A storybook is as exciting as it is made out to be by a writer. It tells us about fictional characters doing all sorts of amazing things and we can’t help ourselves from imagining ourselves in the stories we read. Some may also take stories to be an escape from the real world and a good story may turn out to be the best sort of distraction you may not realize you are in need of. For people who have tastes that don’t have similarities to the majority, there are multiple genres of storybooks that are available to read. you may also check Best History Books

Stories may also be told of real-world happenings. They can be about both good and bad things in the world. A good storybook is also a great way to broaden your mind and you may find yourself adopting some of the characteristics of the fictional characters and they may even turn out to be good habits. The stories you can also read with your families are the most enjoyable. If you want a good read then look at this collection of Story Books in the market.

Top 10 Best Story Books In 2021

10. Happily This Christmas

Happily This Christmas

This is a warm storybook about a Christmas tale of a woman named Wynn Beauchene. This storybook author has been voted a #1 New York best-selling so it is sure to be a story to satisfy your curiosity.

This story relays a heartwarming vibe to the reader making it perfect for a Christmas read. It also has moments of humor for those with a funny bone.

9. I Escaped From Auschwitz

I Escaped From Auschwitz 

This story book is a real life journal about Rudolf Vrba, about his younger days and how he got away from Auschwitz. It gives the reader a close up look on what actually went on during world war two and how it affected the world today.

If you are someone who enjoy looking back on history then this may be your cup of tea. It is a learning experience for those interested about the previous war.

8. Ghost Story

Ghost Story - Story Books

This storybook is a tale of horror and ghosts which slowly reveals a secret about the past. As it has been written by a best-selling author you can expect this storybook to be enjoyable.

Give this book a read if you are a horror buff looking to expand their collection. As far as horror goes this lives up to the genre.

7. A Woman of No Importance

A Woman of No Importance - Story Books

A best-seller and best book of the year this storybook is a biography about Virginia Hall a spy during the time of war.

This relays account by account a perfect detailed recording of Virginia Halls’s experience and she may become your idol.

6. The Lying Life of Adults

The Lying Life of Adults - Story Books

This storybook is written by Elana Ferrante and has been voted an indie bestseller in the domestic market. It is a storybook about a character named Giovanna and her search for her true self.

Once you read this storybook you may find yourself becoming one of the author’s many fans.

5. The Book of Two Ways

The Book of Two Ways - Story Books

The storybook relays the life of Dawn Edelstein and her life continuing after she survives a plane crash.

This is a storybook that also gives off a lot of information about Egypt so if you are interested in history you may find it worth a read.

4. A Wizards Guide to Defensive Baking

A Wizards Guide to Defensive Baking - Story Books

A story book by T. Kingfisher, it is about a 14-year old girl named Mona who is different from most wizards out there as her magic can only be applied to Baking. It relay how her life changes after she is targeted by an assassin.

If you read this for bedtime then say goodbye to your sleep as it’ll keep you up all night with an exciting story.

3. The Haunting of Hill House

The Haunting of Hill House - Story Books

One of the best storybooks about a haunted house, this work has been written by Shirley Jackson and has also received a 10 episode adaption on Netflix. It features four characters after they arrive in hill House.

Pick this book if you are looking for a quick and gripping horror story to read through.

2. A Book of Creeps and Haunts

A Book of Creeps and Haunts - Story Books

This is a storybook that features a wide collection of scary tales for your enjoyment. You won’t get bored reading the same story over again as you get 13 separate horror tales.

This book has an array of fun stories to keep you entertained throughout the night. It’s perfect for reading together with your kids.

1. Island of the Lost

Island of the Lost - Story Books

The storybook is about two separate ships wrecked on the same island but in separate directions. It shows a wide variety of emotions among the crew members and how the different crew members adapt to the situation they find themselves in.

This is a perfect book showing how different people survive in different ways when stuck on an island. You will find yourself quickly speeding through the pages.

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A good storybook can do more than just provide entertainment. It can be a learning experience where you learn about all types of emotions and how different people express themselves. It also gives you an insight into the author’s mind so chose the storybooks you find appealing. check out Best World History Books


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