Top 10 Best Square Tubing Benders In 2021

For contractors and other people related to the mechanical working field, metal forming is very important. Metal forming can be very tricky and you need to keep on practicing to get better at it. But practicing with the wrong tools won’t get you anywhere. You must use a square tubing benders of high quality so you can work flawlessly. Bending square tubing is much harder than bending the usual cylindrical tubing.

So you will need the correct benders for bending square metal tubes. There are many square tubing benders in the market so you might have a hard time choosing them. So here’s a list of the top picks that will make your search easier.

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Top 10 Best Square Tubing Benders In 2021

1. KAKA Industrial Square Tube Bender

This bender from KAKA is specially designed for the rectangular and square metal tubing. You can turn box tubes and flat bars into curved ones with the help of this tool. You can work on different metals with this one and the working position can be easily adjusted too.

The bender is made from premium materials that will guarantee a longer life.

  • Great for square and rectangular tubing.
  • You can process steel, aluminum, and copper with it
  • Long-lasting quality-build
  • A roller that is adjustable offers flexibility

2. CPS BlackMAX BTB300 Tube Bender

This is a complete tool kit for bending metal with high ratings. The customers who reviewed the product gave high positive feedbacks. So, this one is truly one of the best choices for square tube bending.

You can easily bend copper and aluminum tubing with this bender up to 90 degrees.

  • Can bend soft copper and aluminum
  • Comes with a molded plastic case for carrying
  • Can bend metals to right angles
  • Has both forward and reverse configurations

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3. Ares 70240 3-in-1 Bender

This square tube bender is a complete superstar equipped with everything and it’s very practical. It can work on 3 sizes of tubing, thus the name. The bender is capable of bending copper, aluminum, and brass up to 180 degrees. You will not face the issues of inaccurate bending if you use this one.

The product is effective and reliable because you can expect it to last a long time.

  • Very reliable and effective
  • Can easily make straight angle bends
  • Can work on different types of metal
  • Very accurate and precise.

4. Mitler Bros 950 Manual Bender

If you want to bend small metal tubing, then this is the perfect choice for you. You can bend metal up to 180 degrees and the device is quite precise.

The bender has a frame that is sturdy and very easy to mount. For the compact size, this bender packs quite the punch.

  • Can bend metal tubing up to 180 degrees
  • Comes with safety loops
  • Has versatile usage
  • Uses rotary compression technology.

5. Onestep-Tool Manual Universal Bender

This bending tool from One step is one of a kind. You can find these in the online shops for quite low prices. For such a price, this is surely hard to beat choice.

With a sturdy build and sleek design, this square metal tubing bender will get you through the toughest of your work requirements.

  • Constructed with hardened mounts of steel
  • Can make sharp angles while bending
  • Makes clamps, handles out of metal tubing
  • Very accurate bending results.

6. Flexzion Manual Tube Bender

This one is used especially for HVAC refrigeration. You can seamlessly bend soft copper tubing of 2mm thickness with this one. Thinner aluminum can also be bent. You need very little effort to bend the metals.

The bends are very accurate and you will get your desired results every time.

  • Can easily bend most tubing of soft metals
  • Works on steel tube below a millimeter of thickness
  • Can make right-angled bends at one go
  • The markings for bending angles are very accurate and clear

7. Pro-Tools MB105HD

This is an upgrade to its last version and it features thick frame arms for rigidity. You can build complete projects with this one. Since it is a manual bender, you need to secure it tightly to someplace to start using it.

There are several die sets that you can choose from and you can choose the one that suits you.

  • Can easily bend square, round and other profiles
  • Comes with a degree ring
  • You can pick the die sets that suit you
  • Can bend up to 180degrees

8. Pro-Tools BRUTE Hydraulic Tube Bender Kit

Another one from the same company! So you should know how big a deal they are when it comes to building metal forming tools. It can easily bend metals up to 180 degrees and it’s great for big professional projects. It does come at a premium pricing though. But it does deliver the expected performance.

This bender is hydraulic so you don’t have to do the manual labor for bending metal.

  • Both air and electric power can be used
  • Can bend to 180degrees
  • Perfect for wall applications of higher weight
  • Has a two-and-a-half-inch OD bending capacity.

9. Affordable Bender ab1101

This versatile tubing bender can easily be used for bending cylindrical or square tubing. moreover, the USP of the brand is to sell quality products at an affordable price point without high compromise.

