Top 10 Best Shared Web Hosting Services In 2020

Best Shared Web Hosting Services

Shared Web Hosting directly means that users will share with other users, a particular server. They’re both the kind of users will run their websites from particular hardware.  Here all users share the same hardware, which definitely reduces cost for everyone. The cheap shared method works for everyone in an efficient way.

Sharing hardware also means that your resources will unlimited and shared as well. That is good news but the performance will be slower and inconsistent for the most part.

Sites that have lesser traffic might find this solution awesome. But if you have more traffic than usual and performance is a key factor for your website; it will certainly be a problem. Web sharing does not necessarily promise reliability and consistency in performance.

There are many excellent web hosting services that help save big bucks! These services will provide excellent top notch technologies for your website. Sometimes affording tech can be a huge problem; that’s when web hosting comes in.

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Cheap Shared Web Hosting Services | Saving Money Wisely

The main goal of cheap shared web hosting services is to help entrepreneurs and startups with resources. Running a website actually requires a hefty amount of money. The amount required for an exclusive server is not affordable for many startups.

The cheap shared web hosting services gives individuals or groups an opportunity to have access to an entire server and its services. It helps startups save a lot of money. So if you interest in web hosting; you would want to work with a reliable and trustworthy web hosting service. Here we have listed 10 top services of 2019 for you to choose from.

1. InMotion

InMotion Hosting - Shared Web Hosting Services

The firm offers excellent features and includes cutting edge tech support along with 90-day money back policy. The policy works excellently for the startups as money is a huge factor for them. The firm’s plans are all business products which marketed as such too. Both individual users and companies can apply to avail web hosting services from InMotion.  The shared hosting is 2 year plan and it costs only $3.99 at starting. InMotion incorporates many features free of cost in their plans. These features usually cost money in other shared web hosting services.

Hack, WordPress website builders, DDoS protection and backups are all free in InMotion. The thought behind this effort counts and aligns with the primary goal of shared web hosting services. Another benefit of InMotion is their transparency. You will be able to see all their offerings along with costs in their website. As you can see the cost and benefit at a glance; it will be easier to compare the services of InMotion with others services. The site loading speed is extraordinarily fast. It has impressive performance when it comes to technicalities and other features.

The 90 day money back policy also appeals many companies to work with InMotion. As people primarily choose shared web hosting services to save money, it is reassuring that they can have their money back if they are not satisfied with the performance. The cost of InMotion Power is US$3.99 per month only and InMotion Pro is US$13.99 per month only.

If you are an individual who is looking to build your own website but do not have the money to afford a server; InMotion can be an excellent option for you. They are user friendly and will ensure you great performance!

2. Hostinger Shared

Hostinger-logo - Shared Web Hosting Services

Hostinger Shared is great option for beginner. The firm offers affordable packages that include SSL and limited disk space. Hostinger Shared is a popular cheap share web hosting service. The service is used worldwide and has helped many startups find their footing over the years. Hostinger shared has some outstanding plans that benefit both the company and the startups. The plans are designed for individual users as well as businesses. Price starts at only $0.8/ month single websites. The single websites will have a bandwidth of 100GB and a disk space of 10GB. The unlimited package costs $3.45/ month. Only the disk space is not unlimited, it can only be up to 30GB.  In the unlimited package, it also includes 4X processing power along with memory.

The plans include exciting features that make using the server more convenient and profitable. A SSL certificate completely free of cost is included in all the packages of Hostinger shared. The SSL certificate is a great asset for all startups and helps them find a footing to start with after they have started generating revenue. Other features include higher tier plans, a daily backup which also provides business plans, protection in Cloudflare, access to SSH and a domain registration completely free!

Hostinger is a promising, reliable and popular cheap shared web hosting services provider. Its features prove to be very cost effective. There are 3 types of packages at 3 different prices. The packages are Single Shared Hosting which costs US$0.80 per month only; Premium shared hosting which costs US$2.15 per month only, and Business shared hosting which costs US$3.45 per month only.

3. Namecheap

Namecheap - Shared Web Hosting Services

Namecheap is a budget-friendly cheap shared web hosting service. The service ensures that all the features are worth the packages money and users are always satisfied with their performance. It offers appealing low prices, support for all its users and an application installer of Softaculous.

As the name gives an impression of being cheap; Namecheap aspires to be a budget-friendly and inexpensive solution of web hosting to all startups. Users will also get a discount on the first year; there are some excellent plans as well to build a company.

The starter value pack is a popular choice of beginners. It offers a hard drive space of 20GB along with 30 different email accounts. The cost is only $2.88 per month. At such an inexpensive cost; the features Namecheap is offering are absolutely outstanding. Obviously the new companies do not have much traffic; so they can afford to work with 20GB of hard drive.

