Top 30 Best WordPress Themes

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WordPress is the best way to get started on your website. If you have no experience in coding or website management, WordPress themes can be a lifesaver. One of the crucial things about building a website is the design aesthetic and feel. A design choice may alter the experience a visitor has on your site. Content is important yet a well-suited theme does it justice. WordPress themes save time and are highly customizable. Also, there are numerous options you may choose from. WordPress themes offer a quick do-it-yourself approach to building a website. There a few types of themes to choose from. Our list offers a mix of them all and also paid and free options.

i) Static themes:

A static theme is a hardcoded theme with static elements. It is the most basic theme to choose for beginners. The underlying code needs modification if you need changes in the look of the theme. This type of theme is not the most flexible.

ii) Theme framework:

A theme framework provides a layout for adding a child theme on top of the main theme. Main theme and child theme may be included in one package. Or you may have options to add a separate child theme of your liking. It is slightly more customizable than static themes.

iii) Page builder themes:

A page builder theme is the most flexible of them all. It contains customizable, drag and drop elements that make website building a breeze. No coding skills required. On top of that, the customization options are boundless. This is the best type of theme for beginners.

Now that you know how you may benefit from WordPress themes, here are the top 30 best WordPress themes to use to build your next website:

Top 30 Best WordPress Themes

1. Oshine

Oshine wordpress theme

Do you want a clean, professional look for your next business website? Oshine does just that. It takes corporate design to the next level. Their static themes with a touch of modernity offers a level of sophistication and functionality to your website. Unique website building tools help you craft your website to the last detail. High-quality graphics, parallax headers, and titles make website building simple. The visual webpage builder is a great tool to use for beginners. Create your own layout or use one of their templates, Oshine will not disappoint you.

2. Uncode


Do you aim to build engaging and interactive websites for your customers? Check out Uncode. Built on HTML5, their mix of high-tech tools and features are among the best in the market. It helps you build a website that works seamlessly with a smooth flow. Even with great detailing, it loads fast and works well with most connections. Broad focus on color schemes and typographical elements make this one of the best WordPress themes to choose for your website. The websites designed with Uncode are highly intuitive and pleasing to users. Explore your creative flair with Uncode.

3. Soledad


Soledad is one of the WordPress themes that has a proven track record of impressing site visitors. It has bold design themes and an unrivaled selection of features. The websites built on Soledad cater to devices with Retina screens. Most of them are Apple devices. There are numerous demos and templates to check out. They have multiple layout offerings and a wide variety of color schemes to choose from. The customization features allow for a user to view their customizations in real-time. This helps to build a website from a user-oriented view. Let your creative juices flow with this amazing WordPress theme.

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4. Divi


If you are looking to expand the bounds of your creativity, Divi is the WordPress theme for you. Featuring numerous customization options and functionality, Divi stands out from the crowd. Make your own unique layout using the Divi builder. The builder tool makes site-building look easy. Not a single line of code. All the elements are customizable and have drag and drop functionality. If you don’t intend to build your own layout, take a pick from their readymade layouts. Websites made on their themes are very responsive and work optimally on all devices. Break out your creative skills and personalize your website using this amazing WordPress theme.

5. TheGem


For a truly personal touch to your portfolio, check out TheGem. It combines the functionality of expert programmers with the aesthetic of a designer. This power-packed theme has a host of useful features that help users build the website they want. They have many pre-made layouts to choose from. Templates are also available for those who want an easier time designing their website. The theme is better suited for blog type websites and portfolios. You can make what you want from it. Channel your content through their theme to expand your reach and engage your audience.

6. Flash


Do you have a business website you plan to build? Look no further than Flash. This powerful WordPress theme offers a plethora of customization options. Numerous templates are available to customize websites according to your specific needs. The templates provided fits most business websites. SiteOrigin page builder adds another dimension of customizability. The drag and drop options make designing your website a fun task. Play around with the settings and familiarize yourself before getting started. They also have demo websites to showcase the functionalities. Their themes work smoothly and have visuals that are simple yet elegant.

7. Kalium


One of the best WordPress themes for portfolios and personal blogs is Kalium. They provide a simple yet streamlined design language. Most of their themes appeal to all type of site visitors. Their themes come with a slider feature. This provides the opportunity to showcase creative workpieces in a single flowing array. The themes provided also have a fresh vibe to them. You may add effects and transitions to add a layer of fluidity to your website. There is also a wide variety of fonts and color profiles to choose from. Build your portfolio from the ground up with their amazing theme.

8. Avada


If you are a complete novice to website design, Avada is the theme for you. It is one of the most versatile WordPress themes on the market. The theme supports the highest degree of customization. It goes hand in hand with every type of website you are able to think of. Thanks to the elements of the robust site building tool, not a single line of code is required. The theme comes with documents that help the user customize the theme to their taste. Avada happens to be one of the best-selling themes in the market. Utilize this incredible theme and breathe life into your website.

