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Things Animators Should Have

Upon venturing into animation, there are 10 things animators should have. You, as an animator, will have tasks to create multiple images referred to as frames. Also, keep in mind that you may work in different areas such as film, television and video games. To work efficiently, you will need some tools and equipment’s which will help you achieve your daily tasks. Without reliable and efficient tools, you will not be able to work comfortably or accomplish some tasks. Due to the nature of this animation job, you will need a powerful computer, a comfortable desk, a reliable pen, and many other things. Since animation work involves a lot of skills and artwork, you will have to get the best tools for the job. That’s why you should keep on reading as we unveil the 10 things animators should have.

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Top 10 Best Things Animators Should Have

Best Things Animators Should Have | Animate Easier!

1. TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp, Eye-caring Table Lamps

TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp, Eye-caring Table Lamps

Animators will need a table lamp, to enable them to carry out their tasks even when there is little or no light. The Tao Tronics LED desk lamp is a good suggestion for the 10 things animators should have. The design of the LED desk lamp is to give you excellent gentle care to your eyes, with flicker-free light, this type of light will light up your room and space without causing harm to your delicate eyes.

With a built-in USB charging port, you will quickly be able to charge your smartphone while working on your project without much worry. This LED desk lamp features an energy-saving LED that will help you to reduce your electricity bill up to 75%. You will quickly and conveniently create a perfect ambiance using this LED, thanks to the unique combination of 5 color modes and seven brightness levels.

  • Fully adjustable up to 135 degrees.
  • USB charging port
  • With built-in touch controls, adjustable brightness levels and lighting mode.
  • Seven brightness and adjustable levels.

2. Castle Art Supplies Graphite Drawing Pencils and Sketch Set B01HFCDUV6

Castle Art Supplies Graphite Drawing Pencils and Sketch Set

Also, among the 10 things animators should have is a state-of-the-art drawing pen to ensure you to have anattractable and competent drawings. These drawing pens will help you deliver quality and presentable work regardless of whether you are a professional or a beginner. This kit generally contains the basic graphite, pastel, and charcoal pencils that will make your drawings, blending, and sketching more presentable.

This professional art pencil set contains 40 pieces of graphite and charcoal pens. Kids and adults can also use this kit. Students can also find this kit useful, animator students who may be working on craft or construction paper will find this kit of great help. With a complete zipper case, you can easily store your kit and carry it conveniently.

  • Travel-friendly
  • Non-slip grip pencils
  • Friendly and convenient carrying case.
  • Both professional and beginners’ animators or students can use

3. Paint Brushes 12 Set Professional Paint Brush Round Pointed Tip

Paint Brushes 12 Set Professional Paint Brush Round Pointed Tip

As an animator, you will require a set of paintbrushes to complete your daily tasks of drawing. Without proper drawing brushes, you will produce sub-standard work, which will not create a good impression. The above paint brushes will help you achieve your daily drawing tasks without worry. With a full range of paintbrushes raging from small-big size brushes, which has a small and medium thickness, you need not worry anymore.

These brushes are free from rust, thanks to the aluminum ferrules. The brushes are also durable since they are made with strong and durable wooden handles. These paintbrushes are applicable and ideal for watercolor, oil, face painting, and other applications. These paintbrushes can be easily cleaned. You need to run the brushes under warm water. You can also clean the paint off the brush easily.

  • Brushes are easy to clean
  • Wide variety of application
  • Brushes are Rust free
  • Durable

4. MEKO Universal Stylus

MEKO Universal Stylus | 10 Things Animators Should Have

A stylus pen is another one of the 10 things animators should have. This pen will help you to make a precise selection on your tablet or laptop screen with ease. They are ideal for use since they will not cause scratch and damage to your tablets or laptops’ screen.

The stylus pen bright disc allows you to see the exact make that you made and gives you the exact point. It is perfect for taking notes and drawing apps. This stylus pen is compatible with all capacities touch screen devices.

  • Offers a real pen feeling
  • Can be an ideal gift
  • Wide compatibility with touch screen devices

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5. Huion Artist Glove for Drawing Tablet

Huion Artist Glove for Drawing Tablet | 10 Things Animators Should Have

Huion Artist Glove with two fingers Cura CR-01 anti-dust design black is for graphics tablets and tablet monitors. Its material is Lycra, which is soft and comfortable.
The gloves help decrease the friction between your hand and the tablet surface. The package includes one unit of a glove, in free size and can use by both hands.

These animators’ gloves are resistent of dust. It can avoid smudges forming on your hand on a graphic laptop. The glove is black, which is soil avoidable, so you don’t need to wash it frequently. This glove works perfectly for coloring, inking and sketching on a graphic laptop.

  • The glove is ideal for both right-handed and left-handed people.
  • Made from comfortable materials.
  • Available with classic colors that are hard to soil.
  • The glove is flexible during use.

