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Newspapers will always be an asset to humankind no matter how many internet platforms is there for providing news. We like a trusted and established information provider in our day to day lives. There are many newspapers which have been in business over decades. News portals like BBC, CNN and newspapers like The Guardia, The Wall Street Journal have stood the test of time. One thing all of these portals have in common is reliability. Here are the list of Top 30 Newspaper WordPress Themes.

Newspapers and news portals use attractive graphics, eye catching fonts and obviously great content to keep their readers engaged. Newspaper WordPress Themes are a great option to get and engage readers. WordPress has the most amazing and appealing themes for any purpose. The themes are all well designed and have good structure. Here are the list of Top 30 Newspaper WordPress Themes.

Engage Your Readers | Top Newspaper WordPress Themes

WordPress is a great place for finding excellent designs and layout options. You will be able to find any style or color; whichever suits your news types and audiences. We have collected a list of 30 great newspaper wordpress themes.

1. Newspaper


Whether you are publishing news, reviews, or a magazine; you can easily align your contents in this theme. The appearance of Newspaper is eye catching as well as easily navigable. Newspaper has been purchased over 65,000 times. A tagDiv Composer is included in the package along with a page builder, over 420 templates, a library, and 404 page loading options.

Newspaper has one click installing opportunity. The flexible theme and customization opportunities make it a bestseller Newspaper WordPress theme.

2. SmartMag


SmartMag is a multipurpose theme in WordPress. For using SmartMag, webmasters are not required to have any prior knowledge on coding. The theme comes with an eloquent appearance that is customizable. You can try their sophisticated demos for creating an attractive news portal.

The theme is most appropriate for entertainment based newspapers. The page builder is drag & drop which makes it very simple and flexible to use. The contents you would like to showcase on your platform are ensured to be engaging and eye catching in this theme.

3. MagPlus


If you are looking for efficient publicity on your news portal, this theme will highly benefit you. The theme focuses on advertisement more.  Google AdSense is one of the attractive features of MagPlus. The Layouts have unlimited designs and options to choose from.  It also comes with 18 headers and more than 20 sliders. The theme is highly flexible to use. Users have recommended it as a fun theme as well!

If you would love an enjoyable theme to work with, choose MagPlus.

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4. Webify


Webify is an all in one theme. The versatile features, designs, customizable options, and attractive appearance of Webify make it a top choice for newspapers. The page builder is live. Webify is GDPR compliant and has multilingual feature. The theme is compatible with WooCommerce as well. Its SEO performance is up to the mark. The gorgeous layouts are unlimited in number. Upon installation, Webify give users free updates for lifetime.

If you are looking for an efficient newspaper WordPress theme; choose Webify!

5. Herald


A fully customizable theme that will make you feel like you actually created the website. The theme makes your site look sophisticated, eloquent and gorgeous on every device from Desktops to Handhelds. Herald comes with an Advanced Theme Options Panel which will help you to build your page fast; as fast as only in 5 minutes.

You will receive a video tutorial on how to use Herald after installation. The smart categories feature allows users to color code all the sections as they please. It’s definitely an excellent choice among all the newspaper WordPress themes.

6. GridLove


The theme is specially designed for magazines. It is fully customizable. You will be able to customize and change every single thing in GridLove. The colors and style of this particular theme is very classy looking and eye catching as well.

The theme comes with short codes, 4 types of pagination, and widgets. The huge range of layouts and its compatibility with almost any device makes GridLove a prime choice for newspaper websites. It a great newspaper WordPress theme and gives users the ease of flexible work.

7. Opinion


Opinion is a theme that compliments innovation and tech savvy styles. If you are having trouble choosing a theme for your website; chances are you will surely choose Opinion once you see it.

You readers are promised an outstanding experience if you use Opinion in your news portal. The content of your news sites will be more engaging and exciting to your readers if they have something appealing for reading. The theme Opinion makes contents stand out.

8. Newsmag PRO

Newsmag PRO

Newsmag PRO is a combination of resourcefulness and appealing appearance. It has excellent packages that offer you CSS3 technology, AJAX, sliders which are customizable, and filter options.

Your news portal can be the most engaging and demanded among all if you are using the right tool for the right content.

