Top 10 Best Toaster Machine in 2020

Toaster Machine

A regular home cook always keeps certain equipment handy in her kitchen, and one of them would be a toaster machine.

Within 5 minutes, a toaster machine will be able to make beautiful brown-coated toasts with which you can make the whole menu! Starting from French toasts to sandwiches, from English muffins to waffles—anything, with a snap of your finger! And did you know that a toaster machine could also work as a radio? Bet you didn’t.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the magic toaster machines available.

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Top 10 Best Toaster Machine in 2020

10. TOASTMASTER  Sandwich Maker

Best Toaster Machine | Top 10 in 2020

Preparing breakfast in the morning can be less of an ordeal and more fun with this toast-maker!

Design and Quality:  The machine has a sleek but sturdy structure, with 4 triangular slots for placement of bread pieces.

  • The compartments are non-stick, therefore, there is no hassle of removing the pieces after toasting
  • Light indicators—red light means it is warming up, green light means toasting is done
  • After usage, close the latch and store the device in a standing position—easy storage

9. PROCTOR SILEX Toaster Machine

Best Toaster Machine | Top 10 in 2020

Bored of having the same ol’ jelly sandwiches? Now serve tasty pizza pockets or grilled cheese sandwiches to your family within minutes! 

Design and Quality: The structure is plastic and small in size.

  • Non-sticky compartments are easy to clean
  • Light indicators—preheat and power-on lights indicate when the machine is warm
  • After cleaning, the appliance could be placed upright, with lids closed

8. CUISINART Nonstick Electric Grill

Best Toaster Machine | Top 10 in 2020

Your children will not fuss about eating healthy snacks anymore when you make delicious omelets with Cuisinart toaster!

Design and Quality: This toaster has deep non-stick pockets for warming and grilling sandwiches or omelets. The food item is warmed with diagonal indentations.

  • The compartments, being non-sticky, are very easy to wipe off with a piece of damp cloth
  • Red and green lights indicators
  • The lock-down lid ensures that both sides of the food item are toasted perfectly

7. BONSENKITCHEN Compact Toaster Machine

Best Toaster Machine | Top 10 in 2020

While you get some waffle batter ready, place cheese, sliced tomatoes and mushrooms between two sandwich bread pieces, and place them all inside this toaster machine, and give your children a heartwarming lunch!

Design and Quality: Each slot is 5.06” long and 1.22” wide; this toaster can also be used for reheating and defrosting frozen bread pieces.

  • A classic toaster, with a slim design, with two toasting slots and a lift lever
  • A knob allows 7 different heat adjustments for browning to hard toasting
  • LED indicator button and auto-pop out of bread makes operation convenient
  • A crumb tray makes cleaning quite easy

6. MAXI-MATIC Hot Dog Toaster Machine

Best Toaster Machine | Top 10 in 2020

If you love eating hotdogs, then this toaster machine is for you!

Design and Quality: This is officially a hot-dog maker. It has slots for buns and 2 slots for sausages. The exterior is stainless steel and remains cool.

  • A knob allows toasting to 5 shades of browning
  • The toaster comes with a slide-out crumb tray
  • There is a stop or cancel button to stop toasting anytime

5. NOSTALGIA Hot Dog and Bun Toaster

Best Toaster Machine | Top 10 in 2020

Give your friends a treat with a yummy batch of hot dogs!

Design and Quality: The toaster has a sleek finish, with stainless steel racks for hot dogs, and aluminum ones for buns. It comes with tongs to remove the food items safely.

  • The toaster has a rotating knob to adjust the browning shade
  • There are a control lever and a stop button to start and stop heating
  • The machine can toast 4 hot dogs and 4 buns at the same time

4. GOTHAM STEEL Sandwich Maker

Best Toaster Machine | Top 10 in 2020

This toaster machine makes delicious sandwiches within minutes for your entire family!

Design and Quality: The cooking compartments are non-stick and reinforced with ceramic and titanium. The locking clutches are made using cool touch technology.

  • The cooking compartments, being non-sticky, are easy to clean with a damp cloth
  • There are indicator lights which let you know when the food is ready
  • Have 4 triangular pockets for bread or sandwich toasting


Prepare some mouth-watering sweet and savory French toasts for your morning breakfast with this amazing toaster machine.

Design and Quality: This toaster has two bread slots that can house bagels and thicker bread slices. You get a lift lever and a crumb tray as well.

  • Comes equipped with shade-adjuster knob and indicator lights
  • The bread slots are quite spacious– 5¼” by 1¼”
  • The extra-lift lever raises bread higher so that you can collect them safely

2. FORTUNE CANDY Bagel Toaster

Make delicious croissants for your family with this toaster by Fortune Candy.

Design and Quality: With a stainless steel exterior, the toaster is equipped with bi-directional heating technology, which ensures that the bread is baked evenly.

  • Easy maneuvering buttons—‘cancel’, ‘bagel’, ‘reheat’, ‘defrost’
  • The grill is stainless-steel, the bread slots are spacious 1.5” wide
  • There is a knob ranging 1-6 to choose the desired browning shade of the bread
  • At the bottom of the equipment, there is a bread crumb tray

1. MAXIMATIC AM/FM Radio Toaster Machine

Listen to the radio while preparing some yummy English muffins for your family!

Design and Quality: This equipment is a toaster-cum-radio. It connects to AM and FM radio and even to your Smartphone.

  • The toaster has its own antennae, AM/FM connections, Smartphone plug-ins
  • The radio section has acoustic settings with a wide digital display
  • Lift lever, slide-out crumb tray, 1-6 rotating knob for browning shade

Preparing breakfast for your family in the morning is quite hassle-some since you often find yourself having to make different items to meet specific choices. Ease that hassle by getting yourself this much-needed kitchen equipment—a toaster machine. Make French toast, muffins, bagels, and waffles, with a beautiful shade of brown, to satisfy the varying palate of your family.

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