Top 15 Social Listening Tools for Marketers

It may be difficult to read the minds of people yet it is important. In professional life, it is crucial to pay attention to what customers and other people are conversing about your product/brand. The business benefits of being capable to pay attention to people’s thoughts are limitless. Though social media monitoring is not solely focused on reading people’s minds, the use of social listening tools helps a lot. These tools facilitate you with access to things people converse about your industry or brand.

Using these tools, you would be able to search for queries and filter the results. The same would assist you to get proper insights about thoughts in people’s mind. After the choice of appropriate social listening tool is done, you could uniquely build your social listening strategy. This strategy would encompass all your business needs, right from product development to sales. Glancing at the below mentioned social listening tools let you make an informed decision:

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Top 15 Social Listening Tools for Marketers

15. Zoho Social

Zoho Social

Zoho is chiefly a management platform that delivers social listening features. Generally, it is the finest tool for teams who are in lack of resources to connect in a lasting social listening strategy. Zoho consolidates all your tagged mentions belonging from different social media platforms in a single place. Moreover, it allows you to interrelate with them from the platform itself in real time. The interactions with users would be saved and the same would be demonstrated when required. It comes with a personalized dashboard, mobile app.


  • Names of the platforms monitored are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Since the dashboard is customizable, every individual of your social media team is capable to customize their screen. This feature makes Zoho Social one of the recommended social listening tools.

14. 76Insights


Businesses typically use 76Insights tool to get proper insight about posts, articles, and social objects that are highly successful. The corresponding app can be used to observe posts in a graph format or in a card view layout. It is extremely convenient to filter posts, and also share the most resounding content amongst your social networks.


  • The76Insights app allows the users to recognize the outliers capable to compel reaction on social media.
  • The users could easily see their content performance with insightful visualizations and consolidate social accounts into practical watch lists.

13. Sprinklr Social Listening

Sprinklr Social Listening

Basically, Sprinklr Social Listening tool is specially designed for huge teams and continuous monitoring. These two aspects are met through a mobile app, custom alerts, and automatic report exports. In order to employ improved reputation management, the tool utilizes machine learning to spot strange and harmful trends. The same will be informed to you in real time. In the present market, Sprinklr Social Listening tool is one of the leading social listening tools for marketers. The tool is capable to provide different solutions for enterprise-level consumers. It monitors a wide range of platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube, Flickr, Renren, blogs, and WordPress.


  • It comes with important features like smart Alerts and team management.
  • Its core platform saves your social media content, so you can easily get them when needed.

12. ReviewInc


ReviewInc is dedicated to offering online reputation and review management software. Its functioning is based on a three-step process that includes review monitoring, a collection of more reviews, and customer feedback amplification. There is a broad range of plan presented by ReviewInc which you could choose after assessing your needs.


  • The review monitoring process allows the tool to present an aerial view of the online reputation of your company.
  • It assists you to generate a personalized review marketing campaign capable to engages customers. Once customers are engaged, they would provide feedback regarding your business on some review sites. They include Facebook Reviews, Google Maps, and several other review sites.

11. Sprout Social

Sprout Social

The reason why Sprout Social is one of the prominent social listening tools among marketers is it presents both social media monitoring and management in one tool. You will be amazed to see how it schedule your posts and interact with mentions from the platform itself. There are no hassles associated with monitoring keywords and hashtags. All the social data is gathered in a single place and it then assesses it with a view to offering effective marketing insights.


  • Names of the important features are publishing, smart research, and sentiment analysis.
  • It comes with a 30-day free trial to let you explore its different functionalities.

10. Awario


Awario effectively explores Instant mentions from every part of the web and social media. Basically, it navigates over 13 billion web pages on a regular basis, in addition to APIs. This tool can be used by marketers to search all mentions of your organization’s or business’s networks. These include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, forums, blogs, news sites, etc. At just $29/month, you can avail the basic plan.


  • Awario’s starter plan is specially designed for all the individuals and small businesses supervising their brand.
  • You are able to set three mention alerts and a leads alert. Moreover, you could receive up to 30,000 new mentions every month.

9. Brandwatch


When it comes to analytics, Brandwatch is regarded as one of the greatest powerful social listening tools. In addition to working on the monitoring, Brandwatch presents image recognition, trending topics in your niche, demographic data of your audience, API access, and intuitive dashboards.


  • Brandwatch possesses its personal data visualization platform named Vizia. This tool allows you to envisage your Brandwatch data and consolidate the same with insights gained from different integrations. These comprise of Buzzsumo, Google Analytics, and Hootsuite.
  • A feature of image analysis allows you to find images incorporating the logo of your brand.
  • It serves you with the demographic data containing interests, gender, profession and location of your audience.
  • Names of the supported networks are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, Sina Weibo, QQ, VK, and blog.