9. Mesmerize


Do you want a bold looking website that grabs the attention of your viewers? The Mesmerize theme does just that for you. Combining both modern and traditional design elements, this theme demands consideration. Stunning visuals and prominent themes make for a design that is both unique and tasteful. The site builder tool is the best feature of the theme. You have full control over the elements in the theme. Customize the sections according to your requirement. You may also opt for one of their templates. Build a compelling website using their striking theme.

10. Sydney Pro

Sydney Pro

Do you want an outstanding business website or a professional portfolio? Sydney Pro has you covered. It happens to be one of the most popular themes out there. This business-oriented theme has something for everyone. Their layouts perfectly demonstrate the concept of beauty in simplicity. Build your website in a jiffy with their easy to use tools. The theme features sliders, templates and drag-drop widgets for fast website building. Like a few others, their website builder requires zero coding skills. For a clean, minimalist look to your business website, Sydney Pro is the best WordPress theme to choose.

11. Entrance


Do you plan to engage your audience with riveting content on a beautiful backdrop? Entrance is the theme you need. Their theme focuses broadly on content alongside media content. The most crucial part of your website is the home page. Entrance allows for multiple layout customizations to get the most out of your home page. An organized and simple approach makes things easier to find on the website. Their themes are suited for publication-based websites. Use their in-built sliders, columns and other tools to create an inviting and engaging experience for your viewers. Expand the horizons of your publication using this content centered WordPress theme.

12. Total


Create a great website with the help of the Total WordPress theme. Total brings together the best parts of the WordPress platforms and turns it into a theme that’s a customer pleaser. Like its name, it is an all-round solution to build your desired website. The bundled tools and plugins allow for a level of customization like no other. Websites built using the theme are illustrative and organized. Sliders, layouts, and other tools make this an all in one package. The interface is simplistic and clean which is conducive to beginners on the platform. If we may say, it is a Total value for your money.

13. Webify


Webify is among the most popular themes in the market for WordPress themes. It is for the average user who has some knowledge of website building. Webify has a ton of demos and modifiable modules under its hood. All of it makes for a great website building experience for customers. You may use Webify for a wide range of websites. A great collection of headers, footers, columns and text boxes make it a very flexible theme to work with. They have support to guide customers through the website building process. Get the theme and modify your website to your heart’s content.

14. Argenta

Argenta WordPress Theme

Build a slick looking website with the help of Argenta. This WordPress theme is functional for a multitude of purposes. It has smart demos that adapts to a website builder’s specific context to make a unique website. The core focus of the theme is simplicity. Although it is simple to use, some coding knowledge is required to use this theme. Shortcodes help the user design the website as well. They have a great selection of headers to choose from. Buttons, icons, and animations enable the user to make an interactive website. It is highly optimized for different screen sizes and works without a stutter. Get building on this unique theme and wow your website visitors.

15. Zeen


If you plan to design a review site, Zeen is the perfect choice of theme for you. Featuring stunning designs, Zeen is a theme that promises to reel in visitors with its aesthetics. There are many demos to choose from. Throughout the demos, one thing is absolutely certain. All of them look great for content. You may use one of the many existing layouts or create your own. The theme rests upon a sliding look that helps engage visitors further. This stylish theme combines functionality with stunning visuals to create websites like no other. Unleash your creator in you and get building using this chic WordPress theme.

16. Elara


Do you run a website featuring food? Elara is the theme that will breathe new life into your website. The theme is specifically catered for food websites. It strikes the perfect balance between a clean and sophisticated look. The grid layout of the theme is perfect for displaying multiple rows and columns of products. The home page features a slider mechanism that allows for multiple static visual elements. Tastefully designed modules make it easy to customize the site to your specifications. Headers and footers combined with stylish typography make for a meek look. Use this unique WordPress theme to cater to your foodie website visitors.

17. Engine


Another WordPress theme geared towards reviews and publications is Engine. All the tools you need to have a successful publication website are available in this theme. The central portion is for your top story. While the sidebar highlights relevant and popular content from across the site. Icons, sliders, and thumbnails create a very pleasing viewing experience. Additionally, pictures and videos have their respective placeholders. The theme manages all this without creating a cluttered interface. Like others, their modular drag and drop website builder helps you in building your websites. If you publish engaging content, the Engine theme is sure to boost your readership.

18. Ratency


Often times, readers get bored while reading exhaustive reviews. Ratency has the perfect tools to remedy that situation. The organization of this theme helps visitors focus on the main part of a review. It does not bombard visitors with too much information. Rather it eases them into the review with tidbits of information. The site builder tools help customize the layout alongside multiple addons to make sites more readable. A plethora of options exists to make your content more engaging. Pros and cons lists come standard with the theme. It has a structure that helps readers skim through easily. Use this exceptional theme to make your reviews feel shorter than they are.

