easiest way possible. Malabar consists of a Bootstrap framework providing total cross-compatibility. In addition, you can easily monetize content with the help of its customized ad blocks.

30. Amory


One of the major confusions that a lot of newcomers have with a WordPress magazine theme is that, they assume coding experience is necessary. However, we are here to inform you that, with Amory you can effortlessly create ingenious new website without coding. The outline philosophy of Amory incorporates stunning visuals that stimulate the viewer into reading your content once more. To add to that, it incorporates modern SEO technology which results in an engaging website content.

31. Saxon


If you have aspirations of becoming a relevant media site creator then you have to engage with Saxon. It is a WordPress magazine theme specializing in hot material online. To add to that, Saxon lets you integrate charm and style for your blogs. As usual, it comprises of 20 reusable homepages layout as well as 11 blog template for you to publish content with a lot of creativity and without any breaks. You can start off importing demos with a single click and figure out what is compatible with your vision.

32. Jawn


This is one of the front runners when it comes to the best WordPress magazine theme. We say that because, it consists of every element necessary to make a professional magazine website. You can choose between 5 layouts to go with 4 promoted articles as well as 800 Google Fonts. In addition, this WordPress magazine theme consists an RTL, social media features. Lastly, it is also handy when dealing with SEO characteristics.

33. Domino


If you are looking for a WordPress magazine theme with maximum output and flexibility then you are at the right place. It comprises of a potent feature such as, Dynamic Homepage Building and visual customization. Now, if you looking to use this theme, you need to know that it consists of a Jetpack supercharge pack. It even includes aesthetically pleasing concept such as, Tiled Galleries, relatable post etc. You have to be aware of the number of widgets Domino comprises of.

34. Brixton



It is one of the quickest guarantees among WordPress magazine theme to create engaging content. Having Brixton by your side means that you will have the chance of altering the page’s colour palette and tailor them to suit the brand’s logo. This is one of those themes which enables your website to increase user retention. With this WordPress magazine theme, it becomes simpler for the users to find your blogs and magazine content and the layout is beneficial for users to go through that content on their smartphone.

35. MagOne


When it is all about offering flexible services, MagOne is a top WordPress magazine theme. Much of the reason for such fame is that, MagOne’s services are compatible with online newspaper, blogging platform etc. Of course, we cannot forget how useful it is with affiliate marketing site services. As you visit this theme, you can come across quick demo website template as well as other website examples. You can import all of these variations through a single click and start working on your ideas.

36. Sahifa


It is a very proficient WordPress magazine theme which shows a lot of versatility. It is a theme capable of offering a lot of outstanding features. All of those features are useful for enhancing webpages. Sahifa is able to create a bridge between power and beauty which results in top quality experience for browsers. As you client, you will receive total freedom allowing you to switch off the responsive element of a page. With this WordPress magazine theme, you can find website layouts that come with three settings. These settings are: framed, wide and boxed. Users mostly toggle among all three with the help of a single click.

37. GDN


GDN is known for laying the structure of innovative magazines. Often times, a creative webmaster will express is/her love for GDN because this WordPress magazine theme offers complete independence. You may begin from scratch or choose a high quality template. To help you ease into your role, GDN is going to present thirteen distinctive blogs as well as magazine demo. With a feature such as Parallax and also HTML5 multimedia, GDN can help you with the creation of niche content. One of the more noticeable features of GDN is that, it comprises of a perceptive framework.

38. Woohoo


With clever design and a very attractive WordPress magazine theme, Woohoo is sought by many. As it is quite pliable and perceptive, Woohoo is very easy to use. This theme dedicates itself to disseminating knowledge, articles, media etc. You can do it all without blinking an eye or having any coding experience. Woohoo comes with a premium news practice website template which a very strong WordPress magazine theme in the market currently. The construction of Woohoo is quite impressive with the customizable drag-drop page builder.