8. Tweetdeck


Tweetdeck is the authorized Twitter platform working to managing your social accounts. In simple terms, you may consider it as a social media dashboard that demonstrates your Tweets from all the people you follow. Furthermore, it demonstrates trending Tweets as well as the direct messages of your account. In addition to consolidating all the components in a single dashboard, Tweetdeck allows you to plan your Tweets. In this way, everything stays organized and appears neat.


  • Tweetdeck comes with an important feature like scheduling and analytics dashboard.
  • The users are capable to organize distinct fields for appropriately supervising keywords and hashtags according to your choice. This feature is rarely found in many other social listening tools.

7. Keyhole


Keyhole is intended to serve marketers and all its users with certain online monitoring solutions. Generally, all plans from this platform incorporate account trackers, hashtag and keyword trackers, and influencer trackers tool. It is true that the quantity of each of these varies based on the tier. The expensive plans come with surplus features like advanced sentiment analysis, media wall and moderation, and advanced analytics. You may use its 7-day free trial to properly comprehend all its functioning.


  • Using the social media analytics and reporting feature, you could scrutinize every account and can post in real time.
  • It is easy to utilize Keyhole’s analytics to perfectly manage your posting schedule.
  • Facility of monitoring keywords and in real-time is available.

6. Linkfluence


Linkfluence serves social data analysis for large corporations. Apart from monitoring a brand, this great tool is competent to disclose ideas related to your brand and it could comprehend their significance. One of the enticing aspects about Linkfluence is it could perfectly analyze most used hashtags & topics of your competitors. It could monitor a wide assortment of platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Sina Weibo, Instagram, forums, and websites.


  • Names of the essential features are sentiment analysis, demographic analytics, and emoji cloud.
  • An image recognition feature discerns Linkfluence from most other social listening tools. The corresponding techniques are capable to inspect logos, images, and emojis inside social posts.

5. Cyfe


Cyfe showcases an all-in-one business dashboard demonstrating web analytics, social media, sales, marketing, infrastructure, support, and more. The users could easily retrieve data from prevalent services like Google, Xero, Salesforce, QuickBooks, and many other services. This is made possible with the use of pre-built widgets.


  • Cyfe’s dashboards relate to start-up, marketing, social media, web analysis, client, sales, finance, and project management.
  • In addition to social listening potentials, it helps to drive more sales.

4. Synthesio


Synthesio is broadly referred to as Synthesio Social Media Intelligence Suite which is a social listening platform. This platform works to keep an eye on businesses’ online presence. Furthermore, it serves its clients with effective insights. This tool presents automatic sentiment analysis (AS) on 20 + languages. So, this makes it one of the suitable social listening tools.


  • Synthesio platform showcases customizable Social Listening dashboards that depict a huge amount of data associated with your brand’s social mentions.
  • Every mentions included in the platform includes metadata about the author, content, and tone. If needed, these mentions could be filtered easily.
  • The users could track views, favorites, likes, retweets, replies, and shares from different social networks.
  • These networks are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

3. Netbase


To pay attention to what people are conversing about your brand, NetBase offers real-time insight within customer conversations. Basically, it utilizes AI to find out emotions, attributes, behaviors, hashtags, and brands present from social posts. Its platform is so intuitive that it processes social media posts in millions on a daily basis. Names of different plans are NetBase Starter, NetBase Enterprisea, and NetBase Business.


  • You could utilize NetBase’s AI to determine the instant when your brand shows up in pictures. The feature could assist you to find out the prevalent user-generated content associated with your brand on the illustrated platforms like Instagram.
  • Netbase utilizes non-social data like focus groups, surveys, ratings, and reviews in order to determine most of your business.
  • You could use the platform to evaluate the performance of owned, produced, and partnered content.

2. Brand24


Brand24 serves its users with flawless social insights into the aspects people converse about your brand online. Contrasting to few of its competitors social listening tools, Brand24 is targeted on businesses of different sizes. This tool comes with a $49 per month package for petite business. A 14-day free trial is accessible to explore different features of Brand24.


  • Brand24 demonstrates a mentions feed in which you could discover all the conversations about your brand and subsequently carry out the action in real time.
  • It exhibits a Discussion Volume Chart that graphically depicts the mentions of your brand. Hence, you could effortlessly view any surges within the brand mentions. Also, you could discover if any problem persists.

1. Meltwater


Meltwater is intended to offering AI-driven insights, encompassing several aspects of any business’ activities. One of the crucial traits of this platform is its social media monitoring as well as engagement software. It solely focuses on analytics and engagement. In addition to social media, Meltwater examines millions of posts every single day from diverse social media platforms, news sites, and blogs. It benefits you to filter out unrelated mentions and allocates sentiment on the mentions which fascinate you.


  • Meltwater can be used to organize searches, explore prominent influencers, and keep an eye on your online performance.
  • It facilitates 3 keywords/search and the users could incorporate abundant filters to treat the results.


The finest social listening tools offer full mention analytics, offering the users an enhanced understanding of the people who are conversing online about your brand. Based on the insights gained, marketers could organize all your business activities.

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