Top 10 Best Minimalist WordPress Themes | Enhancing Your Website

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Our collection is featuring the variety of Minimalist WordPress themes you can use for many different platforms. Minimalist themes focus on enhancing your website content taking the light off website design. It is the perfect example of something gorgeous represented in the simplest of ways.

The success of Flat and Material design has made designers interested in minimalism. General people do not favor a clutter of things and designs on anything. In the age of minimalistic living; minimalism is the best style for you to follow in designing your website.

WordPress is an outstanding platform with hundreds of designs. 27% of the web is powered by WordPress. Finding the perfect minimalist WordPress theme for a website or portfolio is very simple. You can easily look up any kind of minimalist them.

Minimalist WordPress Themes | Enhancing Your Website

There are literally hundreds of themes of all kinds in WordPress. You can find an appropriate theme for your portfolio, Magazine, Blogs, Business, Travel Blog and even your wedding! Whichever reason you’re searching a theme for; WordPress has the perfect one for you. Here we have enlisted 10 Best Minimalist WordPress Themes; which represent creativity, subtlety and class.

1. Divi


If you like a pristine and aesthetic style; divi will certainly cater to your tastes. Divi is visually very pleasant; it is user-friendly as well. The theme offers easy navigation, high flexibility, and a minimal presentation. Any designer will be comfortable in using Divi. Users have praised this theme to be cutting-edge and highly tech-savvy. The theme is compatible with the multi-concept of WordPress. It is also a multipurpose website theme.

A sophisticated and classy website requires more than an appealing theme. Divi being completely simple to use; does not require any knowledge on coding or website publishing for proper usage.

The theme is amazingly suitable for all types of users anywhere in the world. Its classy, minimalistic appearance is impressive and will give your audience a chance to focus. Your website will be sophisticated and easy to use at the same time. This will create a more intense and fruitful connection between your content and audience.

Divi has 40 content modules. The modules ensure great functionality and opportunity of customization. Try Divi to create the most amazing minimal website that will impress your audience!

2. Jevelin


A colorful, eloquent, modern and multipurpose theme. Jevelin is appropriate for any purpose you have in mind. The theme is compatible with both corporate and entertainment contents. Jevelin looks professionally designed and gives a highly sophisticated vibe. There are with six stunning and versatile looking blog layouts.

Customization of Jevelin comes with a visual interface that requires absolutely zero knowledge on coding. You can create a virtual soapbox with Jevelin as well. The theme also gives you access to five custom post formats; Link, Gallery, Quote, Video and Audio.

If you would like to introduce yourself or your team to the visitors of your website; you can use the author page templates which are classy and gorgeous looking.

Designers will have an option of Social Media sharing buttons in Javelin. It’s like the creator of this theme has thought of everything. A purposeful minimalist WordPress theme for any user is undoubtedly, Javelin.

3. Gillion


We all have heard of Pinterest and absolutely love the design. Gillion follows somewhat a same style and design as Pinterest. Its structure and minimalist look makes it stand out among the other themes in WordPress. The theme is very user friendly. It follows a layout where each content is represented well and looks appealing. Gillion is compatible with SEO and translation. It will not just make your website look pretty but also attract audiences to your website.

The theme is designed to load fast. This will work on all kinds of devices including phones and tablets. Gillion is one of the best minimalist WordPress themes. It comes with a great customer service; so if you ever face any issues, you will get help from professionals to build your dream website.

4. Uncode


Uncode has a lively yet minimalist style. The theme looks highly appealing; anyone can spend quality time just checking out this design for hours. Uncode is simple to use, highly user friendly, flexible and compatible with WordPress multiconcept. The theme looks highly tech-savvy at the first glance. It has been developed carefully over a long period to make webmaster’s lives easier. The toolkit has intricate codebase, advanced tech and a flexible usage process which requires no prior coding knowledge.

