Top 20 Industrial Design Schools in the World

Industrial Design Schools

12. Wentworth Institute of Technology | Boston | Massachusetts

Wentworth Institute of Technology | Boston | Massachusetts - Industrial Design Schools

For one of the top universities in industrial design, WIT is one of the best. The faculty provides you with comprehensive programs to develop your skills and prepare you for the real world. The motto of WIT is “where form meets function” and the programs accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art & Design. Included in the course are model making, computer design, and drawing. Furthermore, the institute encourages you to study abroad as well.

13. Cranbrook Academy of Art | MI | USA

Cranbrook Academy of Art | MI | USA - Industrial Design Schools

If you want to learn the new age of design Cranbrook Academy of Arts, 3D Design Department can help. The course offered encompasses fine arts & industrial design into one. In the ID side, you focus on mass production while the fine arts bring everything together. Therefore, if you want a more hands-on approach with your industrial design education, this is the place to be. Learn in a studio environment and get access to 24-hour studio spaces. The studios equipped with loads of network ports to gain access to data online. Furthermore, you will be completing your projects on 3D printers and digital plasma cutters to name a few.

14. Ohio State University | Columbus | Ohio

Ohio State University | Columbus | Ohio - Industrial Design Schools

For one of the largest industrial design schools, Ohio State University is one providing you with state-of-the-art programs. OSU provides you with extensive and competitive industrial design courses. With the entry process, the modules are quite selective and limited to a few chosen.

You need to work hard as the school chooses only a few students to receive their major in the degree. Some of the core values of the ID program is interpreting and understanding the needs of society today. Furthermore, OSU provides you different cross-functional programs making you ready for the future.

15. Parsons The New School of Design | New York

Parsons The New School of Design | New York - Industrial Design Schools

For the best industrial design school in the world presenting you with quality education Parsons School is the forefront. They offer the industrial design at the graduate level while product design is an undergraduate program. For a rewarding course, we recommend the Master’s in Fine Arts in Industrial Design. The course is two years and taken on a full-time basis and equips you with the knowledge to work locally and internationally. While learning, you are prepared mentally and physically and are very competitive.

16. Virginia Polytechnic Institute | Blacksburg | Virginia

Virginia Polytechnic Institute | Blacksburg | Virginia - Industrial Design Schools

At the Polytechnic Institute in Virginia, you can do a graduate or undergraduate degree in industrial design. Furthermore, the institute is one of the top ranking schools in the world. Among different reviews, the college comes recommended for education but provide the best food and happiest students. Alternatively, you can also partake in career-focused elective courses. You can also take a wide selection of subjects that include marketing, wood science, color theory, digital, and many others.

17. University of California | Berkeley

University of California | Berkeley - Industrial Design Schools

UC has an unusual industrial design program with the primary focus is designing sustainable products. During your education, you get involved in sustainable manufacturing and product definition. Further, you learn the financial side as well and how to collect the needs of users. You will learn how to gather data, get specifications of products, create prototypes, and develop it. Another critical part of the faculty is creating green products. To top it all, you get hands-on experience to enhance your knowledge and skills for the real world.

18. University of Illinois | Urbana-Champaign

University of Illinois | Urbana-Champaign Industrial Design Schools - Industrial Design Schools

Another prestigious industrial design school is the University of Illinois. The faculty is at the front when it comes to research and famous in the engineering sector. Furthermore, it is also the home of a famous Art & Design school. The BFA and other degrees at UIUC carry the accreditation by NASAD. You get hands-on experience in theoretical and practical learning to improve your skills. Furthermore, you work with innovative technology as well.

19. Auburn University | Alabama

Auburn University | Alabama - Industrial Design Schools

At Auburn University, you can partake in different majors, clubs, and organizations. Your industrial journey starts with a pre-industrial design course and needs to complete 24 credit hours to enroll in the 1st Year Summer Design Studio. Entry to the faculty is selective and only 45 students chosen each year to join the program. Furthermore, you work in collaboration with other students in a specific business or industry.

20. Kendall College of Art & Design | Michigan

Kendall College of Art & Design | Michigan Industrial Design Schools - Industrial Design Schools

Kendall College of Art & Designs situated at Ferris State University and offers Bachelor’s Degrees in Industrial Design. The modules include an in-depth mix of human factors, ethics, design computing, and material science. You can study various courses at various workshops and labs to learn more about the modern industrial design field. Furthermore, the faculty is NASAD-accredited and offers you reliable returns.

Do you have a dream to create a one of a kind product? The industrial design schools available on the list are the best in the world. Each faculty has a reputation for providing various ID programs, graduate, and undergraduate degrees in the field. Become one of the great faces in the profession and choose the best college to further your studies today. The industrial design schools’ available offer you established records of accomplishment. Further, they offer a robust learning scheme that is well developed to make you stand out in the profession.

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  1. I looked up the schools mentioned in this article and it seems that Florence Design Academy mentioned at spot 7 is not a real college. The website does not have any pictures of the campus and Google Maps does not return any searches for it either.
    Moreover, most of the content at Florence Design Academy’s website seems shady.

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