Namecheap offers 99.9% guarantee of connectivity. The service is extremely easy to set up. The firm gives a welcome email as a part of all packages. The welcome email gives a detail tour of everything you will need to set up the service. FAQs in the welcome email are highly impressive. They will have all the answers to every question you can think of. Namecheap offers a resourceful welcome email for sure, which makes the life of users easier.

The company has above average performance in speed and is an excellent cheap shared web hosting service provider according to its previous users.

There are 3 packages you can choose from. The Stellar package costs only US$2.88 per month, the Stellar Plus package costs only US$4.88 per month and the Stellar Business package costs only US$8.88 per month.

4. HostGator Shared

Hostgator - Shared Web Hosting Services

HostGator shared is another very popular cheap shared web hosting services provider. The firm is known for charging fair price and providing high quality features. It offers a versatile range of choice, most features are unlimited and the hosting management is cPanel.

It is recommended to note that a long term relationship with HostGator Shared is required for having features of money’s worth. Although most of the features of this firm are cheap but a longer term will give cheaper prices in HostGator shared. The cheapest price is only $2.64 per month for a thirty six month package and it only $4.48 per month for a one year or twelve month package. moreover, that clearly explains the cheaper options for long term usage.

The great news is that; there are no limitations on any features! All the features HostGator shared provide in their server are unlimited whatever the cost of the package is. So you will have unlimited band width for all packages and at all costs.  Web space and email accounts are unlimited as well! This is a great opportunity for all individual and companies. Most cheap shared web hosting services have limitations. The unlimited features make Hostgator Stand out.

The firm also offers an uptime guarantee of 99.9%. This is a great news for all who would like to use the shared web hosting services of HostGator. The firm offers 3 packages at 3 different prices. HostGator Hatchling Plan costing only US$2.64 per month is package number one, HostGator Baby Plan costing US$3.78 per month is package number two, and HostGator Business Plan costing US$5.68 is package number three. All the packages are wallet friendly so choose yours!

5. A2 Web Hosting

A2-Hosting - Shared Web Hosting Services

The A2 web hosting firm is a fairly popular cheap shared web hosting services firm of 2019. The firm offers the excellent value of features at very inexpensive rates. It has created a reliable reputation for itself in the market. Companies aspire to work with the A2 web hosting as their websites are well organize and have more audiences than most.

The firm has awesome WordPress plans that benefit both individuals and companies for their business. A2 web hosting offers exciting features that include three tiers of Windows base or Linux based web hosting, VPS packages, and dedicated servers all at exciting prices!

A2 is a reliable shared web hosting service provider. In 2019, you will find many providers which are cheap but A2 ensure quality as well.

The firm has WordPress web hosting, reseller web hosting as well. A2 web hosting offers high security to its users. Its tools like PrestaShop, AbanteCart, OpenCart and other popular e-commerce tools will give you an opportunity to sell products online. A2 has encryption option along with SSL.

The support of A2 web hosting is top notch. The firm helps with all kid of technical issues faced by users free of cost. The service is available all day and even on weekends. You will be able to reach them at 3am if you really need help.

A2 has an Anytime Money Back Guarantee policy within 30 day of purchase. The money is fully refunded without any issues. The Uptime of A2 web hosting is highly impressive. Navigation and access become easier for customers as well for its high performing uptime. The firm offers 5 packages: shared costing only $3.92 per month, WordPress package costing only $9.31 per month, Dedicated package costing only $9.31 per month, Cloud package costing only $15 per month and VPS package costing $32.99 per month.

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6. HostWinds

HostWinds - Shared Web Hosting Services

HostWinds is an awesome cheap shared web hosting service. It includes everything you might need for creating a good looking and efficient website. If you would like a flexible shared web hosting service, hot winds should definitely be your prime choice.

Hostwinds is suitable for both individual and companies. The server is Linux based. There are three different plans in this web hosting: Basic, Advanced, and Ultimate. Ultimate is obviously the best plan you can choose and it will benefit you in the long run even if its costs a bit more than you are comfortable spending right now. Ultimate gives domains in unlimited number. HostWinds will give you extensive discounts every other month after you sign up.

HostWinds gives 3 types of VPS hosting. The 10 tiers in VPS hosting covers the Budget VPS, the SSD Linux VPS, the Premium VPS, the SSD Windows VPS, and the Windows VPS offerings. The VPS plans of HostWinds are more flexible and powerful than most other cheap shared web hosting services. HostWinds also have a MINECRAFT VPS server.

You can avail dedicated hosting opportunities in HostWinds. Dedicated hosting is a necessary choice if your website faces huge traffic almost every day. It is recommended to get dedicate hosting as the company is gaining traction so they won’t have to face issues when there is huge traffic.

HostWinds also offer WordPress and cloud hosting.

HostWinds offer excellent security for its users and the e-commerce platforms are very secure as well. The e-commerce tools have encryption so customers can rely on your website completely and give info without worry.

VPS hosting in HostWinds cost $7.50 per month. The three packages cost different amounts based on their features. Basic starts at $4.50 per month only, Advanced starts at $5.50 per month only and Ultimate starts at $6.50 per month only.

