Do your feet hurt when you are working for hours? I mean, you are working with your hands but why do your feet hurt? Well, that is because of your inaccurate sitting posture. As you work relentlessly for hours, your feet need rest as much as your other body parts do. To maintain an accurate posture, you can get yourself an office chair that comes with a comfortable footrest. Here is a list of some office chairs with footrest handpicked especially for you:

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Top 10 Best Office Chairs with Footrest In 2021 | Sit Comfortably

1. Bazahy US Office Chair with Footrest

Bazahy US Office Chair with FootrestAssembling the attachments of this office chair is effortless. Its stable structure makes sure that you’re comfortable sitting on it for a long time. The leather adds to your comfort. This chair is specially designed to ensure comfort and rest to your back, arms and feet while working

  • Easy to assemble
  • Stable structure
  • Comfortable
  • Supports your back
  • Ergonomic adjustable office chair

2. Faux Leather Office Chairs with Footrest

Faux Leather Office Chairs with FootrestThe classic yellow outlook makes it extremely attractive. It is a comfortable office chair with features to enhance premium comfort levels. You can also spin and move while sitting or resting on this chair. The yellow color makes it more fun, stylish and attractive. It is made of soft materials to ensure your comfort.

  • Stitched leather
  • Absorbs sweat
  • User friendly
  • Soft materials are used
  • Carters are installed for smooth movements
  • 360-degree spins available
  • Tilt lock system installed
  • 1-year warranty

3. Haluoo Ergonomic Office Chair with Footrest

Haluoo Ergonomic Office Chair with FootrestMade with high-quality leather, these chairs have a heat-resistant seat that you feel comfortable even if you’re sitting on it for hours on end. You can adjust the height of your chair and make safe movements as well. Specially engineered to ensure no backbone pain with a stylish outlook.

  • The seat can be shifted upward or downward
  • You can sit forward
  • You can recline backward
  • Nylon casters for safe movements
  • Easy to assemble
  • 360-degree spins available

4. Homall Office Chair with Footrest

This chair provides you with backrest, footrest, and the ultimate comfort. The height can be adjusted and the casters attached allow smooth movement while sitting on the chair. Along with a sturdy structure to maintain a strong base, it has an elegant outlook.

  • Metal base
  • Strong support
  • Ensures backrest
  • Ensures footrest
  • Casters for smooth movements
  • 360-degree spins
  • Height can be adjusted

5. Halter Reclining Office Chair with Retractable Footrest

This office chair’s height can be easily shifted and you can work comfortably sitting on it for over 8 hours. It is spacious in size so that you can feel extra cozy. The footrest will pop up whenever you want it to as well. The color was chosen to keep your office environment in mind. Overall, it has a top tier modern outlook.

  • Adjustable attachments
  • Spacious
  • Made of premium leather
  • Can be tilter 90-130 degrees
  • 360-degree spins
  • Casters
  • Pop-up footrest

6. Bonzy Office Chair with Hidden Footrest

Bonzy Office Chair with Hidden FootrestIf you want a breathable office chair, then this is the one for you because it comes with a mesh design. It has smooth casters attached to its 5 legs too. It is quite a comfortable chair overall. Specially designed with mesh structure on the back to allow air to pass.

  • Adjustable backrest
  • Adjustable recline angle, headrest, footrest
  • Mesh design in the back
  • 1-year warranty

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7. Ergonomic Office Chair with Footrest

Ergonomic Office Chair with FootrestSpecially designed for the office, this chair comes with a headrest, shoulder rest, lumbar rest and footrest. You can move smoothly with the casters too. Made of PU leather to bring you premium comfort in your work life, this chair has a stylish outlook.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Locks position if you recline
  • Made of PU leather
  • Footrest
  • Headrest with pillow
  • Extra protection for the spine
  • Safe angle 90-155-degree
  • Smooth casters

8. Marvel Avengers Office Chairs with Footrest

Marvel Avengers Office Chairs with FootrestWho is the next Avenger in your office? Get yourself one of these spacious office chairs and you’ll definitely feel like one. You can relax by reclining your seat up to 180-degrees and lock the angle. This comfortable chair comes in three featured characters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Ironman, Spiderman, and Captain America.

  • Perpetual comfort for hours
  • Skin-friendly
  • Spacious
  • Footrest
  • Reclining up to 180-degree and lock it
  • Tilt and lock function
  • PU and carbon leather
  • Smooth wheels
  • 1-year warranty

9. LENTIA Ergonomic Office Chair with Footrest

To give you premium comfort, this chair provides an extra higher headrest. To save space, there is a retractable footrest and you also get lumbar support. Have hours of comfort at the office with this premium chair. Sturdy structure and comfortable design to ensure premium comfort

  • Thick seat cushion
  • Extra higher backrest
  • Retractable footrest
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy structure
  • Comfortable
  • Reclining angle up to 160-degree

10. Duramont Reclining Office Chair with Footrest

Duramont Reclining Office Chair with FootrestThis amazing chair has a thick seat cushion to make you feel more comfortable. The footrest is retractable, so you can bring it out whenever you want to. You can lock your reclining angle up to 155-degrees. Made of synthetic leather to make the chair more comfortable for you, it comes with a solid design to ensure durability.

  • Thick seat cushion
  • Footrest
  • Lumbar support
  • Waterfall edge
  • Sturdy construction
  • Reclining angle 90-155 degree
  • Lifetime warranty

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What to look out for

Assessing thousands of products that are available on the market may be hard. To make it easier, make sure that the office chair ticks some major characteristics such as:

  • Durability
  • Comfort
  • A solid structure
  • Reclining angles
  • Angle lock technology
  • Complete footrest

If the chair meets these characteristics, then go for it! We hope that you can work comfortably for hours from now on. So, ace your work life!

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