Top 15 Best Social Media Scheduling Tools in 2019

Best Social Media Scheduling Tools

A large number of social media tools makes you confused about which one to choose. Not just posting and handling, but it is essential to schedule your business’ social media activities on a daily basis. For that, your business needs to be careful regarding the selection of the best social media scheduling tools. Whether your business is a start-up or fully-fledged, the use of such tools is inevitable.

A considerable boost in business efficiency and indirectly more profits will be incurred. The issues of confusion or clashes within the organization will be minimal. That is to say, these tools are capable to create content, schedule shares, engage with followers, repurpose the content, share others’ content, perform community management, and many more. To remove any chances of confusion, go through the description of the best social media scheduling tools below:

Top 15 Best Social Media Scheduling Tools

15. Oktopost


Oktopost is a flawlessly working social media management tool which comes with a prime focus on creating leads for businesses. Actually, Hootsuite assists businesses to schedule content. However, Oktopost assists businesses in entice leads. Now you can manage, supervise, as well as analyze all your social media activities to fulfill your B2B marketing goals. The overall functioning of Oktopost dedicates to delivering amazing experiences across many different social networks from a single place. Furthermore, it is possible to connect social media data to your marketing automation system.


  • The key feature of Octopost making it stand unique from the rest is its powerful integrations with different platforms like Marketo, Salesforce, and Act-On.
  • Oktopost drives social media data towards your business’ marketing automation software in order to let your business improve the approach of taking care, scoring and attributing leads.

14. Meet Edgar

Meet Edgar

Edgar is highly proficient at scheduling content in a unique way. To put in another word, this social media scheduling tool consolidates all your business’ content into categories. Later, it incorporates time slots to every category. Subsequently, Edgar occupies such slots with your content and posts them. At the nominal price of $49/month, there is the availability of 25 social profiles.


  • Edgar comes with an Auto Post feature that constantly posts fresh posts for you. Moreover, there is the inclusion of an RSS feature in this tool which you can find in other best social media scheduling tools.
  • Names of the supported networks are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

13. Tailwind


Tailwind is an all-inclusive tool assisting businesses with their Pinterest marketing efforts. It is known that Tailwind is an official partner of Pinterest and it benefits your business to prepare multi-board pins, carry out bulk uploads, and also perform calendar scheduling. It enables the business to optimize the finest times to send their pins to while attaining the maximum engagement.


  • They design Tailwind to assist teams in order to organize multiple accounts. Due to this feature, Tailwind is an ideal social media management tool for agencies dedicated to offering social media services.
  • It comes with a profound focus on Pinterest, so in case your clients strongly depend on Pinterest then Tailwind is highly beneficial.

12. Zoho Social

Zoho Social

For the growth of any agency or business, Zoho Social is a suitable tool to try. It assists your business handle multiple profiles, explores pertinent keywords, collaborates with team members, and also schedule posts from a single dashboard. Generally, the pricing for the paid plans varies from $8.33 to more than $125 for bigger agencies. In addition to that, its free plan enables the business to manage a brand, contain the URL shortener and support SocialShare browser plugin.


  • Zoho Social comprises of several of the identical tools and functionalities that the other platforms possess. Apart from that, the tool also possesses Facebook lead ads, cutting-edge reporting features, CRM integrations, and a SocialShare browser plugin.
  • It seamlessly caters to agencies so marketers get the choice to choose between the agency plans or business plans.

11. CoSchedule


CoSchedule is widely popular for its social calendar feature and its entire platform is assisting you to schedule all your social media posts. The appealing trait of CoSchedule is the CoSchedule blog that’s the topmost blogs on content marketing. Moreover, the names of the supported networks are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Tumblr, and Pinterest.


  • CoSchedule incorporates all the fundamental publishing features and it comes with ReQueue. The latter feature is smart software that organizes only the top posts within your social history.
  • It contains a distinct dashboard for each client, social approval, task templates which are reusable, and custom reports.

10. EveryPost


EveryPost is proficient when it comes to the curation of visual content, an organization of customized posts, and sharing of content on social media. Generally, EveryPost is capable to upload your posts on Facebook, Tumblr, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. If you own any Android and iPhone devices, there would be no hassles regarding posting. For an enthusiastic social media user who wishes to share content frequently from a smartphone, this tool proves to be an excellent solution.


  • Everypost employs great control over your business’ social pages.
  • Its all-in-one publishing solution is the easiest and extremely convenient approach to share multimedia content on different social platforms. Being an all-in-one posting solution, EveryPost is one of the best social media scheduling tools.

9. Followerwonk


Followerwonk is a highly effective social media management tool when there is a great need to comprehend your audience. It is worth to use this tool for your business because it engages only the relevant followers with your brand. If you are in short of budget, Followerwonk also provides a free account.


  • Followerwonk enables the user to dive deep into the Twitter bios and compare different accounts to explore the pertinent influencers.
  • Using this scheduling tool, it is easy to analyze your prevailing followers based on location, accounts they follow, and many more. In this way, Followerwonk assists you to enhance your social content by comparing your activities with profits and losses of the followers.

