Top 10 Spark Plug Wire Pullers of 2021

Spark Plug Wire Pullers

Spark plug wire-pullers are some of the essential tools to have in your toolkit, especially if you are a professional automotive technician. However, many amateur car enthusiasts also like to keep this handy tool nearby, just in case the vehicle needs a quick repair. If the spark plugs in your vehicle need replacement, use the tool to free the wire boot right away. The reason a regular plier will not work is that spark plug wires are placed in difficult-to-reach corners. Also, these do not offer firm and fixed-grip like the specially designed spark plug wire puller. Want to know which features make them the best wire-pullers for spark plugs? Continue reading to learn about the best 10 products for this job.

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Top 10 Spark Plug Wire Pullers of 2021

1. OEM

OEM - Spark Plug Wire Pullers

The 25542 from OEM is a professional spark plug wire puller that ensures a prolonged service. Built of high-quality material, the product does not break easily. It also comes with a vibrant red color scheme, which makes it easily visible throughout the working process. As the tool comes with jaws angled at 45°, it ensures a fast and effortless performance within a short time.

  • Sturdy and long-lasting.
  • 45° angular offset tips.
  • Heavy-duty vinyl-coated handles.

2. Lisle

Lisle - Spark Plug Wire Pullers

The 514410 from Lisle is an excellent spark plug wire puller that may easily fit your budget. The set of pliers comes with a 5/8 opening that can easily fit plug wires of different sizes. If you have an automatic engine in the model GM 3.1L, 3.4L, 3.8L, etc., you may give this set a try. One of the many reasons that we like this tool is because of its extra length, including its narrow offset tips.

  • 7-inches long for ease of use.
  • Offset tip for tight spots.
  • Suitable for stubborn spark plug wires.

3. Lisle Spark Plug Wire Puller

Lisle - Spark Plug Wire Pullers

The 51250 from Lisle is a piece of handy equipment for automotive. When it comes to the design, it features a rather simple but useful outlook that performs the job right. As the handle is made of thick plastic material, you will not have to worry about facing electric shocks. It also comes with a square shaft for preventing any slipping.

  • Cheap but excellent product.
  • Great for obstructed and recessed plugs.
  • Thick handle for stronger pulling power.
  • Versatile uses.

4. Yanlin

Yanlin - Spark Plug Wire Pullers

Built of engineering plastics and elastic TPR, this set of pliers is a heavy-duty and durable tool for pulling out wires. It also comes with an anti-skid handle. With this tool, you can easily remove high voltage cylinder cables from your automobile. As the set of pliers presents a straightforward, ergonomic design, you can find the maximum level of ease and comfort while using this tool.

  • Comfortable grip.
  • Convenient and labor-saving tool.
  • High tension line clamp.

5. Lisle Spark Plug Pliers 

Lisle Spark Plug Pliers  - Spark Plug Wire Pullers

The 52990 from Lisle spark plug plier is specially designed to pull out wires with as much ease as possible. It features two pulling positions that can ensure the entire process becomes fast and safe. The product comes with cushioned jaws, specially shaped, that human grip the boot from any direction. Lastly, it has plastic handle grips.

  • Shock-resistant material.
  • Suitable for small wires.
  • Specially designed cushioned jaws.

6. EWK

EWK - Spark Plug Wire Pullers

Aimed at the intricate Mercedes Benz engines, this wrench from EWK can perform the tedious job in 15 minutes. As there are 16 wires and plugs in different parts of the engine, this wrench works a lot better than a set of pliers. Due to its smooth, polished build, it also provides a safe working experience.

  • Heavy-duty tool for Mercedes Benz.
  • Straight and angular performance.
  • Guaranteed service.

7. Lisle Double Offset

Lisle Double Offset - Spark Plug Wire Pullers

Some GM engines come with heat sleeves in the boots. The 51420 from the Lisle plier set is the most suitable tool for working with such engines. Thanks to its practical design, the tool can reach the tight spaces on the most intricately built engines. You can also use it on hoses or other objects.

  • 5/8” opening.
  • Suitable for V6 transverse-mounted engines.
  • Especially designed handy tool.

8. Ares

Ares - Spark Plug Wire Pullers

The 70053 from Ares is another excellent tool for pulling spark plug wires for tight, narrow areas. It features 45 degree offset jaws so that you can perform the job fast and efficiently. It also provides extreme shock-resistant quality for the safety of the user. However, you are recommended to use it only when the engine is off.

  • 45 degrees offset jaws.
  • Damage-free wire removal tool.
  • Double insulation to prevent shock.

9. ABN

ABN - Spark Plug Wire Pullers

When you have a Volkswagen or a brand-new Audi car, your previous set of pliers or wrench may work best with the engine. In this case, you need a special plug wire puller like this one. You can just push the wire puller deep into the spark plug wire boot, turn and pull it out. Due to its practical design, the tool can change the connector without causing any damage.

  • Suitable for Volkswagen and Audi engines.
  • Easy to use.
  • Durable and sturdy.

10. Zenith Industries

Zenith Industries - Spark Plug Wire Pullers

The ZN502657 from Zenith industries comes with a pivot design with increased jaw opening, which helps it to reach tight places and get the job done quickly. It comes with a slip-resistant grip handle that is comfortable to handle and work for a long period. The product is built of top-notch quality chrome-vanadium steel that makes it durable and reliable.

  • Dual pivot design.
  • High-quality material.
  • Great for hose clamps, and spark plug wires.

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As you can see from this review, there are numerous options for spark plug wire-pullers that you can go for. If you are thinking of getting only a few uses out of the tools, you can easily buy a cheap, average-quality product. However, high-end products will ensure longevity, along with greater service. This is why you may want to check a few reviews, compare the price range, and invest in a premium quality instead. Also, try to choose a wire cutter that comes with versatile uses and will remain as a handy item in your toolbox. In this way, you can ensure value for the deal.

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