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Top 10 Best Modern Conference Tables | Meet Productively

Modern Conference Tables

Most employers do not know that choosing modern conference tables for a meeting room could improve their meeting process. According to employees and observing by specialists, said the modern conference tables help both employees and employers to have a comfortable and not boring meeting.

In this article, you will find our top 10 modern conference tables with good reviews from their users that you should choose in order to encourage your employees while having a meeting.

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Top 10 Best Modern Conference Tables

Modern Conference Tables Reviews | Meet Productively

1. 6ft – 18ft Modern Conference Table

The office has never made its own customers disappointed with their products. They have kept their popularity because of their trending designs and keep up with new products every time. Therefore, let us introduce you to one of their models of conference table from Office pope.

This is a stylish 12 ft. conference table best for those who love a kind of chic and elegant design for meeting rooms. The design is made of good quality materials with the edge and table legs equipped with cable management for the power module connection from the surface of the table to the floor.


2. Modern Boat Shaped 14′ Feet Conference Table

This conference table from Utmost Furniture is a 14ft table that provides you with the 12 seats available around the table. There are many colors available for you to choose from walnut, cherry, mahogany, espresso, and white.

Moreover, it provides the space for 12 seats to be seated around the table. Therefore, it is best for a company that has a meeting with a lot of employees. Its design also comes with an available power module if you’re thinking about using it as a conference table.


3. Modern Contemporary Boat Shaped Conference Table

Utmost Furniture creates many types of conference tables. And this time it is another 10 ft. conference table with the boat-shaped that will allow users to spend their meeting time with a fresh mood. There are 8 seats available for this table.

It also includes PVC lamination as well. The table’s dimension is 120″W x 48″D x 29.5″H with a weight of 280 lbs. Users can buy it with the textured driftwood color and you can place it at your available space anywhere in your company.


4. 8ft – 24ft Modern Conference Boat-Shaped Table

Office pope comes with another choice for you to choose from. It is a boat-shaped in 8 ft. size. There are also many other sizes for you to choose include 10ft, 12ft, 14ft, 16ft, 18ft, 20ft, 22ft, & 24ft. You can choose either one for your available office space. There are also many different colors for you to choose as well.

This 8ft conference table made of wooden and painted with the aluminum surface to give you a luxurious design. It also comes with a power module as well for the 8ft size table. Especially It also offers users a 5 years’ warranty to keep the customers satisfied.


5. Modern Boat Shaped 10′ Feet Conference Table

Utmost Furniture is well known for its best design for furniture. Therefore, this time they want to introduce you to a type of modern conference table for users especially for a company that needs it as a conference table. Of course, in almost every company there will be needs for a modern conference table.

Therefore, choosing the most suitable one, you have to decide on its benefit and price. Certainly, this boat-shaped table, you can conduct a meeting at your company with the most glamorous feeling. This 10 feet table will enable you to fit 8 seats in, making it the more of the modern conference table for the conference room.


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6. Modern Rectangular Top Cube Leg Conference Table

This is another type of modern conference table form Utmost Furniture. What is different from the previous one is its dimension and its shape. This conference table is only 8 feet and comes in a rectangle shape. Choosing this 8 feet conference table can help you consider more effectively how to fill in your small office space.

However, even with its length, it can still consist of 8 seats available for people to sit around the table. You can still have a meeting comfortably with this modern conference table regardless of its small size, in order words means you will not waste your time on this brand.


7. Rivet Conference Table

National Business Furniture is best known for its quality, on-time delivery, and its trending design. Rivet conference table comes with a trend and sleek design that capture most company to choose this table for a conference table in their meeting room.

Conference room should be a place with a relaxing and comfortable vibe, which this conference table could ace. This conference table gives the trends design, meanwhile, the materials also include thick steels, painted with charcoal and its X frame that give you the balance and stability of the table.


8. 8ft – 16ft Modern Designer Conference Room Table

Now, this is another choice for you to choose a modern conference table easier for your office. For instance, let us introduce you with different sizes in choosing this conference table from Office pope. There are also multiple sizes that you can choose which suit your available office space. If your office space is limited then you should measure and decide which size fits your office space the best.

The available sizes include 8ft, 10ft, 12ft, 14ft & 16ft, above all that, there are three different colors available for you to choose from. This table also comes with a power module that enables users to plug their phones, computers and other electric devices during the meeting.


9. GOF 6FT, 8FT, 10FT Conference Table

This is a 10ft with 8 chairs set from GOF company. It comes with an espresso color but there are also other colors available for you to choose from as well. There are also many sizes and a different settings for you to choose for the suitability of your office space.

Moreover, there are different colors for you to choose from for your preferences. And especially its designs and material are all good quality include good laminate, stainless steel and scratch-resistance for your durable use.


10. 6ft – 10ft Boat Shaped Modern Conference Table

Office pope always comes with the new design for the office’s furniture. And this is another one of its 8 ft. conference table with the design that won’t disappoint its customers. This table comes with 8 ft. but there are 6ft and 10 ft. size for you to choose as well.

Moreover, this model of conference table made of strong metal and it features with scratch and stain resistance as well. Moreover, there are many colors for you to choose from as well according to your preferences. And even more especially it provides a 5 years’ warranty as normal with the product from Office pope.


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In conclusion, finding the right modern conference tables are very important for a good and effective meeting time with your employees. By getting one of these, you will experience and have a productive meeting not only with your employees but with business partners as well!

Get one of these now before it is running out of stock. Our last words are that you, your employees and your business partners will never want to skip any meeting anymore!

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