Top 15 Free Social Media Management Tools For Marketing Professional

Free Social Media Management Tools

For any business to thrive, the use of social media is inevitable. In order to stay strong in the competition and to reach the targeted audiences, today many businesses use free social media management tools. In spite of being freely available, they pack in lots of benefits just to guarantee the progress of your business. These tools could assist marketers to save time, optimize their efficiency and stay organized.
Generally, the pricing design of such tools is quite consistent. They come with a collection of plans, varying from the cheapest ones to the advanced ones with lots of features. But the free tools come with all the basic functionalities to fulfill the needs. Since there are myriad of free social media management tools available currently, take a look below to know which one to choose:

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Top 15 Free Social Media Management Tools Every Marketing Professional should try

15. Iconosquare


Iconosquare is Instagram focused social media marketing tool that allows the Instagrammers to benefit greatly from the photo-sharing platform. The platform allows users to integrate a great number of accounts according to their preferences. Moreover, they could supervise their activities, can stay informed about negative feedback and navigate through all of their planned and shared Instagram posts. The intention behind all these endeavors is to superbly craft your future campaigns.


  • Iconosquare facilitates its users to develop personalized landing pages for their followers.
  • For lead generation campaign, it is a perfect tool and it serves with the perfect information associated with their brand.
  • There would be a noticeable improvement in social growth through insights on audience engagement and content performance on Facebook and Instagram.

14. KnowEm


KnowEm is a recommended tool to try when you wish to check different parameters for the use of your product, brand, personal or username immediately on more than 500 famous social media websites. While simultaneously securing your social media identities, it is certain that you would enhance brand equity. This specialty makes KnowEm one of the best free social media management tools.


  • KnowEm benefits you to grab your name and protect your brand before somebody else does.
  • It comes with an Enterprise Dashboard for use by agencies and resellers in all the verticals.

13. TweetDeck


For those who are highly insistent to use Twitter, TweetDeck is the best option to try. Agencies may occasionally suffer from the concerns of managing social media passwords, updating and organizing sheets to remember passwords, related email ids, related phone numbers, etc. Through the use of TweetDeck, you could easily prepare a team and also share your accessible Twitter accounts to the allocated team. So, there is no need to share passwords.


  • The users could conveniently prepare a Tweet collection of their essential tweets and incorporated to their website later on.
  • For bloggers, this tool is highly beneficial since they need not surf the limitless twitter feed with a view to finding a specific tweet.

12. Social Bro

Social Bro

Social Bro is regarded as a powerful social media community management tool, especially for Twitter. It facilitates deep investigation of your Twitter community, allowing users to dive deeper into the details regarding their Twitter friends and followers. SocialBro is also dedicated to simplifying the learning curve through the help of the video tutorials and supportive mouse-over pop-ups which provide sufficient explanations for every metric and tool.


  • It is possible to analyze competitors feature using Social Bro.
  • The platform comes with lots of columns, graphs, and free social media management tools to let you perfectly analyze your activities.

11. Sprinklr


It is true that all social media management tools do not offer the same functionality because they are differently priced and designed differently. Those tools that attempt to cover everything primarily emphasis on organic vs. paid. Therefore, it is almost impossible to get a single tool for paid and organic social. Those users willing to get an all-inclusive service, Sprinklr is one of the finest free social media management tools for all your social channels.


  • Sprinklr comes with native functionality in all 6 of the Martech 5000 categories.
  • The tool assists you with uploading, consent of content, and also performs metrics reporting.

10. Canva

 Canva - social media management tools

For any agency or digital marketers, Canva is a valuable social media management tool widely utilized for some fundamental and quick graphic designing. Basically, Canva is identified as an online tool allowing the users to create as well as edit their social media profiles, creatives, and cover pictures quickly. There are few free social media management tools that allow great customization and editing like the one offered by Canva.


  • Canva is highly suitable for basic editing and designing.
  • There is no need to learn Photoshop, just visit and create awesome posts.

9. Sprout Social

Sprout Social - social media management tools

The commendable aspect of Sprout Social is its gorgeous design, cutting-edge discovery, and excellent contact management options. Its outstanding customer support is another great aspect.


  • The setup of Sprout Social comprises of a major Home dashboard that presents an instant snapshot of all your social accounts.
  • It comes with few tabs that assist users to supervise, publishes, plan, and report on social media campaigns.


IFTTT - social media management tools

IFTTT stands for – If This Than That and it is one of the favorite social free social media management tools for freelancers and marketers. They can easily automate their social media posting in less time. Its entire functioning is brilliant to execute a particular event whenever some condition is met.


  • In order to use IFTTT, the users just need to link their web properties and generate different triggers. So, during the situation when somebody follows you on Twitter generate and they share a tweet indicating the appreciation or when a specific Twitter account shares some posts, you can retweet it immediately.
  • There are no hassles associated with finding tweets and sharing the same on your feed.
  • You just need to create triggers and the remaining process would be monitored automatically.