Newsmag PRO is the ultimate flexible newspaper WordPress theme. It has sidebars, headers, footers, navigational buttons that are collapsible along with a versatile range of layout styles.

9. Buzzy


Buzzy is a colorful and well structured newspaper WordPress theme. It has implemented some exciting sharing options which are bound to entertain readers. The theme comes with six home pages of different styles. Buzzy is all about first impressions. It is great theme to help you reflect on your contents and create a relationship with your readers.

Along with its ravishing looks, Buzzy comes with awesome features like short codes, drag -drop option in page builder, widgets, mega menu, sliders, and sidebar.

10. Jannah


Jannah is designed completely for the use of news publishing. The theme comes with unique features. It has typographies, gorgeous fonts, layouts, headers, and styles. The Ajax Filters make working with Jannah more exciting. Jannah is a very fast loading theme. User experience will be top notch with Jannah.

Jannah is retina ready and highly responsive in all kinds of devices. It is also compatible with e-commerce features of websites. If you would love a clean, intricate newspaper WordPress theme for your portal; Jannah is your best option.

11. Dynamix


Dynamix is a fantastic multipurpose WordPress theme. The design is highly appealing to all kinds of readers. People like colorful yet subtle appearance for good content and dyanmix delivers just that. You can cover any kind of content for showcasing in this. The theme goes with food, fashion, professional contents, corporate, business and even politics! The site launch is faster than rocket launching. The plugins are versatiles. It has widgets, social media buttons, predesigned layouts, and customizable designs! It the best newspaper WordPress theme if you are a creative person; you will be able to apply your vision into the theme and develop a completely new website design.

12. Voice


Voice is the ultimate minimalist newspaper WordPress theme. It is great looking, has excellent structure, gives readers a nice experience and is highly flexible to use! It is one of the fastest loading themes among all the 30 enlisted here. Your contents will always be organized and easily navigable in Voice.

The theme has a smart post listing module. This module ensures efficient filtering of post and faster searches results. If your readers and you lead a busy life; you definitely need Voice!

13. Barta


Want to start your own magazine?  Would like to do it right away!? Barta is here for you!

Barta requires the minimal amount of set up time. The features are promising in this theme and user friendly as well. You don’t need to have prior knowledge on coding; Barta comes with demo tutorials that will guide you to the ultimate news portal of your dreams.

Barta is all about simplicity. They have a advertise management package, which will help you monetize your website. All the features and the design sound exciting; so why wait? Get started with Barta!

14. The Issue

The Issue

The Issue is a user friendly news WordPress theme. It is suited to be used by beginners as WordPress themes cannot get simpler than this. This theme promises that users won’t need to hire any professional or programmer to launch their news site. The theme comes in splashing colors and gorgeous layouts.

Issue also keeps up with the tech and modern styles. You have opportunity to monetize your site as well. It is handheld device friendly and retina-friendly. The theme is also compatible with cross-browsers.

15. CheerUp

7 gorgeous demos and more than 200 layouts along with other exciting features make CheerUp a top newspaper WordPress theme. The theme is especially designed for Magazines and blogs. It comes with custom widgets, customizable formats for posts, translation, custom menus and a gallery library!

All its features make it an appealing choice. Your content will be displayed in a fun, engaging style in CheerUp. The theme focuses on audience satisfaction. You will enjoy working with CheerUp too!

16. Gillion


Gillion looks aesthetically pleasant and is visually eclectic. The dynamic style of this particular theme makes it suitable for any kind of content. It is a stunning newspaper WordPress theme. This theme ensures that all your contents are appealing keeps your audiences engaged. Audiences tend to return more to a particular website if their contents are pretty yet interesting.  You also have an opportunity to monetize your contents with Gillion and have actual revenue from your news portal.

Gillion is a minimalist theme. It makes your content more focusing and clean. The layout options are versatile and gorgeous. You will be able to choose from all kinds of fonts, layouts, columns, headers and even spacing. The flexibility in customization is exciting!

17. Divi


Divi is another minimalist theme which is great for professional and corporate contents as well as serious news. If you are a designer; you already know that a huge percentage of reader satisfaction lies on presentation of the content. The right font, right amount of spacing and the right color is highly necessary for good content.

