Are you interested in photography or are you a photographer? No matter which you are reading about the craft helps you learn more about your past time. Therefore, we have listed the best photography magazines for you to read.

While many of the publications are moving towards digital, there is nothing more amazing than holding a physical magazine in your hand. Here, you can find a suitable print to flip through the pages and see the images pop out on the paper.

Not only do they provide you with rewarding information a subscription makes for a great personal gift as well.

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Top 10 Best Photography Magazines in 2021

1. Outdoor Photographer Magazine

Outdoor Photographer Magazine

  • Suitable for: Amateur and Professional

The photography magazine provides you with technical advice on accessories and gear. In another word, the publications suitable for amateurs and professionals alike and helps improve your skills. Moreover, the edition focuses on nature, landscape, and wildlife photography.

The information and photos come from top photographers in the field. Furthermore, you get loads of advice, tips, and come with technical information with travel advice. The membership includes 11 issues, and you save 80% on the costs compared to buying it at a newsstand. Also, you can subscribe to the digital edition.

2. Digital Photographer Magazine

Digital Photographer Magazine

  • Suitable for: Professionals

When it comes to refining your digital photographic skills, this photography magazine is the one. The contents provided by experts and well-established businesses. In addition, there is a “behind the scenes” column to help readers see how the professionals to their work.

The publication covers a wide genre from landscapes, macro, architecture, to astrophotography. The magazine comes from the UK however, you can buy it at Amazon for a fantastic price of $118 per year. You will receive 13 issues with the subscription.

3. Black & White

Black & White

  • Suitable for: Amateur and Professionals

If you are interested in photography from the past to the present, you will enjoy reading Black and White. The magazine provides you with fine art focusing on artist profiles and galleries. The publication offers you both digital and film photography and suitable for any photographer to read. Therefore, you get interesting stories, interviews, and biographies. Each article available in the book is detailed and worth reading. Included with the subscription you get 12 issues.

4. PhotoLife


  • Suitable for: Beginner and Intermediate

One of the bet leading Canadian photography magazines, you can look at PhotoLife. When it comes to paper, print, layout, and design, it spells out quality.

The images are outstanding and the technical details informative to learn different things. You get different methods, guidelines, and advice. Furthermore, they publish business events and news for you to participate. The subscription is $24.95 for Canadians and $34.95 for US residents.

5. Aperture


  • Suitable for: Inspiring Photographers

Indeed, the photography magazine you receive quarterly and not a how-to publication. The edition covers a wide selection of genre in photography from architecture, nature, to outdoors. The articles and prints on quality paper and look alive as if you are standing in a gallery.

Furthermore, you get information on art theory, history, and inspiration to create unique photographs. Additionally, it covers debates, images, projects, and more. Another fantastic thing is the books not loaded with adverts to distract you from the rich features available. You can subscribe to the print or digital edition.

6. Nature Photographer Magazine

Nature Photographer Magazine - Photography Magazines

  • Suitable for: Nature Photographers

When subscribing to the photography magazine, you will receive it three times a year. The publication covers all the seasons with images and information for beginners to professionals in the field. Following this, the articles based on how-to information related to landscape and wildlife. Included with the photo, you get an essay provided by the photographer. There are sections where they concentrate on natural history and advertisements are limited.

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7. Digital SLR Photography Magazine

Digital SLR Photography Magazine - Photography Magazines

  • Suitable for: Amateurs and Beginners

The photography magazine offers the amateur and beginner the basics of photography. That is to say, the publication teaches you all the skills needed to start your digital photography hobby. There is a “Readers Showcase” column features photos sent in by the readers.

Furthermore, it has an expert critique section where experts review reader’s images. Alternatively, you can learn how to get certain effects when taking photographs without using expensive gear. The editions budget-friendly at £49 for UK residents and £66 for international readers.

8. Practical Photography Magazine

Practical Photography Magazine - Photography Magazines

  • Suitable for: Beginners and Season Pros

In order to take your post-processing and photography skills to the next level, you need this photographer magazine. You get inspirational photos, tutorials, and expert advice to grow your creativity. The publication covers a wide selection of photography and comes with tips and techniques included.

Furthermore, the edition focuses on how to and what to shoot with practical tips. In addition, you can send in your images and feature in the “Hotshots” section for the month. You can also read about kit reviews and has useful ads.

9. Shutter MagazineShutter Magazine - Photography Magazines

  • Suitable for: Professionals

The photography magazine provides you with educational content, inspirational photos, and advice. Especially, the publication does not cramp in information all on one page and gives you breathing space to read. Also, the paper quality is excellent and provides a professional touch with the latest technology and products.

Furthermore, the edition focuses on the business side of photography. You can subscribe annually for $49 with free delivery for US residents. Alternatively, you can browse through their online version free.

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10. Amateur Photographer Magazine


  • Suitable for: Amateur

The British photography magazine comes out weekly and geared more towards amateur and professionals. You get the latest reviews on gear and news. You can also read portfolios, product details, the latest photography equipment, and get technical tips. There are competitions and covers both film and digital photography. The annual subscription is £123.99, and you receive 51 issues throughout the year.

Taking photographs is a constant ever-growing field. Therefore, with one of the best photography magazines, you can continue learning your skill. Whether you are a beginner, amateur to professional each publication tailored according to your experience. Overall, by subscribing to one of these photography magazines, you will get inspiration from leaders in the industry.

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