Top 15 Professional Social Media Management Tools

A social media marketer accomplishes lots of job by the end of the day. This usually varies from preparing and posting content to analytics and reporting. All these tasks may seem easy at first glance but actually, they are not. Fortunately, with the use of appropriate social media management tools, these tasks can be carried out effectively. The professional social media management tools are widely used by freelancers and agencies in order to streamline their workflows. With their appropriate use, there will be a considerable saving in time and it guarantees that the content is availed by the appropriate audience. These tools enable the user to supervise and connect across different social profiles. Moreover, they offer reports in order to give you the assurance that you are working correctly. Any freelancer or agency can consider using any of the below-discussed professional social media management tools:

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Top 15 Professional Social Media Management Tools For freelancers

15. Post Planner

Post Planner

Post Planner is intended to assist social media marketers with 3 major aspects. They are finding high-quality content, mapping the impeccable publishing calendar, and upload consistently. Post Planner enables its user to prepare a content-type-based schedule.


  • Using its Find tool, this tool simplifies the process to find content that is guaranteed to engage people. This feature is rarely found in other professional social media management tools.
  • Instead of the time slots in your schedule, it is possible to choose the content type for every time slot.

14. Sprinklr


Sprinklr is recognized as the digital transformation tool in order to enhance the enterprises’ influence. Currently, Sprinklr is utilized by prominent performers present in sales, marketing, advertising, and different other domains.


  • The Sprinklr tool is quite simple to include inside the customer-oriented legacy systems similar to prevalent CRM and websites.
  • It is possible to use Sprinklr in varied languages like German, Portuguese, Spanish, French, and Chinese.

13. Crowdfire


A freely available social media management tool, Crowdfire assists the user to explore and plan content. The biggest advantage of the tool is it can manage all your social accounts right from a single place. You could automatically explore articles and images that would be admired by your audience. Also, you could share them to different social profiles. Crowdfire continuously adds new features to serve the users with the best. In addition to scheduling content, the tool enables the user to manage their Twitter account and recommend articles for sharing.


  • Crowdfire stands unique from the most professional social media management tools in a way that it allows the users to connect their blogs and YouTube channel.
  • It is easy to post content from your sites or blogs.

12. Friends+Me


Friends+Me is solely focused on Google+ it enables its users to plan their content to some other leading social platforms. It does come in free version whereas the prices of its paid version vary from $9 to $259 per month. There is no need to publish the post directly since you could schedule them for later use. Posting at the appropriate time would assist the users to reach more followers across the world.


  • Friends+Me provides support for scheduling their Google+ profiles, pages, communities, collections, etc. Also, GSuite Google+ enables the user to set up automation to again publish your Google+ posts over different social media accounts.
  • With the assistance of the content cross-promotion, you could publish once and save time with the cross-promotion of Google+ posts.
  • You may also invite your friends and colleagues to upload content, so it is one of the recommended professional social media management tools.

11. Tailwind


Tailwind is recognized as a comprehensive social media marketing toolkit for Instagram and Pinterest. Generally, it is a widely suitable tool for small enterprises, large enterprises, bloggers, businesses, and agencies. It is packed with influential features and shortcuts to appropriately plan posts on a daily basis. Initially, Tailwind suggests the best time when most people are active. Gradually, it assesses the optimal time depending on your audience engagement.


  • The Smart Queue feature from Tailwind assists you to upload content at the best time to get high engagement.
  • It is possible to occupy your planned days or weeks in advance just by incorporating content in bulk from the convenience of your mobile device or desktop.

10. Edgar


Edgar adopts an ingenious approach to social media sharing. It essentially works by creating a library of content filled with different categories. Moreover, it also adds time slots with a particular category. This tool is capable to automatically fill up such time slots through the use of the content within your library. Edgar is available at a price of $49/month and this plan comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Compared to other professional social media management tools, in this tool, most people are fascinated towards its automatic social media post creation and planning in a smart way.
  • As an alternative to uploading your social media posts many times, Edgar recycles your content library based on the categories.

9. Buffer

Buffer social media management tools

The buffer is widely popular in the world of social media due to its intuitive platform. So, it is relied on by approximately 4,000,000 marketers globally. From time to time, there is gradual advancement brought in Buffer. The appreciation goes to its supreme scheduling capacity. Through the use of Buffer, the users are able to plan the anticipated posting schedule consisting of dates and times found convenient for your audiences


  • The platform of Buffer facilitates queuing up of the posts for various platforms and in order to influence audiences.
  • It works to amplify and standardize marketing efforts on most of your social profiles.
  • For mobile users, a native Android/iOS application is available to let them continue posting from different locations.

8. TweetDeck

TweetDeck social media management tools

TweetDeck is dedicated to offering a convenient Twitter experience by allowing the user to watch multiple accounts in a single interface. The platform of this tool lets is simpler to engage your audience by utilizing a sequence of personalized columns compared to that of a single Twitter timeline. The users could easily incorporate columns that depict all your lists, direct messages, mentions, favorites, trends, hashtags or search results.


