Top 10 Best Plug-In Night Lights in 2020

Well, not everyone is a nightcrawler. Not everyone can sleep like a baby even in the darkest of rooms. Some of us prefer even the dimmest of lights before closing our eyes. And it’s not always about fear; it’s about comfort. And this is where plugin night lights come in. These are very efficient portable devices that provide just the exact amount of lights required for you to have a peaceful sleep. These lights come in different shapes and designs.  And it will not just ensure you have a sound sleep, the various colors and brightness levels alongside its sleek design will also enhance the aesthetic beauty of your room. So, without further ado, let’s take you directly to the ten best Plug-in night lights!

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Top 10 Best Plug-In Night Lights in 2020

10. GE LED Plug-In Night Lights

Best Plug-In Night Lights

Perhaps the brightest of the night lights in the list, this is an excellent addition to larger rooms like hall rooms. The manual and auto-switch system adds more user-friendly features to it.

Design and Quality: A super-bright light that can go up to 100 lumens.

  • Has a dusk-to-dawn built-in sensor
  • Manual and auto-switch system
  • Can be too bright for bedrooms

9. POWRUI Plug-In Night Lights

Best Plug-In Night Lights

This here is not just a night light, it’s way more than that. A device that can be a multiplug, USB charger, and night light at the same time – this is what a multitasker looks like.

Design and Quality: This has three different brightness levels for proper adjustment. It also comes with a built-in on and off sensor that is pretty accurate.

  • Two USB ports and AC outlets alongside the light
  • No manual system, it turns on in dawn and turns down on dusk
  • Not bright enough for larger rooms

8. GE CoverLite Plug-In Night Lights

Best Plug-In Night Lights

Well, if you want your place to be well decorated, you would certainly like this one. It is a covered night light that can fit in as room decor too. If you want your other socket to be covered, it can do that as well!

Design and Quality: This aesthetic piece comes with different patterns like floral, Celtic, tree, and Moroccan.

  • Has a built-in sensor that turns off in dusk or when the room lights are on
  • Suitable size for larger rooms
  • This night light is UI listed

7. Emotionlite Rotating Night Light

Best Plug-In Night Lights

A common problem with night lights is the positioning of the lights. Now, these plug-in devices are portable but the sockets in your room aren’t, so all you can do is choose a 360-degree rotating night light like this and customize your light position!

Design and Quality Comes with a pack of six night-lights.

  • The beam is 360-degree rotatable
  • The light is not very bright, can go up to only 6 lumen
  • Light can turn on automatically when there is insufficient lighting.

6. Emotionlite Glare-Free Plug-In Nightlight

Best Plug-In Night Lights

When it comes to night lights, some people complain about the discomfort they experience when the light falls straight into their eyes. To resolve that problem, we have a glare-free device that will not be causing any issues whatsoever even if you stare right at it!

Design and Quality: The unique louvers design makes sure the light goes downward.

  • Glare-free lights with downward lighting
  • Has a built-in automatic light sensor system
  • The brightness might seem insufficient to some

5. Syntus Himalayan Lamp

Best Plug-In Night Lights

If we say that this next night light isn’t just efficient, it is also immensely healthy for you, would you believe us? You have to because this Himalayan lamp helps you to get better air quality, reduces infections, and relaxes your mood to help you have an excellent sound sleep!

Design and Quality: This product is made from original Himalayan salt.

  • Can purify the air and remove airborne infections
  • Helps boost your brain and have a good sleep
  • Doesn’t have any day/light sensors

4. Lofter Plug-in Light

Best Plug-In Night Lights

The sole reason why this product made it so high up the list is the color-changing features. It’s unique, it’s exceptional, it’s the best for your kids (maybe your inner kid too?)

Design and Quality: 8 different colors and easy touch control enhances the user experience on this one.

  • Has a single touch button for interchanging colors
  • It comes with a whopping 8 different colors
  • An excellent choice for children’s rooms

3. MAZ-TEK Night Light

Customizable features are always a top pick when you go for any kind of product. This is no different because the dimmer and slider switch for controlling brightness and intensity is something everyone looks for in a plug-in night light.

Design and Quality: The square-shaped product comes with warm and cool white colors.

  • Brightness and light intensity can be controllable
  • Comes with a day/light built-in sensor
  • Exquisite design with a luminous surface

2. SYCEES Dimmable Plug-in Night Light

At the end of the day, a combination of affordability and simplicity is the key, and that is where this device excels in. You would want a decent, efficient light that fulfills your needs, and this here is just that.

Design and Quality: It comes in a couple of colors, including warm and daylight white.

  • Square and compact design
  • Built-in automatic day/light sensor
  • Quite affordable and durable.

1. GE Motion Activated Night Light

Two things are unique about this one. One is the motion sensor, which makes sure it only turns on when it senses movement and turns off after inactivity of 90 seconds. The other one is its massively energy-efficient features.

Design and Quality: This product is UL listed. So, clearly, this night light had to make it to the top.

  • Has a motion sensor instead of the regular day/night sensors
  • It is very bright, can go up to 40 lumen
  • Bright enough for larger rooms

This was our ten best plug-in night lights for you. Best of luck with choosing the right one for your place!

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