8. Hootsuite


Hootsuite is an enterprise-level social media management tool by millions of professionals all over the world. It assists the businesses to organize and measure their social media marketing campaigns from a single place. Since a long time, Hootsuite is a widely prevalent tool and it incorporates an all-inclusive feature set, so it is one among the best social media scheduling tools.


  • Hootsuite’s social streams are beneficial to track pertinent social media activity and flawlessly engage with the targeted audience.
  • If you want to save your money, there is a free plan available to let you explore its different functionalities.

7. Social Pilot

Social Pilot

From a single dashboard, you get to use many different features in Social Pilot. It supports a broad range of networks like Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, VK, and Tumblr. Social Pilot assimilates all the fundamental scheduling features including bulk scheduling. Above all, RSS integration and automatic publishing benefit your business financially.


  • A feature of content feeds is available using which you could browse different content and gain proper insights.
  • The facility of the Client Management Support enables you to link your clients inside the social media management system. This is an absence of requiring their credentials.

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6. Social Media Scheduling Tools

Initially, began as a simple RSS automation tool which posted content from blogs on a special pre-set automated schedule. Gradually, with the addition of the features, its popularity escalated. Presently, it is possible to recycle content and manage bulk schedule posts using The reason why businesses of all sizes prefer to use it is its working is simple. Also, they elegantly designed the interface to enhances the user experience.


  • specializes in automatically sharing photos, videos and articles across different social networks in an effortless manner.
  • You can carry out a search on Facebook, Twitter, and the web for the blog posts, top articles, and photos. It is possible to quickly import and organize more than 100 tweets and Facebook posts within your social media queue.

5. Sendible

Sendible Social Media Scheduling Tools

Sendible was primarily built keeping in mind the agencies. It owns several features and incorporates a CRM similar to Sprout Social and eClincher. This wonderful tool comes with a smart recommendation system capable to recommend some top articles and blog posts just for you. So, there are no doubts why Sendible is stared as one of the best social media scheduling tools.


  • Sendible possesses a Smart Queue feature assisting you to position your preferred posts on repeat.
  • There is the inclusion of the Social Inbox feature and it comes with team member features.
  • Incorporation of the social listening features is found in Sendible which enable the user to supervise different keywords while getting to know what is being discussed about their brand.

4. Brandwatch

Brandwatch Social Media Scheduling Tools

The Brandwatch Analytics tool keeps an eye on the info that could be vital to your company from different networks. These include Twitter, Facebook, forums, blogs, news as well as some other part of the web. One of the admirable traits of Brandwatch is the social sentiment analysis demonstrating the quality of the data amassed from the profiles with which you are connected. Moreover, it effortlessly taps into relevant trends and themes trending from the internet which could poise the balance for incurring profit in your company.


  • Brandwatch comes with powerful social sentiment analysis.
  • It is capable to encompass a different range of sources.
  • Its enterprise plan comes with a dedicated account manager.

3. SocialOomph

SocialOomph Social Media Scheduling Tools

Once you try SocialOomph, the broad range of features being presented for multiple platforms. These typically include the usual features like analytics and organizing. Moreover, it also includes some fascinating features like maintaining your DM Twitter Inbox neat to increase followers. A broad range of features is offered for networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.


  • Using its free plan, the users can perform many different things like scheduling tweets, tracking keywords, shortening URL’s, and managing up to 5 Twitter accounts.
  • It comes with the potential to handle and plan blog posts.

2. Snaplytics

Snaplytics Social Media Scheduling Tools

Snaplytics is uniquely designed to manage your social media activities by taking customary snapshots of the Snapchat account that you hold. Besides, it offers insights to flourish in Snapchat. Its creators’ upkeep groups of 20 accounts dedicated for every category, enabling you to scale the success of your account.


  • The elegant interface Snaplytics makes it one of the most suitable and best social media scheduling tools.
  • All it’s functioning is intended for excellently organizing your stories.
  • The users possess the flexibility to utilize its library of beforehand generated content to observe past efforts. Moreover, users could know the power of engagement and can republish.

1. eClincher

eClincher Social Media Scheduling Tools

In spite of being a comprehensive social media scheduling platform, eClincher is extremely easy to use. In other words, it incorporates all the vital features any social media management tool must have. Provision of the RSS integration enables the users to automatically post each of the single blog posts over their social media profiles. So, according to your wish, you could showcase your brand in front of the world. Its wide popularity is due to the fact that it possesses a robust system for posting content.


  • Important features packed in eClincher are automatic posting with smart queues, RSS feeds integration, social inbox, and recommended content plus curation. Also, it includes features like influencer discovery, custom analytics reports, media asset management, URL shorteners, free image library, and more.
  • The greatest favorite feature of businesses is it’s Auto Post with Queues. Specifically, this feature enables the users to automatically post tons of posts for the subsequent months, through a few clicks.

Efficient organization of your business activities in relation to social media is accomplished through these best social media scheduling tools. In short, they will let your brand to be showcased in front of the audience to indirectly increase engagement and reputation.

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