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Office Partition

Since most office space is too open that it has no private space or room to consider as a room. Therefore in order to create a private room in your opened office space, you can use this office partition. Using this office partition will help save you money, time and it also helps you décor your room more effectively. Here is the top office partition that gains their popularity by helping to design the office to be more private,  effectively and efficiently.

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Top 10 Best Office Partition

Best Office Partition Reviews | Essentials For Office Interior Design

1. VaRoom Acoustic Desktop Privacy Divider

VaRoom Acoustic Desktop Privacy Divider

This is another desk partition that comes with tan color and its size is 29″W x 18″H. It is also available in another color which is a dark blue color. This desk divider is made of recycling materials. Additionally, users can just install it easily in just minutes with its lightweight. And it also offers visual and voice reduction to keep your focus on your job. By doing that it will make your work more productive.

Features :

  • Color: tan and another color available to choose is dark blue
  • It made of 60% post-consumer materials
  • Its size is: 29″W x 18″H and there are 3 other sizes available to choose
  • Removable office partition, visual and sound reduction

2. VaRoom Acoustic Desktop Privacy Divider

VaRoom Acoustic Desktop Privacy Divider

Varoom offers another style of office partition for you to choose which is this dark blue fabric partition. It is not so big and it is suitable for employees who work in their individual desk area. You can install it easily with its given connectors. Moreover, it has a function that to reduce the noise happen around your work environment 85%. And especially it made of recycling materials that produce only 60% of post-consumer materials. This is office partition is easily removable and you will get to work with more of your privacy.

Features :

  • Color: Dark blue but another color is Tan
  • Its dimension is 23″ W x 18″H
  • It made of eco-friendly with 100% recycled polyester fabric
  • It features with 85% voice reduction
  • Easy installing

3. RYB HOME Decor Freestanding Office Partition Wall Divider

RYB HOME Decor Freestanding Office Partition Wall Divider

If you want to divide your office, room with some non-hard thing you can use this partition divider curtain to divide your room. And with this curtain, you can divide your room by using less space and help you to reduce the noise that would disturb you while you are working. This partition comes with many colors for you to choose include cream beige, teal, brown, black, navy, navy blue and more. And there are sizes for you to choose from as well. It made of good quality materials include polyester and soft fabric that will ensure its durable use . Especially its features with machine washable that you can clean it for comfortable use.

Features :

  • Its size is W 15 x L 8 ft
  • Color: Cream beige but there are many other colors for you to choose
  • Material: Polyester and soft fabric
  • Include machine washable function and noise reduction

4. Owfeel Frosted Desk Divider Office Partition Privacy Desk Pane

Owfeel Frosted Desk Divider Office Partition Privacy Desk Panel

If you are looking for a partition to increase the privacy in your office space then this Owfeel desk divider can help you. With this desk partition, you can offer your employees with privacy and private space to increase their work production. Moreover using this desk divider will give your employees the space to focus more on their job and they will feel more satisfied with the office space given. Especially it also features some special functions include sound elimination and scratch resistance to prevent scratch happen as well.

Features :

  • Its size is rectangle and its measurement is 50*40 cm and there are also 3 other sizes are available to choose as well
  • It made of the quality and durable PS acrylic materials
  • It features with sound elimination, scratch resistance

5. ReFocus Acoustic Room Dividers

 Click image to open expanded view ReFocus Acoustic Room Dividers

If you are looking for a little bit bigger or expandable partition in your office space then this is the right for you. With this midnight blue color office partition of 72″ X 66″ cm measurement, you can expand your office partition whatever you like. Moreover, it made of environmentally friendly material include PET core that reduces the post-consumer material. And what is special about this office partition is that it can absorb 85% of the sound that gets pass this partition.