Divi promises users that their content will align with Divi’s designs. The theme has layout for everything. And all the layouts look highly professional. The theme also includes a Divi Builder, block-based modules and custom columns. It is a great theme to work with!

18. Soledad


Soledad is a purposeful newspaper WordPress theme. Your audience will find a clean and well structured website when they visit you if you are building it with Soledad. The theme is completely easy to use. With its excellent graphics, customizable layouts and HTML5 video background option; Soledad wins the competition of being tech savvy.

The theme is a memorable one. Anyone would be interested in your content just by looking at it. 100 sliders and over 250 demos make it worthwhile to work with Soledad.

19. Uncode


Uncode is an aesthetic newspaper WordPress theme. It is a multipurpose theme as well; so you can use it for other types of contents. Uncode has a minimalist simple look in its design. The navigation is fairly easy which ensures user satisfaction. The import demo is one click. It comes with over 30 designs for home page!

Uncode has 6 menu styles along with a visual composer. The Revolution Slider along with special plugins includes Google Maps and media library. It’s also compatible with WPML.

20. GoodLife


Newspapers are slowly transitioning from their original serious looking designs to more colorful and fashionable appearance. If you want to create a fun yet serious website for your news portal; GoodLife will be able to provide you the best designs. It is highly customizable.

The theme comes with designed article pages and gorgeous sidebars. GoodLife also gives section for audience feedback. You will be able to create an actual relationship with your readers by implementing this theme!

21. PenNews


PenNews is a resourceful newspaper WordPress theme. The theme looks visually very appealing and is well structured. The tools are tech savvy and user friendly.

It has a versatile range of demos and layouts you can work with along with other exciting features. The theme is definitely fun to work with!

22. The Fox

The Fox

The Fox is a multipurpose newspaper WordPress theme. It has a modern, sophisticated appearance and looks appealing to readers. The theme gives a vibe of news portal; which is amazing if you are looking to use it for only providing news. It is highly flexible and great to work with!

23. Dreamscape


The appearance of dreamscape compliments its name. It looks very well designed and like a piece of art. The theme comes with documentation which will guide you in building an artistic website. Dreamscape is appropriate for magazines or blogs. It comes with Revolution Slider, SEO option, and customizable layouts. The theme will surely compliment your contents.

24. Tana


Tana is a classy magazine theme. It is a very unique newspaper WordPress theme among the 30 mentioned here. The theme does not require users to have any prior knowledge on coding. The page builder has visual composer premium which will give you a huge range of modules and widgets to work with. If you would like a classy vibe to your news portal; choose Tana!

25. Onfleek


A trendy theme that aligns with the likings of today’s youth. The theme comes with sophistically designed templates, layouts and demo websites. You can fully design your website in minutes with Onfleek. The theme is highly compatible with social media and SEO. Its HTML5-powered video streaming, slideshows and cutting edge tech supports the advancement of newspapers on internet. It’s a great newspaper WordPress theme to work with.

26. Indigo


Indigo is created by WPZoom. The installation is one click and has extensive documentation with it. Indigo is highly responsive. It is retina ready as well. The schemes come in 6 colors. The flexible columns and sidebars make customization easier and fun! It is a sophisticated, resourceful newspaper WordPress theme.

27. Armory


Armory is a muted colored, minimalist newspaper WordPress theme. The appearance of this theme is very modern and cutting edge. The theme focuses on contents and gives spotlight to every content in different ways. Users will require no coding experience for using Armory. It’s a classy theme for all kinds of contents.

28. FlashNews


You can link blogs, portals, channels, newspapers and magazines to the general people through this theme. It is retina ready and compatible with different devices. The theme comes with MailChimp plugin and other exciting features!

29. Zox News

Zox News

Zox News is an appropriate newspaper WordPress theme for news publishing. It is flexible to work with and has exciting features like translation, MegaMenu, bbPress and ads spaces!

30. Jawn


Jawn is an artistic, aesthetic and sophisticated theme. It is great for any magazine site or for broadcasts. The theme comes with 800 Google Fonts and a huge selection of designs for the front page!

Whether its newspaper WordPress theme or a stylish blog; you need good appearance to attract your readers. WordPress is a reputable site that ensures customer satisfaction. Don’t forget to use this site fully for an excellent news portal!



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