Top 10 Storage Caddies

Whether you are planning on organizing hand tools in your kitchen cabinet, or need something to carry baby diapers on a trek, storage caddies make excellent solutions. Organizing has never been so easy! All you have to do is put your frequently used items into separate cabinets. Storage caddies are so small and light that you can carry them around with you; you don’t come to the tools, the tools come with you! Storage caddies are so partitioned, so you can separate different types of items into one. They usually come with a handle for easy carry, such a Godsend I tell you.

If you are trying to figure out which product you should get, we have assembled a list of the 10 best storage caddies in the market. Check them out!

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Top 10 Storage Caddies

10. Parker Baby Diaper Storage Caddy

Parker Baby Diaper Storage Caddy - Storage Caddies

There’s a ton of things you need to carry whenever you’re carrying your baby outside for an extensive amount of time: from food to diapers. Parker Storage Caddy helps you carry them with style.

Design and Quality: With a removable organizer insert, you can separate different items. The basket has a neutral grey finish that adds a nice touch to your changing table.

  • Durable and stylish
  • Comes with 8 additional external compartments

9. Sugaroom Bedside Storage Caddy

Sugaroom Bedside Storage Caddy - Storage Caddies

Sugaroom offers a bedside storage caddy with spacious pockets, both internal and external, to hold your electronic devices, AC remote, magazines, and other essentials as you rest.

Design and Quality: The caddy is constructed with premium quality Oxford fabric and is equipped with eight pockets of different size to offer the utmost versatility

  • Comes with 8 pockets
  • Can be hung using adjustable Velcro straps

8. JJ Cole Diaper Caddy

JJ Cole Diaper Caddy - Storage Caddies

JJ Cole is a highly sophisticated storage caddy that you can carry baby products, tools, or picnic essentials in.

Design and Quality: The storage caddy features two spacious compartments divided by a handle, and out the outside, there is a drawer compartment that remains hidden behind the minimalistic exterior.

  • Features protective rubber feet
  • Comes with a cotton pad

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7. Storex Classroom Storage Caddy

Storex Classroom Storage Caddy - Storage Caddies

Storex has designed an incredible storage caddy, especially for children to store their essentials in the classroom. These storage caddies are sturdy and long-lasting with a colorful finish to add a fun touch to the classroom.

Design and Quality: With 1 large compartment and 1 large one, the storage caddy is made of high-density plastic, and features a comfortable grip handle.

  • Available in a variety of bright colors
  • Can be stacked neatly

6. MD Stop Storage Caddy

MD Stop Storage Caddy - Storage Caddies

MD Stop Storage caddy is one of the most simplistic bedside caddies in the market. No more losing your glasses in the bedside table in the morning, they are stored neatly in the storage caddy.

Design and Quality: The bedside storage caddy is made of high-quality pongee fabric and PP foam, and features 1 large compartment along with 3 mesh pockets to store all the essentials that you might need in the morning.

  • Available in 6 colors
  • Durable and waterproof

5. Lily Miles Storage Caddies

Lily Miles Storage Caddies - Storage Caddies

We’re all guilty for buying comfortable products from the kid’s section, aren’t we? Well, this storage caddy by Lily Miles is yet another example. If you need to carry baby products or condiments to a picnic, or simply need nice storage space this product will make an excellent choice.

Design and Quality: With several removable dividers and side pockets, the storage caddy comes with handles.

  • The manufacturer offers a 60-days money-back guarantee
  • Hand washable

4. mDesign Storage Caddies

mDesign Storage Caddies - Storage Caddies

mDesign has constructed a unique storage caddy made of transparent, shatter-resistant plastic, that can add a touch of sophistication in the bathroom shelves, kitchen, or anywhere in the home.

Design and Quality: The storage caddy features a wooden handle that is easy to clean, and it divides the caddy into two major compartments.

  • Made of BPA plastic
  • Two spacious compartments

3. Life is Beautiful Bedside Caddy

Life is Beautiful Bedside Caddy - Storage Caddies

Life is Beautiful is offering the ultimate bedside storage caddy to store your mobile phones, laptop, books, and more. You can hang it from the side of your bed or sofa, for easy access to your essentials.

Design and Quality: This lightweight caddy can carry up to 25 lbs of weight and can be hung using its strong hooks. It is tailored with 2 internal mesh pockets and 2 exterior pockets.

  • Available in 8 colors
  • Holds 2 charging cable holes

2. Putska Baby Storage Caddies

Putska Baby Storage Caddies - Storage Caddies

Putska is a reliable name in the industry and they are offering yet another study storage caddy that will serve you several years. You can carry baby essentials on it, and as your baby outgrows it, you can use the caddy for easy storage.

Design and Quality: The storage caddy is made of 100% cotton material that is crafted with a unisex design and has a strong T divider that is removable. You will also find 8 exterior pockets for additional storage.


  • Strong construction
  • Made of premium quality cotton material 

1. Rubbermaid Deluxe Storage Caddies

Rubbermaid Deluxe Storage Caddies - Storage Caddies

Rubbermaid Deluxe is an exceptional storage caddy helping you store and carry kitchen utensils, spray bottles, cups, and more. They are fit to be placed anywhere – kitchen, living room, bedroom, the minimalistic design fits all spaces.

Design and Quality: This heavy-duty storage caddy can carry up to 32 ounces of items and comes with a handle, and has a black finish. 


  • Ideal for carrying cups, and bottles
  • Made in the USA

To sum up, storage caddies are designed to store your daily items within your arm’s reach in a neat manner. We have listed 10 best storage caddies in the market; some you can carry outside, some are designed especially for the bedside. Depending on your needs, we hope that you will find a product that suits you.

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