19. PowerMag


Great magazines require great themes to portray them. PowerMag will do that on your website. Featuring a stylish layout with elegant typography, PowerMag is a great option if you have an online magazine. The layout is such that it slowly puts the narrative to the visitor. The theme creates a sticky effect on the website that is pleasing. Color-coded sections, drag and drop widgets, slider options- all these create an immersive website experience. No matter what your magazine is about, PowerMag will bring your reader’s eyes to it.

20. JNews


For a website that provides reviews and news, JNews is the theme of choice. It combines design elements to complement both segments. The demo layouts provide a clear insight into how the final website will look. Although it may look cluttered at first, it is not. Rather it provides a host of relevant but concise information to hook the reader. Clicking on the blocks takes readers to the full review pages. The page building plugin lets you customize the blocks and move them around to create a personalized layout. This WordPress theme is a gateway to keeping your readers coming back for more.

21. Shop Isle

Shop Isle

E-commerce website numbers are on the rise. It is easy for your website to get lost in the crowd of so many websites. Shop Isle aims to change that. It features a futuristic, clean design that draws the eyes of site visitors. The theme is catered for websites that sell products and services online. The design creates a fluid and responsive website that is easy to navigate. Widgets, links, and sliders make your website visually pleasing. Use this shopper-friendly WordPress theme to convert your prospects to customers.

22. Explicit


Explicit is the theme that makes your website a class apart. It features stunning visuals and typography for review and news websites. It caters to mobile screens. The theme supports multiple gestures like swipe to enable interaction with mobile users. Everything from the header to the footer is customizable. The page builder lets you mess around with the modular elements to craft the website to your taste. The review section is useful with overviews and read times of the reviews. This WordPress theme is the one to use if you plan to create a real impact on your target audience.

23. Hestia


Hestia is the perfect example of a theme that reflects modern design elements. It is a free theme with a minimalist looking interface. The smooth scrolling and soft corners on the theme are very pleasing to the eye. It features a slider to display arrays. A live customization tool helps you to re-organize the website in a way that makes sense to you. Additionally, demos are available to help you make the best decision. The best part about this theme is that it is completely free. If you are starting out on designing your website, this is the theme to choose.

24. Neve


Another free theme to consider is Neve. It has a fresh design and an immersive user interface that is likely to entice people. The design is such that users are able to use it for many different purposes. Like Hestia, it also features smooth scrolling and rolling animations that gratify. It works well with page building tools and has content modules for customization. A range of demos are available for the website builder. Websites built on this theme are responsive and have parallax effects. Use this free WordPress theme to get started with your dream website.

25. OnePress


OnePress is a free WordPress theme for all your business-related website needs. It features modern, material design that goes well with different types of organizations. The theme consists of a single page layout and is very responsive. Blocks of content are available for customization purposes. Templates are also available to those who want a pre-made layout. For a startup or small corporation, OnePress may be exactly what they require to reach target audiences.

26. Amadeus


Among free themes, Amadeus is one that stands out. It is the perfect fit for personal blogs. Design elements are clean, classic and simple. That makes it adaptable to multiple purposes. The theme is video-friendly and has options for beautiful typography. Despite the fact that it is a free theme, it is highly responsive and features a prominent header. Pursue that hobbyist blog that you have been looking forward to using this elegant WordPress theme.

27. Allegiant


Although not for novices at coding, Allegiant is a good free theme for business websites. The elegant design makes it suitable for most websites. It may be used for a wide range of purposes. An animated slider is the highlighting feature of the theme. Shortcodes help the website builder in designing the website. The layout is able to be completely manipulated by the website builder. Elegant fonts are also available with this theme. Let your website speak for your business through this amazing WordPress theme.

28. Zillah



Creative individuals take note. Because Zillah is the free theme that will solidify your online presence. It is a theme specifically for personal and creative blogs. Zillah features trendy design elements with a touch of minimalism. This modern and elegant look helps attract visitors to the site. A live customization tool is available to move around elements to your choice. Sliders are also part of this free theme. A choice of great colors makes the theme create vibrant websites. For the budding artist inside you, Zillah is able to bring out the raw talent to the world.

29. Melissa


If you are an admirer of classic things, this free theme is sure to excite you. Melissa features a unique black and white theme. It aims at photographers and creative personalities who want a website. Fade in and out effects are prevalent throughout the site to provide a soothing feeling. Pre-made layouts are available which are open to customization. The theme includes a slider for holding photographs. The theme is highly customizable with drag and drop elements. For a free WordPress theme, it offers a lot of functionality to rising artists.

30. Suffice


As the name suggests, Suffice is a free theme that aims to suffice for small-time companies. It may be used as a gateway into a successful online presence. It is colorful theme with icons, sliders and a simplistic layout. Templates are available to website builders if they would like to use them. There are plenty of customization options in this theme. Page building tools help the website builder put things in the right place. And movable widgets make the theme a very good choice for companies who want to start attracting their customers. Utilize this lovely WordPress theme to make your online presence known.


These WordPress themes are among the best in the market. Design your website with one of the many choices available. This list will help you pick out the best theme for your needs.


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