Features :

  • Its color is midnight blue but there are also 5 other colors are available to choose from including cool gray, ash gray, sandstone, steel blue and tea green
  • Its size is 72″ X 66″ inches but there are also 3 other sizes are available for you to choose
  • Features with free connected the partition with other, 85% sound elimination that get through this partition

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6. Stand Steady ZipPanels Office Partition

Stand Steady ZipPanels Office Partition

This office partition is to enable people who are working in an office in order to work more productively. It allows users to have their own privacy and it also offers more private office space for employees to do their tasks more quickly . Especially you can also connect this office partition with the others to get your other private room in the open office space. With this office partition, you can also stick your staff to be ready for your presentation with this office partition.

Features :

  • Color: Light gray and there are 3 other colors available to choose include charcoal, sky blue, and tan color
  • Feature with 85% sound absorb from the environment nearby
  • It made of from recycled materials include 100% PET core and fabric with 100% recycle
  • Its measurement is 72” W x 66” H x 1.25” D
  • Quick installing

7. ReFocus Acoustic Rear Mount Desk Dividers | Desk Privacy Panel

ReFocus Acoustic Rear Mount Desk Dividers

This is a longer type of office partition that provides a bigger size of the desk divider. And its measurement is 60 inches but the thing is you can bend it with 48 inches to cover your private space desk. This way will keep the employee to stay focus on their job. And moreover, it made of recycling materials that include the 100% recycled PET core and fabric.

Features :

  • Its color is steel blue but there are 6 other colors available for you to choose include ash gray, cool gray, midnight blue, sandstone, tea green and gravel blue
  • Feature with both distracted noise and visual reduction
  • Its measurement is 60 inches straight
  • It made of PET Core and fabric that contain 60% post-consumer materials

8. ReFocus Acoustic Room Dividers

ReFocus Acoustic Room Dividers

This Refocus room divider is best to use for those who are looking for office dividing, desk dividing or even creating a small meeting room in an open space in your office. User can use it as a room divider that create some private space or creating another quiet room in your office. By doing this it will help users save more space then build up or rent more space which costs you much money. Moreover, this partition is capable to reduce the noise up 85% and it made of recycling material that helps save the environment as well. Users can zip this partition together with the others partitions to creating a closed room.

Features :

  • Its size is 72″ X 66″ but there are 3 other sizes available for you to choose
  • Color: Sandstone but there are other colors available for you to choose including to ask gray, midnight blue, cool gray, steel blue, and tea green
  • An expandable and zipped partition
  • Each partition has 3 panels
  • Made up from recycled material include PET core and end up as 60% post material consumer

9. Giantex 6 Panel Folding Room Divider Screen

Giantex 6 Panel Wood Room Divider Screen

This Giantex divider is different from others because its package includes 6 panels that enable you to divide your office room for a bigger. It creates a big space for you with these 6 panels set partition. You can fold it out or in for your preference in dividing the room. You don’t need to worry about the installment because you just fold it out for using without the installment. And since its weight is only 19lbs you can move it and install it at the place wherever you want.


  • Color: White but there is brown color available as well
  • Its material is paulownia wood
  • The package partition include 6 panel
  • Its dimension is 96″ × 0.8″ × 67″
  • Its weight is 19 lbs

10. Giantex 4 Panel Room Divider

 Roll over image to zoom in Giantex 4 Panel Room Divider

Giantex manufacturer offers another type of room divider with this 4 panel set of partition. It allows the user to décor your office space from an open space to a more private room or space. You can divide your room into 2 different rooms and that saves a lot of space for you. Especially it has a lightweight that makes you move it easily and its installment is also convenient as well. With its special design include mental hinge, plastic protection pad, and cloth make it become your durable use of partition.

Features :

  • Color: Brown and the other two are brown and white
  • Made of polyester fabric, quality mental
  • Its dimension is W 71″X63″ H
  • Its weight is 12lbs
  • Each set include 4 panels and one instruction guideline

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Using partition will offer you a tool that helps create a private space or room for your needs in business. It is necessary to have a private corner to discuss something in your office. It needs a private space to divide the open space or available space to become a room. The office partition will help you to create one and that will help you save much money, space and your time as well. Therefore grab an order now in order to create more effective space management in your office.


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