Top 15 Proposal Software You’ll need in 2019

 Top 15 Proposal Software You’ll need in 2019

In simple terms, the proposal software is specially designed to rationalize and automate the proposal and request for proposal (RFP) procedure for sales operations. In business, the sales professionals would be advantaged from its various features like the potential to instantly create documents in different file formats, also share documents via multiple channels, and follow the impact of RFP and proposal documents across the sales success.

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For strengthening the business relationship, proposals could be the foremost significant step. This implies that salespeople must incorporate helpful and reliable content. This content needs to personalize to customer profiles and requirements. For the success of the proposal process, it is vital to make sure it could write, share and supervise proposals. This is the key reason responsible for the fact why many businesses today execute this type of software. To clear the confusion, take a look at the best proposal software:

15. Proposable

Proposable dedicate to provoking your company to generate, follow, and approve all your proposals. Throughout the process, there would be no headaches or hassles. Starting from generating and submitting trackable web-based proposals to finalizing the agreement with integrated eSignatures, it is certain that Proposable automates the whole proposal procedure. The created proposals would let you stand unique from the crowd. It is entirely unique than getting a listed invoice. Till now, this software product has assisted many different businesses.


  • The Proposable proposal software comes with the potential to go back and view other proposals.
  • Lets the entire pipeline understandable.
  • It is extremely simple to report at concluding part of the year on lost business.
  • It seamlessly integrates with Hubspot.

14. GetAccept

GetAccept is essentially an e-signature and document tracking solutions specially intended for salespeople. Basically, this tool updates the proposal and also does e-signing workflow through enticing the recipient. This is accomplished by a smart and customized document they could sign immediately.


  • GetAccept comes with a video and live chat features.
  • Its price comes with $35/user per month for the Starter plan, so it is affordably priced.
  • Both web and mobile apps are available.

13. Quote Roller


  • There is the inclusion of the dynamic content tokens so the business could effortlessly update all the client’s company instances through a document.
  • It comes with workflow approval in order that the proposals can generated and accepted by the correct person before sending out.

12. InDesign


  • Its price starts at $49/month, so it is affordable.
  • For designer and other business people, there is no learning curve so it is quite simple to use.

11. ConnectWise Sell

With ConnectWise Sell, any business could quote, create, propose and close the proposals which win and quotes which close with. Actually, it is an all-inclusive cloud-based quoting software solution specially designed for IT solution providers as well as resellers that generate proposals and quotes. The same is possible anywhere, anytime. Using this proposal software, it is quite easy to control sales for growth, generate professional quotes and proposals within a few minutes, and routinely update your sales pipeline.


  • With the incorporated e-signature capabilities, the clients could easily customize their order and quickly accept their quote.
  • You could effortlessly access pricing and availability.
  • It could seamlessly integrate with Salesforce, Dynamics CRM, Autotask, NetSuite, and ConnectWise Manage.

10. Octiv

From the idea of a proposal to its creation, the Octiv tool helps a lot in business. Generally, it works flawlessly on Microsoft based web apps. It is a functional proposal too for managing the whole process right from proposal creation to contract.


  • Octiv features a content library used for saving the accepted content sections; it also includes an online presentation tool as well as reporting to depict the names of persons who viewed it.
  • Clients could view and comment over the proposals irrespective of the device they are using.
  • It possesses DocuSign built right in to facilitate simple and safe signing.

9. Loopio

Loopio software is capable to curate and systematize your company knowledge within a centralized library. This library could be used, reviewed, and restructured with simplicity. In business, team collaboration would be upgraded to the next level. Moreover, Loopio proposal software sanctions teams within your organization to allocate questions, collect insights, and analysis of final responses. The response process could be enhanced through the powerful workflows capable to save time and enabling your team to solely emphasis on things that matter to them.


  • The users could build an RFP response library, tag and classify this content, and later its automation engine retrieves from your content library in order to automatically populate a proposal.
  • It comes with the capability to connect content with a subject-matter specialist. So, it is quite simple to know the person to be communicated for updating and personalizing information.

8. Qwilr


  • One of the most standout features of Qwilr is its design which is classic. Also, Qwilr regularly updates its design.
  • There are many integration options available.

7. Nusii

The business of any size usually focuses on the convenience of use and flexibility. Both these aspects fulfill with the use of Nusii. It enables the user to generate a limitless number of proposal templates. This benefit would be useful if in case your business deals with sending tons of bids on a daily or weekly basis. For your frequent customers, it is possible to utilize this software solution to generate documents and reports. This will allow you to maintain them in the loop regarding your projects and partnerships. To clear the confusion regarding its pricing, Nusii actually comes with three plan options. They are $29/month for freelancers, $49/ month for professionals, and $129/ month for businesses.


  • The Nusii proposal software would allow you to reuse the templates in order to push out more proposals quickly.
  • The users could utilize the analytics to analyze those proposals that are making the highest profits. So, it is easy to discern out the best clients for your business.
  • All its operations are user-friendly; it comes with beneficial features like tracking and notifications. Hence, you can instantly know the instant when the prospect starts.

6. DocSend


  • In DocSend, document tracking is extremely well designed and executed inside it.
  • It is easy to precisely check the instant when your document open and the place from where it is accessed. Besides, you could know the person who opened it at a particular time. Hence, effective control employs regarding the people who review a specific document.

5. ClientPoint

ClientPoint officially Paperless Proposal is essentially a cloud-based sales enablement and proposal generation solution. It facilitates your sales team with the capability to instantly and effortlessly make, send, supervise and follow your business proposals. In addition to business proposals, it is quite easy to manage quotes, contracts, multimedia eBrochures and many more via online in a matter of few minutes.


  • With the use of ClientPoint proposal software, you could add different files like office word, excel files, powerpoint files, PDFs, etc. Moreover, you can add websites, multimedia videos, google docs and can also manage your sales reps pipelines reports. The latter check what is present within your proposal lifecycle.
  • Through the feature of Tracking and Analytics, the users could observe what their clients have clicked on and looked at. This would serve with proper insight within their true interests, and enables you to an emphasis on your sales approach.
  • There is no need to install extra software.

4. Osmosis

It is quite simple to create proposals and client questionnaires through Osmosis. All the required tools are available to create the above two things. This helps a business to decide a project scope. Osmosis is widely used on Google Chrome.


  • In Osmosis, the proposals showcase as a web page which could be exported in the form of a PDF.
  • It seamlessly integrates with different platforms like Trello, Basecamp, Freshbooks, and many other commonly used tools.

3. Propospify


  • The Propospify proposal software allows the user to design the proposals effortlessly and instantly before deals run out.
  • Individuals willing to access the proposal can use this software’s dashboard.
  • There are no hassles to control who can create edits or who is view-only. It could flawlessly track changes, comments, and also shares until the prospective approves the proposal.

2. Better Proposals


  • It is possible to import your images and logo and conveniently pinch the design to counterpart your business’ colors.
  • Names of a few of the CRMs that can be integrated with Better Proposals software are HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Highrise, Zoho, Nimble, Base, and Capsule.

1. PandaDoc


  • There are no troubles to enable custom notifications to get information about when your client opens the document. Furthermore, you could know the amount of time spent while reading the document.
  • PandaDoc proposal software can use for contract regeneration and the HR solution to simplify the hiring process.

Creation, sharing and presenting the proposals to clients will now not involve any concerns with the choice of appropriate proposal software. These types of software are easy to use and enable customization too, so you can use it according to your business needs.

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