Top 10 Best Office Projectors | Upgrade The Productivity of Your Meeting

Office Projectors

Office projector is very necessary for use especially for business purposes as we have upgraded to live in this technology era, which evolves with digital products and technology advancement. Therefore, to increase the work productivity in your business, choosing the right office projector for your needs is very important. Undoubtedly, with this article, you will get to know all top office projectors that gain much support from their users. Here are the top 10 office projectors that will be your best help in the office.

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Top 10 Best Office Projectors in 2019

Office Projectors Reviews | Upgrade The Productivity of Your Meeting

1.BenQ MW612 WXGA Business Projector


BenQ offers a projector model MW612 that is famous for its business use. It offers a WXGA of 1280*800 resolution that will surely offer a bright and clear image from this office projector. Apart from this, its contrast ratio is 20,000:1 which is high enough to give you vivid controlling image quality. For convenient use, it also equips with both wired and wireless connectivity for users to connect with their devices easily as well.


  • Features include WXGA upgraded resolution of 1280*800 resolution with a contrast ratio of 20,000:1,
  • Connectivity offers both wired and wireless connection: HDMI, MHL, USB power supply, Q cast mirror HDMI wireless dongle, dongle google drive
  • 3 years’ warranty on limited parts and a 1-year warranty or 2,000 hours on lamp life

2. BenQ MW612 WXGA Business Projector


This office projector offers many modes for lamp life’s setting. There are 4 different lamp life includes, normal with 4,500 hours, economic with 6,000 hours, smart-eco with 10,000 hours and 15,000 hours for lamp save. Don’t worry about its brightness, an offer of 4,000 lumens brightness level with the contrast ratio of 20,000:1. You will get to see the slide with this projector without affecting your eyes.


  • Features include 4000 lumens of brightness level, the contrast ratio of 20,000:1, WXGA 1,280*800 resolution
  • Lamp life depends on the projector mode include normal, economic, smart eco and lamp save up to 15,000 hours
  • Available for both wired and wireless connectivity includes HDMI, VGA, Q cast mirror
  • Offers a 1-year warranty on limited parts and 3 years’ warranty

3. Epson VS355 WXGA

Epson VS355 WXGA 3,300

With 2 times resolution from the basic one, this office projector comes with a WXGA resolution of 1,280*800 resolution. In addition to that, it also offers 3,300 lumens of brightness to ensure the quality of the image for users’ views. Moreover, It is also available for connectivity with most of the devices, with the input connected via VGA, HDMI and USB.


  • Offers 3,300 lumens, WXGA resolution of 1,280*800 resolution, image contrast ratio of 15,000:1
  • Compatible with VGA, HDMI, and USB
  • Easy to set up and connect to

4. Epson VS250 SVGA

Epson VS250 SVGA | Office Projectors

If you are looking for a lightweight office projector, then this one is the right one for you, especially if you want to carry this it along with you. Also, it offers 3,200 lumens of brightness level and SVGA basic resolution of 800*600. You can also set up this projector with your input connected devices easily as well. No need to worry about spending too much time on setting up our devices with a projector anymore.


  • Offers 3,200 lumens of brightness, SVGA resolution of 800*600
  • Lightweight and easy to carry along
  • Supports HDMI, latest model of laptop and media player and others

5. ViewSonic 3600

 ViewSonic 3600 | Office Projectors

With an Eco-mode, this office projector offers 15,000 hours’ lamp life to save the environment. Other features also include 3,600 lumens and SVGA with an upgraded up to 1920*1080. Don’t have to worry about its connectivity. This projector offers most of the input devices. The devices available for connectivity include the most media players, PCs, MAC and other phone devices.


