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Top 10 Best Portable Hair Washing Sinks In 2021

Best 10 Portable Hair Washing Sinks in 2020

If you already have a successful beauty salon business or considering launching one, portable hair washing sinks may be just the equipment you need. Also known as shampoo bowls, these heavy stations are also used in healthcare or homecare facilities. Regardless of the type of your venture, if you are looking for a good quality portable hair wash sink, we can help you with our expertly curated reviews. If extensive research is not your cup of tea, you can go for our editor’s choice SaloniturePortable Shampoo Sink. Or else, continue reading up compare it with other recommendations.

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Top 10 Best Portable Hair Washing Sinks in 2021

1. Saloniture Portable Salon Extra Deep Basin Shampoo Sink

This is a lightweight, portable basin made of durable ABS. It comes with 5 legs to ensure a sturdy pedestal base. The best part of its design is that it comes with an adjustable height. Thus perks excellent when you are working with a child or someone old. The tilt-able feature allows the client’s neck to rest while you wash the hair.

  • Adjustable to standard or reclining chairs.
  • Sturdy basin stand.
  • Extra-depth added.
  • Drain hose included.

2. The Best Choice Products Portable Shampoo Basin 

Presenting a sleek, dark, polished look, this item could be ab excellent addition to your salon or barbershop. Made of injection-molded plastic, this is easier to clean and maintain as well. Depending on your needs, you can adjust its height up to 54 inches. As for the drain hose, you can extend it up to seven feet. As the basin provides extra depth, it becomes easier to work with.

  • Glossy coated finishing.
  • Easy of use.
  • Plenty of workspace.
  • Good drainage system.

3. The TMS Adjustable Salon Treatment Tool

Along with a stunning appearance, this basin is known for its reinforced stain-resistant feature. It comes with stainless steel support that makes it sturdy and durable for years to come. The product has a plug added in the drainage unit, which prevents water from draining or leaking during service. While the basin is extra large, it is lightweight and easy to work with.

  • Adjustable height.
  • Stain-resistant plastic.
  • Accommodates reclining or standard chair.

4. The Saloniture Portable Salon Basin Shampoo Sink with Drain 

Although this item is built if similar components as our top recommended product, it comes in different sizes and shapes. The design of this basin focuses more on the ease of water flow. It has a shallow base and adjustable height so that it can be tilted as per the client’s sitting position. You can either install it permanently or transport it anywhere for home appointments.

  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • 62″ drain hose.
  • Stain-resistant material.
  • Best for elderly or disabled clients.

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5. LCL Beauty Ceramic Adjustable Shampoo Bowl

This is a professional quality shampoo bowl that can be adjusted with a variety of chair types. This is one of the reasons why this item works great both at home and beauty salons. It comes with a certified authenticity. Therefore, you will not have to worry about its quality or durability. As the item features smooth glide, it is comfortable for a prolonged backrest.

  • Professional-grade shampoo bowl.
  • Triple-certified item.
  • 1-year warranty.

6. The HomeSmith Portable Deep Shampoo Basin

If you are specifically looking for a basin with a large work area, then you may consider buying this product. With more room in this basin, washing hair becomes easy and comfortable for both you and the client. It is a lightweight basin that is stain-resistant and easy to clean after service. You can adjust it as low as 39 inches and raise it to 55 inches. The assembly setting is simple as well, making it great for any urgent service.

  • Sturdy and durable legs.
  • Extra-large work area.
  • Comfortable working at.
  • Great for wheel-bound clients.

7. DoCooler Portable Hair Washing Salon 

Coming from one of the most popular salon product manufacturers, this portable hair washing sink may be the right choice for your business. Made of molded plastic, the product has no issue when it comes to ensuring durability and longevity. It also comes with an adjustable height so that you can work with extra comfort.

  • Luxurious glossy finish.
  • Stain and fade resistant.
  • Reliable and authentic.
  • 25 cm depth for ease of use.

8. Nova Microdermabrasion Portable Basin

If you have been in love with Nova hair care products, check out their portable hair basin as well. This is a fantastic quality product that takes care of all the hair washing requirements from your clients. As expected from a portable hair sink, this basin comes with a well-adjusted height that fits most chair measurements. It is a very lightweight product as well, for which you can set it anywhere.

  • Travel-friendly hair sink.
  • Extra-depth for ease of use.
  • Long drain hose included.

9. Chrome Cherry Mobile Salon Inflatable Basin

Can’t find a good portable sink due to budget issues? Then check out this highly affordable portable basin. The unique aspect of this basin is that it comes as an inflatable shampoo station. Just pump some air, and it will be ready to set up at your bed or chair. This is why the item is especially ideal for the sick and elderly.

  • Adjustable and meat-free.
  • Inflates is moments.
  • Great neck support.
  • Money-back guarantee.

10. ObboMed HB-3000 Foldable Washing Basin

This is another great inflatable basin that comes with an added foldable feature. The product comes with a deep base so that all the water remains there without any leaking and dripping issue. You can get it to work by merely pumping air and staining it in the desired position. This basin also comes with a comfortable neck-rest space so that your client can rest while you continue working.

  • Ideal for bed-ridden, post-surgical patients.
  • Available in 3 sizes.
  • Water pipe included.
  • Durable PVC material.

Although portable hair washing sinks have versatile uses, they are the essential items in a professional barbershop or beauty salon. While you can choose to install a basin permanently, a portable basin will give you that ease of transport. This is highly beneficial if you are working with an elderly, small child, or physically disabled people. You can easily pack the basin in your car and attend home appointments. However, keep a few factors in mind when you are seeking a portable sink. You need to check its durability, drainage capacity, leaking issues, and ease of use. When all requirements are met, buy the item and enjoy a comfortable hair wash experience.

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