This bender does its job quite well. It can bend tubes up to 180 degrees.

  • No mounting surface required
  • Accurate bends
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Great value for money.

10. Torin 12ton Bender

If performance is your only criterion while picking a bender for metal tubing, this one is the choice you should go for.

The build quality feels superior to others. It does take a little getting-used-to at first, but once you get the hang of it, you are good to go.

  • An adjustable roller makes it flexible to use
  • Premium build quality
  • Shipped with cast iron shoes.

So, these are the choices for you if you are looking for a square metal tubing bender. Each of them is unique in their ways. Pick the one that goes with your needs the most!

Everything You Need to Know About Square Tube Benders

If you are an industrial worker, or mechanic who works mainly with AC or refrigerator, then this is a common tool for you. Tube benders are gradually becoming more popular in-home tool kits, especially which are often used in industrial environments. This makes sense when you think of the different uses of a tube bender. You may use these devices which are also known as pipe benders, for anything from regular plumbing work to refrigerator repair works. They are equally useful in construction and mechanics, particularly because of their unique abilities. In any sort of metal tubing, tube benders give you a smooth bend. It restricts the fluid flow constraint and guarantees that the pipe suits where you need it to.

But not all tube benders are of course made alike. To know more about tube benders, keep reading our further points.

Why are square tubing benders important for contractors?

Metal formation is very important for contractors and other persons connected to the mechanical field of work. It can be very tough to mold metal and they need to keep learning to get better at it. But that won’t get them anywhere to train using the wrong tools. This is why square tubing benders are important for them. It also helps them to work with both inside and outside the tubing where they can achieve exact findings that are free of flaws. It facilitates the fluid’s continuous flow and decreases the risk of cracks or breakage in the pipe axis. 

Using a tube bender stops minute defects within the tube from occurring. While it might seem thin, they know how easy it is to catch particulate matter if the contractors have ever worked with a clogged elbow of a pipe. Proper bending often protects them from damaging the tubing as they work on it.

Things you should consider before buying a tubing bender

There are a couple of things you need to consider before buying a squire tube bender which are:

Grip: You should move on to more technical aspects as long as the tube bender has all the necessary characteristics. The grip is the first thing to be discussed. You need to know the following:

Durability: Second, you’ll want to see how robust the real bending tool is. Think of the materials which are used in building. You need to understand the following:

Maintenance: You’ll definitely want to check how easy it is to manage when you’ve decided that the product you will buy is user-friendly and robust.

How to install square tubing benders?

You need to install a tube bender carefully in a place where you can freely work with it. There are different kinds and types of tube benders. Some tube benders are used to bend big pipes and others are used for small sized pipes which can be bent on a table. Suppose you have a 1/2′′ x 1/2′′ square tube of mild steel with a 1/8′′ (.125) wall. Square tubing means you need square tubing dies. All three positions, the two idler wheels and the drive wheel that moves when you turn the handle are square on this kind of roller.

Tips and tricks to safely use a square tubing bender

There are couples of tips and tricks for your square tube bending. First, flush out any residue that might have been rubbed off, such as dust or pieces of the tubing. You can use a measurement chart to make sure that your pipe bender is in the correct place. Before you get started, check the pipe lengths and reading on both the inside and outside diameters. Go slightly above the angle you like when you bent the pipe, as pipelines naturally spring back. These are the main tips and tricks that will keep your tube bender work fine with most of the pipes around. 

How to keep your tube bender clean?

No matter how rust free your tube bender is, it may face some technical issue if you don’t keep it in a good condition. To limit the risk of rust and corrosion due to moisture, store your tube bender in a cool and dry environment. This will make your tube bender last long enough. Dry the tube bender completely to avoid sudden wear and tear before returning it to storage, because if you don’t dry it and keep it inside your storage for long days, you may end up seeing fungus on it.    

Tip to maintain your square tubing bender

The most important part of maintaining your tube bender is to keep it clean and free from any kind of dust. We all know how much dust affects any kind of machineries. Bear in mind that the tube bender is not invulnerable to rust and decay, and you would have to find a suitable place to store it because it does not come with a case. This shouldn’t be a big problem because it’s small enough to fit in a tool kit.

You should make your decision now that you understand the finer points of what to look for in a tube bender. It could be the bender of the imperial tool tube or an average tubing bender, depending on your affordability. Everyone and every initiative of any organization has a choice. Each of the bender tubes is special in its own way. Choose the one that best suits your needs!

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