39. The Voux

The Voux

Once upon a time, mobile penetrability would decrease as the complications with The Voux rose. However, it has been able to overcome that issue and is now completely perceptive. No matter the platform or device, you can expect the same level of service from The Voux. You can use Visual Composer as a website owner, for customizing every element on your page. Of course, The Voux stands out as one of the best WordPress magazine theme because it can differentiate between the sites. What we are trying to say is that, The Voux allows all the users to exercise their creative freedom as much as possible. As a result, you will not see two similar sites with its theme. Incorporating the option of Social Sharing has been one of The Voux’s more distinguishable features. We say this because, The Voux is the first product from ThemeForest which uses this feature.

40. Magellan


Many website owners look to disseminate information and news as quickly as possible. Not every WordPress magazine theme is capable of achieving this but, Magellan surely can. The main objective of this theme is to spread news and information in the form of videos and also text. Consisting of smooth, new platform that any webmaster can fully use, Magellan is truly the cream of the crop when it comes to top WordPress magazine theme. It is of course packed with formidable plugins which simplifies the outline as well as developmental work.

41. Paperio


It is a very perceptive WordPress magazine theme that comes with crispy set of tools. These tools can establish effective new blog sites which allure the audience while engaging them. The layouts for this WordPress magazine theme is easily customizable. In particular, Paperio is excellent due to its Search Engine Optimization so much so that, it will quickly increase the traffic on your website. While the plugins are suitable to your cause, the widgets help in bringing your blog to life.

42. Total


If you are looking for a WordPress magazine theme that provides an abundance of features to go with a colourful visual then visit Total. There is a lot of small details to look at for a certain time for producing an eloquent platform. The webmasters use this platform to construct a thoroughly professional website which span across a horde of uses. Whether it is personal or professional, all your projects can benefit from the touch of Total. One of the prime assets of Total is its strong premium plugins as well as useful widgets and shortcode. All of them are ready to serve more than one purpose just with a few clicks.

43. Goliath


This is very sturdy framework built on the basis of Bootstrap technology. It is enough to give users assurance of the website’s compatibility alongside the modern plugins and other developmental tools within the market. Goliath is a modern WordPress magazine theme which will allow you to construct a website according to your preferences. It is a very customizable theme because of the integration of Planetshine Control Panel.

44. Adams


It is unique theme that offers versatility and handles all the visual and functional needs of a large amount of website archetype. Adams is an outcome of a calculated outline procedure. Its aim is to offer a complete entourage of tools and template as well as plugins for webmasters to deploy and create an efficient website.

45. Portus


It is a unique WordPress magazine theme as it provides a proper layout with the flawless outlines. It will never let the user think of resizing error as the user’s site is going to be very responsive to every device, web browser and operating system.

46. Compass


Due to having a number of interactive characteristics, Compass has a heavy demand among the WordPress magazine themes. It will allow the user to construct top notch homepages adding all the necessary widgets as it also lets the user observe what is being done to the page.

47. Click Mag

Click Mg

On a long list of WordPress magazine theme with easy flowing framework, Click Mag manages to stand out. One of the reasons for that is the ready-to-go templates which render site building easy. You will have a fun time while visually customizing your website with Click Mag.

48. Daynight


E quipping itself with a bunch of powerful plugins and customizable tools, Daynight is a handy WordPress magazine theme.

49. Flex Mag

Flex Mag

If you aim to compete with the best entertaining market segments and are looking for an interactive WordPress magazine theme then visit Flex Mag. It is complete with a ton of high resolution feature but is also easy to install. This theme is able to manage every possible variety of content as well as high resolution photos.

50. Master


It is not just a WordPress magazine theme. Rather than that, it is a package of numerous tools and feature for truly highlighting every content. Master is one of those themes that offer all the things you will need without hindering all the imagery. Furthermore, it is easily customizable and it contains the Awesome Builder plugin which makes website building efficient.


In modern times, developers all over the globe have really outdid themselves to give us some truly efficient WordPress magazine themes. With each passing moment, site building and designing is becoming easier thanks to these themes.

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