  • In case you handle multiple accounts via TweetDeck then you gain the flexibility to plan Tweets separately for all of them.
  • There are no hassles to do changes to a planned Tweet prior to getting published. Moreover, it is easy to incorporate GIFs and images into your message.

7. MavSocial

MavSocial social media management tools

Recognized as an effective social media management tool, MavSocial effortlessly curates, plan and handle your social presence. Its key focus is on visual content. When you move towards adopting its higher-priced plans, you could seamlessly manage your Facebook ads. It comes with a search engine allowing the user to effortlessly browse across tons of stock photos.


  • In addition to the typical features, MavSocial possesses a digital library from where you could manage and edit your media files for posting it on your social media platform. This feature makes MavSocial unique from the rest of professional social media management tools.
  • According to your need, it could assist you to iterate your social media posts for a specific duration.

6. Hootsuite

Hootsuite social media management tools

The Hootsuite platform presents you a collection of tools to effectively handle all the social media profiles from a unified dashboard. It could automatically search and plan valuable social content. Hootsuite utilizes multiple streams as an alternative to using an inbox to effectively manage engagement. The users could use tabs to arrange their teams into groups. If needed, a personalized dashboard can be created.


  • While working in teams, it is possible to allocate posts to the correct person, section, or region.
  • It’s ‘Auto Scheduling’ feature lets you upkeep a 24/7 presence on social media. After the content is scheduled, it is quite simple to incorporate new posts.

5. Social Flow

Social Flow social media management tools

Social Flow is generally identified as the prominent professional social media management tools for agencies and publishers. It is capable to substitute random scheduling with planned data. It is reliable to engage audiences in the correct time utilizing the appropriate content. Its functioning allows the user to make appealing content, participate in the system’s queue, and decide the instant where and when to publish. In this manner, you could reach several users on a diversity of platforms through some clicks.


  • It supports organic publishing on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.
  • A feature of social media advertising enables the firms to organize goal-based campaigns, and enhance conversions and click-through rates. For that, Social Flow utilizes a smart keyword recommendation technology as well as it conveys effective opportunities in front of you.

4. eClincher

eClincher social media management tools

eClincher is an intuitive tool that allows you to handle different social media accounts, groups, and pages. Its functioning is perfect especially for businesses, social media managers, teams, agencies, and marketing professionals. There are some freelancers or agencies that like to supervise their social media activities in the real-time. For fulfilling such need, the Live Social Feeds is the preferred feature. In this tool, you could precisely see your connected social media profiles, groups, and pages.


  • Its Unified Social Inbox collects all of the user’s social media messages as well as notifications from a single place. Therefore, you could respond, engage, or follow your audience.
  • Once you log into eClincher, it is possible to see the number of pending notifications. After a message is answered, it would be invisible from your list to let you concentrate on the residual messages.

3. Sprout Social

Sprout Social social media management tools

Sprout Social consolidates different social media tools in a single platform to streamline the hassles to find them from different places. It accomplishes a lot of tasks like monitoring, scheduling, reporting, etc. Different pricing plans available on monthly basis charge fees at $99, $149, and $249 per user.


  • Sprout Social is one of the few professional social media management tools that offer customer relationship management (CRM) features.
  • It creates reports so wonderfully that it downloads and send across the clients without requiring a single edit.

2. Facebook Pages Manager

Facebook Pages Manager social media management tools

The prime intentions of Facebook created Pages Manager is to work on behavior analytics and introducing business prospects in the spare time activity of people. It assists marketers to target buyers on their important needs. It comes with a collection of backend controls for Facebook administrators that assist them effectively handle Facebook pages and profiles.


  • The overall appearance and feel of the tool are comparable to a typical profile interface. The only difference is that its users attain more managerial functions concerning to their posts and engagements.
  • Its corresponding Android/iOS app provides the interest-in-page intelligence which is extremely useful for the determined business agencies.

1. Sendible

Sendible social media management tools

Sendible simplifies the hassles associated with the engaging audience, monitoring the brand and follow results from a single dashboard. Its Priority Inbox conveys every social message from different profiles and networks in a unified stream. So, you could easily identify the essential message and could perform accordingly. In the inbox, only the unanswered messages would be left.


  • Unlike other professional social media management tools, Sendible allows you to schedule your content on an individual basis or in bulk.
  • All the data is saved within the interactive calendar; hence, if something requires some adjustments, it is easy to drag-and-drop the content. After getting acquainted with the best-performing content, the user could reuse it with iterating schedules.

Selecting the right social media management tool usually seems a complex decision for freelancers and agencies. Now they can alleviate such hassles and can accurately target their audience with the use of any of these professional social media management tools.

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