  • Features with 3,600 lumens, SVGA support up to 1920* 1080,
  • Lamp life can display up to 15,000 hours
  • 1-year warranty on the lamp life, 3 years’ warranty for limited parts
  • Projector set includes a PA503S projector, power cable, VGA cable, and a remote control

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6. YABER Native 1080P Projector

YABER Native 1080P | Office Projectors

This office projector is from Yaber manufacturer that is famous for its design and especially its German LED light source technology. Moreover, this office projector has the special feature which is its latest technology of keystone correction function of Y30’s, able you to get control and set up for your preference of the slide’s quality.


  • Features include 5,500 lumens of brightness level, Full HD resolution of 1080p with a contrast ratio of 8,000:1, Hifi stereo audio, Horizontal and vertical correction of the brightness
  • The special feature is the latest innovative keystone correction function of Y30’s
  • Offers 3 years’ warranty

7. TOPVISION Native 1080P Video Projector

TOPVISION Native | Office Projectors

If you are looking for a long lamp life, then this office projector from Topvision can be in your final decision list. Also, it offers users 80,000 hours’ lamp life. In addition to that, this projector comes with 5000 lux of its brightness quality featuring with 5000:1 contrast ratio. Within these 2 features, it can ensure that you will get to view the slide and image quality with vivid color and quality images. Especially this office projector supports most of the connectivity of the device for users as well.


  • Lamp life: 80,000 hours
  • Offers 5000 lux of brightness, 1080p resolution with the contrast ratio of 5000:1, 3 W dual stereo sound quality,
  • Supports connectivity with PC, laptop, Firestick, Chromecast, USB stick, DVD player, smartphones and media player
  • Display distance is 2.1 – 7 meters
  • Offers 2 years’ warranty

8. Video Projector,DHAWS 3800LM 1080P Full HD HDMI

DHAWS 3800LM | Office Projectors

If you are looking for a suitable price and quality office projector, then you should consider this one. This is a projector from a DHAW manufacturer that offers 3,800 lumens and full HD resolution for office using. Furthermore, it’s equipped with a long lamp life of 50,000 hours for using. Especially it also offers 3 years’ warranty service to guarantee the quality for users as well. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the connectivity of devices because it supports almost every type of device.


  • Lamp life: 50,000 hours
  • 3 years’ warranty service
  • Features with full HD resolution of 1080p, 3,800 lumens and support with HDMI, VGA, AV, SD USB, the contrast ratio is 3,000:1
  • Supports connectivity with PC, Laptop, Smartphone, TV box, X Box, USB dive, PS3 and PS4, speaker, and camera
  • Display distance is 1.5meters -5.6meters
  • The set comes with a projector and frees with projector clicker

9. Video Projector, TOPVISION Full HD 1080P Supported LED Projector

OPVISION Full HD 1080P | Office Projectors

This projector offers an upgraded of 3,800 brightness, equipped with full HD support of 1080p resolution. Its lamp life can display up to 60,000 hours and it also offers compatibility with most of the devices. Therefore, users can connect their iPhones by using HDMI or USB adapter.

However, for android users, they can connect their smartphone with micro USB or type c. Furthermore, this projector also can connect with your PC, laptop, iPad, iPhone, Android phones, Amazon Fire TV stick, Chrome cast, Xbox and PS4.


10. BenQ 1080p DLP Theater Projector

BenQ 1080p DLP Theater

This BenQ projector offers 3 modes of lamp life so users can decide which mode they prefer to use. In addition to that, the image quality of the projector provides 2,200 lumens with an image contrast of 15,000. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about whether this projector will provide you with good image quality or not. Moreover, the projector’s screen size is 59.8″ – 180″, so it is big enough for you to enjoy the image and slide size during your presentation.


  • Features include contrast ratio  1of5,000 :1, 2,200 lumens of brightness, Full HD of 1920*1080 resolution, screen size is 59.8″ – 180″
  • Lamp life depends on its lamp mode include 3,500, 5,000 and 6,000 hours

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Choosing the right projector will not only help your business grow faster but it also helps your colleagues or employees to go through with their job more effectively and efficiently. Having a projector at your office will act as a tool to increase discussion in the meeting process. So, get it one now for the success of your business!

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