7. 1&1 IONOS

1&1 Ionos - Shared Web Hosting Services

It is a user friendly and cheap shared web hosting server. The server does not cost a hefty amount. It is a very cheap and affordable server great for startups and new businesses. The firm offers budget friendly hosting; it is very easy to use and SSL is include.

1&1 IONOS is a popular hosting server. It does not have many competitors who can match the performance standard. It is the most demanding cheap shared web hosting server in all of Europe. The services are very cheap and come at exciting prices as low as $0.99!

All the plans of 1&1 IONOS include SSL service along with free software for web design and a domain completely free of cost! The firm offers email and phone support to all its users. The support is available at all times.

1&1 IONOS comes with a gorgeous graphics library as well. The graphics you will find here can be an attractive appealing design to your visitors. Graphics can play a big role in attracting audiences. So make sure you use these sophisticated graphics in your website.

The firm also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee policy. A network connectivity of 300Gbps is included in the packages of 1&1 IONOS. Users will get a personal consultant as well upon availing any packages of 1&1 IONOS.

There are three packages: The Business package costs only US$8 per month, the Pro package costs only US$16.63per month and the other Pro package costs only US$25 per month. Compared to other servers, 1&1 IONOS is a fairly cheap shared server.

8. Siteground Shared Web Hosting

Siteground - Shared Web Hosting Services

This cheap shared web hosting server are design especially for users who have high demand. The server offers a versatile range of customizable features, excellent tech support and a huge web space.

Siteground might be more expensive than many other cheap shared servers mentioned here; but they also provide excellent features and incorporate all necessary features in all of their packages.

Initially the StartUp costs $3.95 per month. The cost is expected to rise after you renew the server. After renewing; you will avail unlimited traffic, a structured database, email accounts, and access to WordPress! Siteground does not charge for backups unlike many other firms. The CDN capabilities are free of cost as well.

Siteeground aims to improve their user’s sites and its performance. That is why they offer SuperCache to their users.  RAM data is access frequently; what SuperCache does is cache these data and helps the traffic. The system is highly beneficial for busy websites who face a lot of traffic every hour.

The web space is limit to 10GB. However, a speedy loading gives excellent user experience to all siteground websites.

There are 3 different packages of siteground: SiteGround StartUp costs only US$3.95 per month, SiteGround GrowBig costs only US$5.95 per month and SiteGround GoGeek costs US$11.95 per month.

9. PlanetHippo Shared Web Hosting

planethippo logo - Shared Web Hosting Services

PlanetHippo is another very popular cheap shared web hosting server. They are reputed for excellent customer service and outstanding features offered at low prices. PlanetHippo offers a budget account of great value, a well structure gorgeous looking control panel, and a range of products. The prices of PlanetHippo are less than most of its competitors. The low price here is appealing to many users and drives them towards using the server of PlanetHippo. The firm is UK based; so they get many local customers as well.

You can get a Linux based web at just $1.33 only! That is as impressive as any price can get. The firm also has an unlimited plan which ‘unlimited everything’. As the name suggests, everything is unlimited in this plan; the email accounts, the webspace, storage, and other features. The cost of this plan is ridiculously low; only $8 per month! With only $8 users will receive a domain as well which is completely free of cost!

The PlanetHippo Shared Web Hosting comes with a warranty of 30 days. Money is fully refundable here. The support is available at all times and is UK based as well. You cannot contact them via phone; however, users have recommended their support and praise it to be highly professional.

There are three packages in PlanetHippo as well: The PlanetHippo Business One costs only US$1.40 per month, the PlanetHippo Business Pro costs only US$4.90 per month and the PlanetHippo Business Ultimate costs US$8.40 per month. It is a great server if you are looking for very cheap shared web hosting server. You will surely get your money’s worth and more in PlanetHippo.

10. TsoHot Shared Web Hosting

tsohost logo - Shared Web Hosting Services

The firm offers excellent versatile range of plans. All of the plans are cheap shared web hosting servers. The affordability and versatility of packages makes this firm a favorite among users. It offers flexible features and options, pricing is very transparent, daily backups completely free of cost.

This cheap shared hosting provider is also UK based.

The firm tries to get long term customers. They charge lesser amount if you are willing to sign up for a long term hosting. For example, if you sign up for one year the entry-level Startup shared hosting plan costs $4.15 per month. But it costs only $3.8per month if you sign up for two years!

You will get SSL encryption and email accounts with the packages. There are three packages: TSOHost Startup costs only US$5 per month, TSOHost costs only Business US$12 per month and TSOHost Ecommerce costs only US$34 per month.

Cheap shared web hosting services are one of the greatest assets of startups and individuals who are looking to build a resourceful website. The web hosting services ensure that everyone gets a footing and support. Choose whichever is friendly to you and aligns with your purpose.

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