Best Modular Office Furniture You Need to Buy in 2021

Working from home, or considering renting a small office space? What about the furniture? So many aspects to consider when you are building a startup company and need to create a good client impression without creating a dent in your budget. This is where the modular office furniture comes. You can buy them in small sets and gradually increase the quantity without compromising the interior decor. Moreover, these are highly versatile and designed for small, restricted areas. As a result, you can turn an office desk into a corner table for your living room, or use that file cabinet to store your clothing accessories. With modern and innovative designs, there’s always one or another use of this furniture.

Wondering where to start? Continue reading to learn about the best modular furniture for your home office.

Top 10 Modular Office Furniture 

1. Factory Direct Partners Ottoman Seating

Top 10 Modular Office Furniture You Need to Buy in 2021

Home-based, or not, offices do not always have to be all serious and gloomy. If you want to bring some fun elements in your work area without creating an eyesore in the decor style, this flexible, rectangular seating may be an excellent choice for you.

Design & Quality: Available in a variety of colors, it can be an ideal furniture for an impromptu meeting, or simply a playful setting for your colleagues.

  • Multiple configurations.
  • Easy maintenance procedure.
  • Safe for your space.

2. TomCare 6-Cube Storage Organizer

Top 10 Modular Office Furniture You Need to Buy in 2021

Made of heavy-duty plastic panels, this is 6-cube modular shelving that is suitable for a wide range of functions. You can assemble each panel with some high-quality ABC connectors and create the desired shape for your use.

Design & Quality: As the maximum capacity of each cube is about 15lbs, you can store your documents, files, and other small accessories to enhance the appeal of your work station.


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3. Solaura Outdoor Furniture Sectional Sofa

Top 10 Modular Office Furniture You Need to Buy in 2021

Even you are working from home, there may be potential clients visiting for consultation. Instead of grabbing a dining chair, offer them to sit on this cozy sofa set.

Design & Quality: Made of hand-woven weathered wicker and durable olefin fabric, this piece of furniture encourages long conversation over a cup of coffee. As it comes in a lightweight structure, you can carry it outside and continue restful lounging as well.

  • Timeless and intimate design.
  • Water-resistant seat cushions.
  • Comes with assembly hardware.

4. TOPINCN Compact Storage Shelf

Top 10 Modular Office Furniture You Need to Buy in 2021

If you are looking for a functional and stylish modular office furniture, this multi-purpose storage shelf may catch your attention.

Design & Quality: Considering its price, you may even be surprised to find that this 3-tier, 9 compartment shelf can be assembled in several styles depending on your needs. You can use it as a whole, or place in separate areas for catering to multiple workers.

  • Made of non-woven fabric.
  • Flexible installation process.
  • Study metal pipes.

5. HON Traction Office Reception Chair

Top 10 Modular Office Furniture You Need to Buy in 2021

This contemporary style chair from HON may be a great choice both for your personal use or for your clients/visitors. It features a simple, timeless design where style and comfort are balanced in utter perfection.

Design & Quality: It comes in a luxurious, upscale look with smooth SofThread leather seating and a padded armrest for ensuring comfort. There is also a polished aluminum cantilever and a sled base for ease of movement.

  • Prevents back pain.
  • 250lbs weight capacity.
  • Segmented backing.

6. Monarch Specialties Computer Desk

Top 10 Modular Office Furniture You Need to Buy in 2021

Presenting a sleek, contemporary style design, this chic, glossy cement-look office desk comes with two standard and one reversible filing drawer to store your accessories. If you need a spacious work station for multiple people, this product will give you exactly that thanks to its wide, thick paneled top.

Design and Quality: The design includes ultra-slim, U-shaped metal legs so that you can stretch your legs comfortably.

  • Durable construction.
  • 71-inch work surface.
  • Metal glides on drawers.

7. Lorell 14341 File Cabinet

Top 10 Modular Office Furniture You Need to Buy in 2021

Designed especially for providing a safe storage place for files and documents, this file cabinet from Lorell may be the ideal modular office furniture for you.

Design & Quality: This vertical cabinet comes with two 18” deep-set drawers that can fit even the largest files. As the lock is placed at the bottom of the drawer, your valuable documents will remain safe from prying eyes.


8. Better Homes & Gardens 8-Cube Organizer

Most minimalist-themed furniture does not include any extra storage area. If you want to maintain the aesthetics while having a proper home for your essential documents, you may consider buying this modern and stylish 8-Cube organizer.

Design & Quality: The best aspect of its design is that you can keep it both vertically and horizontally. Additionally, you can utilize its polished flat top to keep your favorite books or showcase indoor planters.

  • Made of MDF and particleboard.
  • Separate square openings.
  • Assembly hardware included.

9. Art Leon Swivel Accent Chair

This mid-century modern style swivel chair may be a great choice as modular office furniture due to the wide versatility it offers.

Design & Quality: Adorned with sturdy beech widespread wood legs and wrapped in high-quality leather upholstery, this piece of furniture oozes sophistication. Badly need some rest? Simply curl up with a mug of coffee in its spacious seating area, or sit cross-legged and enjoy a small break.

  • 360-degree swivel chair.
  • Exquisite sturdy construction.
  • Vintage style handrails.

10. WeeHom Reversible L-Shaped Corner Desk

Made of P2 class particial board and durable steel frame, this desk comes with interchangeable tops to form a large U-shaped monitor mount hole, CPU holder, adjustable leg pads, and other features.

Design & Quality: This industrial-style computer desk offers pretty much every element you seek in a large work station. It can also hold multiple accessories that are suitable for an office atmosphere.

  • Anti-skidding and anti-scratch.
  • Humanized footrest design.
  • Humid mold resistance.

Bottom Line is, as you can see from our review, modular office furniture are available in diverse shapes and sizes. You can easily make a list of the items you need and place an order in a few clicks. However, we would suggest you check the measurements first and compare them with your office space. In case of a small living area, you can go for interchangeable furniture like the WeeHom Reversible Corner Desk, or the TOPINCN Compact Storage Shelf. As all our top picks are designed with convenience in mind, you can check them out as well, and go for the ones that suit your work station.

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