7. Buffer

Buffer - social media management tools

Available free of cost, Buffer also comes with an advanced plan, charged at $10/month for the full version. When using HootSuite and Sprout Social, there are versatile tools available for the purpose of publishing, listening, and analyzing social media efforts. On the other hand, Buffer is exclusively designed for the purpose of social media content management. Its key intention to make it as simple as possible to share the content over different social media networks wherever and whenever they like.


  • There are few free social media management tools that queue and plan content with simplicity but Buffer does these.
  • It showcases a clean and simple to manage interface for queuing up articles in order to share them across social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

6. MeetEdgar

MeetEdgar - social media management tools

Generally, any social media management tools serve its user with the potential to schedule their post. MeetEdgar does something advance as it actually allows sharing your content after a certain period of time in order to uphold the engagement rate on the social media account.


  • Any marketer would follow a social media calendar to publish their creatives. But, after completion of a few weeks, it may turn time-consuming to navigate across the social feed to search the engaging posts. This concern is effectively solved by MeetEdgar as it automatically reshares the trendy content on your social media accounts.
  • Its platform enables the marketer to shorten links in the caption and also allows tracking of such links.

5. DrumUp

DrumUp - social media management tools

DrumUp assists marketers to monetize their social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Basically, this social media management tool comprehends the niche of the marketer’s account and subsequently curate peak performing content on pertinent platforms. In this way, they can interrelate with those posts or can reshare to their readers. You will find this tool interesting to dive deep into content marketing via the curation skills of the tool.


  • Unlike other free social media management tools, DrumUp instantly notifies you whenever a specific blog or website posts fresh content on their website. Moreover, it shares the particular content on their social media channels.
  • DrumUp explores a myriad of contents present on the web in real-time. Subsequently, it utilizes sophisticated algorithms to advise fresh stories that are most pertinent to your audience.
  • It comes with a smart workflow allowing you to instantly review, prepare and upload posts to their social media followers.

4. Google Analytics

Google Analytics - social media management tools

Google Analytics is extremely popular when it comes to managing your social media. The reason behind this is the data collected from analytics emphasis the efforts on the social media platforms working to boost conversions and traffic. It is Google’s web analytics service that follows and reports website traffic. In case, your business is suffering from the negative ROI issues then Google Analytics is a superb choice.


  • Users are capable to appraise online campaigns by keeping an eye on the landing page quality and conversions. These conversions generally incorporate sales, lead generation, watching a specific page, or a particular file’s download.
  • It adopts an approach to demonstrate high-level data for the casual user, and detailed data within the report set.

3. HootSuite

HootSuite - social media management tools

HootSuite is among the free social media management tools that handle all your social networks from a single place. The management of these networks is done within a multi-columned design allowing the users to view many different feeds simultaneously. It is a popular social media management platform that flawlessly allows users to handle Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, FourSquare, and several other social accounts.


  • HootSuite comes with the support of many different apps allowing you to connect with several other social networks including Tumblr, Instagram, YouTube, and Evernote.
  • The free users would avail 5 social profiles and many features that are offered by the Pro version.
  • Features of post scheduling and drafts are available.

2. Zoho Social

Zoho Social - social media management tools

Zoho Social is the subsidiary of Zoho and it provides fascinating features for marketers to appropriately handle their social campaigns. The users are able to immediately upload their post or plan for the future. It comes with a compose window that demonstrates the percentage of people who could engage with the post at a particular time. Excellent benefit in terms of engagement is offered which is rarely found in other free social media management tools. All these traits make Zoho Social as one of the preferred choices among marketers.


  • Zoho Social is equipped with a SmartQ prediction engine recommending you the appropriate instant to publish. When you publish at that particular instance, you would attain the maximum engagement on a post by you.
  • Names of supplementary features incorporated are creating team hierarchy to simplify communications, view and filter social media messages to attain quick response, etc.

1. Hubspot

Hubspot-social media management tools

In the current market, there are myriad of tools available to let you supervise and publish to social accounts but there are very few that match functionalities of Hubspot. From this platform, the marketers could not only publish but also attain closed-loop reporting data. This gives an indication that you are not only viewing what channels impel the most engagement but actually, you could further track down to view the particular posts and channels driving the sales.


  • HubSpot presents a comprehensive stack of software for the purposes of sales, marketing, and customer service. All these services are offered with a free CRM at its fundamental.
  • It comes with the necessary tools to simplify every process and comes with a friendly support team. So, it is easy to start with inbound.

The use of free social media management tools will let you accomplish your target yet saving the money. These tools are highly functional and versatile for marketers intending to drive more sales.

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