Top 20 Industrial Design Schools in the World

Industrial Design Schools

1. Carnegie Mellon University | Pittsburgh | Pennsylvania

 Carnegie Mellon University | Pittsburgh | Pennsylvania

CUM is at the forefront when it comes to industrial design degrees and believes in shaping culture and society. The faculties recognized globally for their research and technological connections in the industry. The faculty follows a holistic and liberal approach when it comes to your education.

Further, it has an elite business & computer science course with an extensive interior design degree as well. The undergraduate degrees known as the B.Des instead of B.F.A. you get the choice of specializing in Communication Design, Industrial Design, and Environment Design.

You get a balance of practice and theory and design products based on human needs. Another benefit is they have an online exhibition and permanent archive for high achievers. You can also do the exchange programs available and study in New Zealand, Hong Kong, and other places.

2. California College of the Arts | San Francisco | Oakland

California College of the Arts | San Francisco | Oakland

The main base of the CCA is in the Bay and considered one of the best Industrial Design Schools in the world. The institution is famous for its multidisciplinary and experimental approach. At California College of the Arts, you can do your BFA Industrial Design and MBA Design Strategy degree.

The undergraduate program offers you a balance of theoretical and practical education. You spend a considerable amount in the design studio and workshops after your first year. Furthermore, the grade includes humanities, science, and liberal arts. During your studies, you learn to work with diverse materials, methods, and gain real-world experience.

3. Arizona State University | Tempe | Arizona

Arizona State University | Tempe | Arizona

At ASU, you can do an undergraduate industrial design degree and gain real-world experience with internships at the same time. When doing the Innovative Space program, you work in teams to develop items that provide minimal environmental impacts for the best hands on education available in the world.

You can further your studies with a master’s program and will produce either a final project or theses depending on which course you study. Some of the degrees offered are the Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design, Master of Industrial Design, and Ph.D. in Design.

4. The University of Cincinnati | Cincinnati | Ohio

The University of Cincinnati | Cincinnati | Ohio

At the DAAP department of UC, you can study different programs from design architecture, planning, creative majors, to industrial design. You can get your Bachelor’s of Science in Industrial Design, and the programs ranked as one of the best courses available.

After completing the core requirements of the university, you can choose what area you want to focus on. Included you can also do general product design and transportation design. During your education, you receive approximately 1.5-years of professional experience. Furthermore, you get access to computer graphics, rapid prototyping, the photo lab, and other centers.

5. ETHzürich | Zurich

ETHzürich | Zurich

One of the most esteemed courses in industrial designs presented at ETHzürich. You learn the knowledge and skills associated with the ever-changing design in the world. You can educate yourself in the profession with the faculty’s interdisciplinary learning modules to improve your skills. All the modules are base on social relevance, technology, and the environment. Furthermore, the college encourages creativity, imagination, and innovation and is an excellent place to complete your studies.

6. Rhode Island School of Design | Providence | Rhode Island

Rhode Island School of Design | Providence | Rhode Island

RISD was one of the 1st schools to offer students a Bachelor of Fine Art in Industrial Design. The programs offers are rigorous and focus on practical studio coursework with stringent admission requirements. You need to have a strong academic and private practice background.

The B.F.A Industrial Design program takes up to four years to complete. Your first year comprises of drawing, spatial dynamics, design, and liberal arts. During your sophomore year, you get hands-on studio education with theory in wood, metal, and design principals.

When reaching your third and final year most of your time is spent in the studio learning different manufacturing techniques, Rhino Design, and do project work.

7. Florence Design Academy | Italy

Florence Design Academy | Italy

Right in the heart of Firenze, you find Florence Design Academy with its historical design. While completing your education, you’re surrounded by the birthplace of Renaissance to get your inspired. You can take the technical course in a year, two years, or three years.

The three-year course is the highest-level offer by the academy, and you can complete the Masters level program. After completing the course, you will be able to speak Italian. However, the course is in English. Furthermore, you can take part in international industrial design competitions to show your skills.

8. SCAD | Georgia

SCAD | Georgia

SCAD has the best industrial design course with internationally acclaimed staff. The college offers a B.A.F Industrial Design Degree as well as an M.A. and M.F.A. Industrial Design degree. When taking the BFA course, you start your education by developing your critical thinking and communication skills.

Furthermore, the studies in the latter can take up to five years to complete. With the program, you learn to combine art with science. Alternatively, you can also decide in which area you want to study from furniture, accessory design, and more.

With the industrial design program, the faculty introduces you to the program, do model & prototype development, idea visualization, research methods, and learn the development of product form.

9. Pratt Institute | New York

Pratt Institute | New York

At Pratt Institute, you can take creative and rigorous industrial design programs. You study in a studio environment to advance your conceptualization, fabrication, and collaborative learning. The ID course includes creativity, context, technical education all related to the end purpose of products.

The degree takes four years, and with your B.I.D you learn to transform various designs into 2 and 3D form. You receive private schooling to improve your skills and work in teams as well. You gain knowledge of different materials and methods used during manufacturing and are the core of the curriculum.

Pratt is well equipped with the latest ID facilities and includes two metal shops, wood shops, a rapid prototyping lab, computer lab, and photography.

10. SAIC | Chicago

SAIC | Chicago - Industrial Design Schools

Once you complete your industrial design degree at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, you are ready to take on the world. The program presented is a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Designed Objects. The faculty uses system design, furniture design, and interaction design to sharpen your skills. You get the latest technologies to become creative in your thinking, and all the material used and the programs are the most recent and kept up to date.

11. MIT | Massachusetts

MIT | Massachusetts - Industrial Design Schools

MIT is one of those faculties that offer an excellent learning environment. You can do product design and development course with them. During your studies, you get hands-on experience with different projects to improve your design skills. The typical learning module at Massachusetts Institute of Technology is workshops educating you on how to identify the needs of people.

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  1. I looked up the schools mentioned in this article and it seems that Florence Design Academy mentioned at spot 7 is not a real college. The website does not have any pictures of the campus and Google Maps does not return any searches for it either.
    Moreover, most of the content at Florence Design Academy’s website seems shady.

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