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Nuclear Engineering Schools

Nuclear engineering is all about atomic nuclei. Nuclear engineering is connected with the breaking down of atomic particles; more specifically, atomic nuclei. Nuclear engineers also combine atomic nuclei along with performing other processes concerning the subatomic portion. Nuclear physics acts as a guide for nuclear engineers.

The subject might seem something from the future but it’s actually studied in an advanced stage across the world. Nuclear physics is an interesting subject to pursue. Nuclear engineering is based on nuclear physics mostly. So for a nuclear engineer, it is necessary to have the basic knowledge of nuclear physics.

There are huge opportunities for nuclear engineers to be world leaders and legends in world history. Nuclear engineers have already established a reputation for an infinite power source. 18% of the electricity in the United States of America comes from power plants. Engineers of this field can also make contributions to medicine. Machines like X-ray, MRI and other advanced machines are built by nuclear engineers.

The nuclear engineers are also working in a radiation protection machine as of right now. They have goals to improve imaging technologies as well. Furthermore, the new imaging tech will be equipped with fabrication and analysis, radiation imaging systems, detector design, nuclear parameters, and measurements of fundamental atomic.

The job description of a nuclear engineer is versatile. One thing is for sure, that they work with nuclear physics and sub atomic particles.

Nuclear Engineering – Job Description and Risk Factors

Nuclear engineers are scientist of sort. They harness energy from nuclear reactions. Basically their field deals with different aspects of nuclear reactions and how to control them. This nuclear energy is applied to different settings like nuclear power plants, diagnostic equipments for example MRI machines, food production and even nuclear weapons that can destroy an entire city in milliseconds. The engineers also work for radioactive waste disposal.

Nuclear engineers basically handle very delicate and powerful substances. Nuclear reactors can be tricky as well. One nuclear reaction can produce 16.5 billion kJ of energy. Managing these reactions and learning from them is not easy work. Nuclear power points provide 13% of the world’s electricity. So there is a sense of responsibility as well when it comes to nuclear engineers.

To be a nuclear engineer, a student has to have science and math courses in high school. The math courses must include arithmetic, algebra, statistic and calculus. The science course must include physics, chemistry as well as biology. If a student has more courses in the genre, then that’s absolutely a plus point for him or her.

Nuclear engineering might seem like a difficult subject. But it’s engaging and fun! Imagine working with the tiniest particles to produce the most powerful type of energy. There is not one nuclear engineer who doesn’t love his job. If you aspire to be a nuclear engineer when you grow up; you can check the coolest nuclear engineering school. We have listed them down below.

Best Nuclear Engineering Schools

Nuclear engineering is a prestigious subject itself. There are many universities who have program for nuclear engineering along with other engineering subjects. But nuclear engineering is completely different from the common subjects; they deal with tiny particles while mechanical or civil engineers deal with buildings and other huge constructions. Below are the nuclear engineering schools that will provide you a quality and fun filled education.

1. University of Michigan

University of Michigan

The university is situated in Ann Arbor of Michigan. University of Michigan is ranked no.5 in the best engineering schools ranking. Students get an opportunity to learn in a vocational approach. As engineers, students will learn as they practice. They hold an annual Engineering Graduate Symposium every November where alumni get a chance to visit and current student can present their research projects. You can visit their website

2. MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)


N0.1 engineering school in the world. That is to say, there is not a single student in this world who hasn’t heard of MIT. This the most prestigious schools for engineering students. Their students are regarded as the pathfinder of the future. The university designs its courses in a way so that every student can take home what they have learned and remember that for the rest of their lives. Moreover, MIT inspires its students and encourages them to participate in different competitions.

There are around 20 research centers on the campus open for all students. MIT students also have an opportunity to present their entrepreneurial ideas and win $100k to start their own business. To know more, visit their website

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3. North Carolina State University

North Carolina State University

The university is no.24 in the best engineering schools. The ranking is no.3 in nuclear engineering. North Carolina State University has a reputation for creating the best nuclear engineers. However, admission in this university for the nuclear engineering program requires high score because of the extensive competition. Check out their website to see if you qualify

4. University of Wisconsin

University of Wisconsin - Nuclear Engineering Schools

The University ranks no.4 as a nuclear engineering school and no.22 in the best engineering schools. Their website features excellent performances of former students and other accomplishments.

5. University of California

University of California - Nuclear Engineering Schools

The university is in Berkeley. The graduate students have opportunities to avail advanced degree in eight different programs. Two of them are Applied Science & Technology and Industrial Engineering & Operations Research. In addition, they have an accelerated master’s degree option for students, where students require only one year to graduate.

It’s mandatory for all students to complete two minors. The minors can be outside of engineering subjects.

The university has 40 research centers accessible to all its students. University of California ranks no.3 in the best engineering schools as well as no. 5 in nuclear engineering schools. In other words, the prestigious institution provides quality education for students all over the world.

Their website features an excellent curriculum that you can check out.

Above mentioned universities are very difficult to get into and are expensive as well. However, they have a scholarship program that international students can benefit from. In short, it’s worth the money and hardship.

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