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Top 10 Best Project Management Books In 2021

A great project manager knows how to work with an overwhelming count of moving parts, effortlessly organize teams, stay within budget while maintaining efficiency, and meet deadlines. Project management is a complex topic and incorporates elements from business, psychology, and game theory too. The books mentioned below will give you a look into the world of project management.

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Best Project Management Books Review

10. A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge

Well, this is a textbook. It contains almost 800 pages filled with information and can be rather technical sometimes. However, there is no book as widely recognized in the industry of project management then this PBOK Guide. The Project Management Institute compiled this book, and they’re literally the group that sets industry standards on PM.

If that doesn’t assure you of the quality, we don’t know what will. The newest edition gives advice on ways to convert philosophical and theoretical ideas into practical plans to solve everyday PM conflicts.

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9. Making Things Happen: Mastering Project Management

If you’re a newbie in project management, you will want a practical and comprehensive guide that will sketch out a starting point for you. Scott Berkun’s book is what you need. The author spent more than 10 years as a PM and uses his decade worth of knowledge to present some interesting perspectives. Although the book does include many complex theories, the writing style is lucid enough for everyone to understand. There are essays based on philosophy and theory as well as concise, practical advice.

8. Scrum -The Art of Doing Twice The Work In Half The Time

In business terms, scrum is related to analyzing a huge complex in a collaborative and agile setting. Jeff Sutherland, the author of this book and also the man who assisted in coining the business term, wrote this book with a view to make you realize why one needs scrum in their life – and claims it can increase the quality and productivity of your work by 1,200 percent!

7. Brilliant Project Management

This book is ideal for a fast refresher course on project management. A Stephen Barker classic, the book provides memorable and hilarious illustrations of daily struggles you face when working with a big team or planning a crucial project, without overpowering it with complicated theories.

If you’re stuck in a project or team or need fresh, out of the box ideas to get you out of a creative rut, this is the book to keep up. Conveniently, the lessons will also help you stay within budget, maintain a schedule, and improve health, humor, and sanity.

6. Decide: Work Smarter, Reduce Your Stress & Lead by Example

The author, Steve McClatchy reveals one of the secrets to productivity in this book. Any guesses? It’s actually efficient decision making. After years of experience working with top executives, he has discovered insights that will be the guidelines you need to propel yourself into a profile with better decision making and an improved lifestyle. If you want to feel less stressed, make better decisions, feel more in control, and progress in your career, then this Project Management Book is the one for you!

5. Getting Things Done: Art of Stress-Free Productivity

We don’t recommend this book for beginners as the use of complex scenarios and jargon might intimidate you. But more experienced project managers will find a lot of helpful things in David Allen’s book. The core concept is rather simple; it revolves around the statement that to be a better PM, you must be more relaxed. When your brain is crowded with a billion thoughts, all the planning in the world won’t do you any good. And this book is dedicated to the art of decluttering lives.

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4. Alpha Project Managers

This book was compiled after conducting a survey on more than 800 project managers across the world and dives deeper into what differentiates an incredible PM from an average one. It’s perfect for learning the habits and traits that will tell you what your superiors and peers think of you – and will also provide helpful tips on climbing the corporate ladder at an accelerated speed.

3. Project Management: Absolute Beginner’s Guide

This Project Management Book is like a simplified version of the PMBOK. We really like how to writing style is approachable and thoughts well organized. Many classes prefer this over the PMBOK, more of an alternative if the latter is too advanced for them. Students also say this book helps them score better in PMP. While you will get a clear idea of the theories and basics of project management, it lacks a bit of actionable and solid on-the-job advice.

2. Project Management for Humans

Author Brett Harned takes the monotony out of project management and talks about personal stories and success mantras anyone can use to successfully lead projects. You’ll learn the basics of PM tactics like planning projects as well as developing soft skills like communication and empathy. This Project Management Book aims to help you manage projects and people better.

1. Strategic Project Management Made Simple

Packed with many interesting quick reads, this is one of the most highly rated Project Management Books out there. It’s much more than just a Project Management Books; expect to find a well thought, actionable framework for deep thinking and achieving goals. If you find projects going off track is due to a lack of time spent discussing upfront, this Project Management Books will provide you with tools to fix that.

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Our picks for top project management books will provide suggestions on how to become a better PM, whether you have decades of experience or just started in the field. Happy reading!

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