6. Huion GT-191 KAMVAS Drawing Tablet

Huion GT-191 KAMVAS Drawing Tablet | 10 Things Animators Should Have

Huion GT-191 KAMVAS Drawing Tablet B072N2C2PB is a superior type of screen that is ideal for animators. It offers consistent image appearance, higher definition, better color accuracy, and more excellent light transmission from all viewing positions. With an Ergonomic Design, the Pen With the GT-191 drawing tablet comes with the latest digital pen PE330, which has a long-lasting inbuilt battery and a state-of-the-art sturdy nib. The tablet’s stylus pen is easy to use and is ideal for animators.

The tablet has a top-graded anti-glare screen protector which protects the tablets panel from scratches and smudges. The protector also provides you a comfortable paper-like touch. The protector is already stored on the screen beforehand. It is designed with an adjustable stand sturdy and reliable. You can adjust it within the 20 to 80 degree range easily. The package box contains Huion Kamvas GT-191, Quick Start Guide, New Digital Pen PE330 8, Pen Tips, Pen Holder, Installation CD, Pen Charging, Cable USB, Cable HDMI, Cable AC, Cable Power Adapter Artist Glove.

  • Designed with better display effects
  • Package includes two new pens
  • The tablet has the latest pen stand.

7. 2 Piece Comet Art, hobby, Drawing, Drafting, Crafting Table

2 Piece Comet Art, hobby, Drawing, Drafting, Crafting Table

This is the next product on our list of the 10 things animators should have. After all, as an animator, you’ll need a comfortable desk to work from. The Comet Center with stool designs provides a comfortable workspace. The drafting table top’s angle adjusts up to 40 degrees and includes a 24’’ pencil ledge that can slide up and locks into place when needed.

The set also features three adjacent storage drawers, a broad shelf under the tabletop, and a padded stool. The durable and heavy-gauge steel construction includes six-floor levelers for stability and durability.

  • Material: durable steel construction
  • Design includes an additional storage shelf under the desktop
  • The table has a side tabletop with storage drawers.

8. AmazonBasics Mid-Back Desk Office Chair

AmazonBasics Mid-Back Desk Office Chair | 10 Things Animators Should Have

This chair is specially designed for animators, artists, lab technicians, and other professionals. That’s why it is among the 10 things animators should have. This chair is designed to provide enhanced back support. With an adjustable height, it raises and lowers the chair to your desired height. This chair is ideal for people who work for long and extended hours.

It is best suited for an industrial designer, due to prolonged sitting hours. This chair is equipped with a breathable mesh, which helps you cool during long working hours. Made with a chrome foot ring around the base, this feature offers comfort to your feet during working hours. This industrial designer chair is made with dual and adjustable wheels and smooth-rolling casters, which makes the chair more comfortable and more convenient to move from one place to another. Another exciting feature is that it has padded flip-up arms for extra comfort.

  • The chair is fully adjustable.
  • Dual-Wheel Casters for smooth mobility.
  • Has a mesh back, which improves air circulation.

9. Microsoft Surface Laptop (1st Gen) DAG-00001 Laptop

Microsoft Surface Laptop (1st Gen) DAG-00001 Laptop | 10 Things Animators Should Have

As an animator, you need a powerful computer with high processing capabilities and quality graphics. You can go beyond the traditional laptop with Surface Laptop. This Microsoft laptop will let you enjoy a natural typing experience enhanced by our signature alcantara fabric-covered keyboard.

The Thin, light, and sturdy, Microsoft laptop will fit comfortably in your bagpack. The surface of the Laptop is designed for Windows 10 S and is streamlined for security and superior performance. By exclusively using only Microsoft verified apps from the Windows Store, Windows 10 S will keep you running fast and secure all day. Plus, you are guaranteed to enjoy the speed and convenience of the cloud. You can also switch to Windows 10 Pro quickly from other versions of windows at no extra cost any time through the Windows Store.

  • Ultra-thin and very light
  • Stunning touch screen
  • Beautiful design

10. Blank Flipbooks for Animation Sketching and Cartoon Creation

Blank Flipbooks for Animation Sketching and Cartoon Creation | 10 Things Animators Should Have

These flipbooks are among the 10 things animators should have for their excellent quality of work. An only issue arise with this product is that, the artist will need to be able to see through the paper in order to better perceive the location of the previous drawing to draw it slightly different and give the perception of movement when the pages are flipped.

These flip-flop books are made with hard and sturdy materials that help your drawings from bleeding through. You can use this flip flop books for all your pictures and media. With a sewn binding, this flipflops book also looks great on the shelves.

  • Compatible with all media.
  • Made of durable and sturdy materials.
  • Look excellent on the shelf.

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As discussed above, it will be nearly impossible to achieve some of the tasks without the above-discussed 10 things animators should have. As an animator, you’ll need these 10 things to help accomplish your daily tasks. Having the right equipment will guarantee you quick and smart work. As an animator always ensure yourself of acquiring the right tools for your animation work. Don’t let tools that are not up to task delay your work or produce poor quality or sub-standard work, which may cost you time and money. For example, a beautiful flip-flop book will give you clear and presentable hand-drawn pictures.


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