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Best Safety Glasses

Before undertaking any high-risk task where you compromise your safety, you should not have any excuse to wear safety glasses. A pair of safety glasses protect your eyes from tiny irritants to harmful acid, which can cause you severe damages to your eyes or even the loss of your vision. moreover, there are numerous high-impact safety glasses, which are at a time stylish, protective, lightweight, yet affordable. Having good quality safety glasses among so many choices is not an easy task. This article will eliminate your confusion, and help you choose from 10 best safety glasses considering their features and capabilities.

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Top 10 Best Safety Glasses to Buy in 2020

1. NoCry Safety Glasses

NoCry Safety Glasses - Safety Glasses

The NoCry Safety Googles are one of the finest safety goggles that ensure 90-100% UV protection. These highly durable glasses protect your eyes from any external threat so that you get a clear vision at all times. This multi-purpose pair is applicable for construction work, shooting, cycling, and more. Besides all, these scratch-proof glasses are adjustable as per your head size.

  • Protects from direct and peripheral threats.
  • Anti-fog featured.
  • Effective UV protection.
  • Long-lasting polycarbonate.

2. DewaltConcealer Clear

DewaltConcealer Clear - Safety Glasses

If you are looking for a multi-purpose safety goggle form a trusted brand, you may try the Dual Mold Goggle from Dewalt. Its anti-fog lens coating gives you a high level of protection against fogging. moreover, the dual-injected rubber helps to keep your eyes safe from all kinds of dust and debris. These scratchproof lenses are easily replaceable. The pair also provides an adjustable fit because of its cloth head strap.

  • Highly protective.
  • Dual injected rubber.
  • Built-in ventilation channel.
  • Easily replaceable lenses.

3. Oakley Grey Industrial Safety Glasses

Oakley Grey Industrial Safety Glasses - Safety Glasses

Description: Oakley Safety Glasses are one of the best safety glasses available in the market. moreover, with high-impact resistance, these heavy-duty glasses are able to meet military safety specifications and protect your eyes even from flying shrapnel. Made of lightweight plastic, this pair is flexible enough to fit and protect any size of ahead.

  • 100% UV protection.
  • Shock resistant.
  • Meets military safety specifications.
  • Lightweight plastic construction.

4. Jackson V30

Jackson V30 - Safety Glasses

Description: The Jackson V30 is one of the multi-purpose safety glasses featuring polarized tinted lenses for optical clarity. With its sporty design, this pair gives you a comfortable fit by including a neck cord, soft-touch temples, and single-lens wraparound protection. moreover, the K-rated scratch-resistant feature ensures a clear vision even after extended use. Providing 99.9% UV protection, this sunglass protects your eyes from any kind of dangerous hazards.

  • Polarized tinted lenses.
  • Sporty design.
  • K-rated scratch-resistant.
  • 99.9% UV protection.

5. 3M Virtua CCS Protective Eyewear

3M Virtua CCS Protective Eyewear - Safety Glasses

Description: The 3M Virtua CCS glasses are premium-quality safety goggles with mind-blowing protective properties. With anti-fog coating, this pair features a removable foam-lined gasket, which protects you from airborne dust. moreover, the small breathable vents on the gasket avert your glasses from steaming up and keep your vision clear even in a humid or hot environment.

  • Premium-quality goggles.
  • Removable foam-lined gasket.
  • Breathable vents.
  • Lightweight frame.

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MAGID Y50BKAFC - Safety Glasses

Description: Are you a fashion enthusiast and looking for stylish safety eyewear? Here comes the classic design MAGID Y50BKAFC best quality Safety glasses. Its clear side shields and low base curve frame make it highly protective while providing you excellent peripheral vision. Made of hard coat polycarbonate, the lenses are durable enough to give you long-lasting protection. The separate wiper case helps to keep it smudge-free and the black nylon frame makes it comfortable to use.

  • Iconic polycarbonate glasses.
  • It provides excellent peripheral vision.
  • Separate wiper cases.

7. NoCry Over-Glasses Safety Glasses 

NoCry Over-Glasses Safety Glasses  - Safety Glasses

Description: The NoCryOver Safety Goggles come on a budget-friendly cost with great results. The 400nmscratch-resistant lenses allow it for outdoor use while blocking harmful UV radiation. These best quality safety glasses feature soft tips that remove pressure behind the ears, and the extendable arms are adjustable for any head-sizes. These heavy-duty glasses are designed especially for science lab, construction, and woodworking or shooting.

  • Inexpensive.
  • 400nm scratch-resistant lenses.
  • Features soft tips and extendable arms.

8. Uvex by Honeywell

Uvex by Honeywell - Safety Glasses

Description: Providing sun and glare reduction, the Uvex Safety Glasses come with anti-scratch and anti-fog performance. With its sport-inspired styling, this lightweight pair gives the high-impact side protection. Its sleek side profile provides sufficient room for headgear or hard hats. These glasses feature an integrated hinge mechanism, which provides secure, fit while ensuring long-wearing comfort.

  • Anti-fog performance.
  • Sport-inspired styling.
  • Cozy molded nose-piece.
  • Long-wearing comfort.

9. Gateway Safety

Gateway Safety - Safety Glasses

Description: The ANSI certified Gateway Safety 6980 includes a one-piece polycarbonate lens that fits over almost all the prescription glasses. Made of lightweight design, its adjustable length temples allow you to have a customized fit. moreover, the temple tips reduce irritating pinching from the head and make you comfortable while working.

  • ANSI certified.
  • Applicable for all prescription glasses.
  • Minimizes irritating pinching.
  • Lightweight design.

10. Carhartt Carbondale Glasses

Carhartt Carbondale - Safety Glasses

Description: If you are looking for safety glasses solely for indoor uses, then you may go for this one. This pair protects you from immoderate glare and gives you 99% protection from UV-A and UV-B rays. Having an anti-fog feature, this pair has dual-injected temples that ensure its longevity.

  • A two-tone frame of Carbondale.
  • Dual-injected temples.
  • Features anti-fog (CHB210DT).
  • Flexible rubber nosepiece.

To conclude, most of the workplace injuries damage the eyes of the employees, as they do not wear proper eye protection. Regardless of any particular industry, where you are working with materials or any harmful liquids, you need to wear high-quality safety goggles to ensure complete protection of your eyes. While choosing safety glasses, you need to keep in mind that the glasses should be ANSI certified, flexible, anti-fog featured, UV rays protected, comfortable, and of course, affordable. Now that as you can sort through the above list of best safety glasses, check them out to pick up the finest one as per your preference.

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