Uncode has 1 click installation system. Its amazing Visual Composer, outstanding options of revolution slider along with a premium Layer Slider and the gorgeous demo websites makes Uncode the best tech-friendly minimalist WordPress theme. Choose Uncode for a youthful, intricate and minimalist looking website.

5. Kalium

kalium -minimalist wordpress themes

If you are looking for a theme that compliments your portfolio or your blog; do check out Kalium. The theme comes with content builder plugin, which allows users to customize their website according to wish. Most unique feature in Kalium is its ready to use multilingual feature. The theme is highly compatible with all kinds of browsers. It runs smoothly on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and Google Chrome along with other mobile browsers.

You can edit the animations as well in Kalium. It has a LayerSlider which impressed us. Customizable transitions, gorgeous templates and the Revolution Slider make Kalium a great choice for webmasters who love to work on their websites. It is definitely the best minimalist WordPress theme if you want something fully customizable and something that reflects on your personality as well.

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6. Soledad

Soledad - minimalist wordpress themes

An outstanding theme which promises to save both yours and audiences valuable time! Soledad ensures that webmasters get a resourceful, sophisticated, minimalist and elegant looking end result when creating their website. Soledad is fairly colorful. The colors are muted in shade which enhances the classy look of the theme and gives it a more minimalist appearance.

The attention to detail in this theme makes it a favorite among all best minimalist WordPress themes. The theme is multi-purpose; you can display any content on this theme and they are bound to catch your audience’s attention.

Soledad includes different HTML5 features; Portfolio designs of 3 different types, Article layout of 5 different designs, option of video in background, layout designs of sidebars along with other exciting customizable designs for different features in your website. The theme is excellent for magazines, blogs and professional contents.

7. Studio 8

Studio-8 - minimalist wordpress themes

Studio 8 follows the ‘less is more’ motto in their aesthetics. The theme is more minimalistic than many others in this list. If you are looking for the simplest yet appealing design; do checkout Studio 8. You will receive a detailed tutorial for using Studio 8 after installing this theme. The codebase of Studio 8 is clean and easy to understand; it has many personalized settings as well for user benefit.

The audience can enjoy a comment section in this theme. Users can implement a 404 error page as well. Studio 8 is compatible with all devices including phones and other hand held devices as well. If you are looking for the ultimate minimal design; choose studio 8!

8. Arnold

Arnold - minimalist wordpress themes

Arnold is a more suitable for portfolios than other minimalist WordPress themes. The theme is a classy combination of SEO and Retina-Ready HD products. Arnold is compatible with WooCommerce. That makes it extremely suitable and probably the best choice for online business. The theme comes with more than 3 columns to display your content in. 14 promotion tags along with 8 headers and amazing layouts makes it one of the best minimalist WordPress themes. Arnold uses LazyLoad to provide a great experience to your visitors.

Arnold has a Drag-Drop page builder, over 7 types of post flexibility option, theme customization options and social media share links. The theme gives importance on fonts as well. There are about 1000 fonts you can choose from. Users get BWSM support for 6 months within installation. Using Arnold will give you the ultimate professional experience in building a website. It promises having fun too!

9. Folie

Folie - minimalist wordpress themes

Folie is a minimal and simple WordPress theme. It features live editing options. The theme is extremely easy use. Users won’t be needing a refresh button to use Folie. The theme offers you to create your website from scratch or you can use a designed template for your contents. Folie has outstanding Visual Composers and using this theme does not require prior coding knowledge.

Folie is the first of its kind which can save previous changes made with only one click!  Imagine how simple and fast work will be with Folie. After installations, the theme will give you free updates! You can visit their gorgeous library too for best quality pictures.


10. Zoli

Zoli - minimalist wordpress themes

Zoli incorporates creativity, intricate designs and minimalism in one theme. The theme is outstandingly appealing and gives a fresh vibe. It’s colorful, well structured, has good columns and is easy to use! What more can you ask for?

Well, they have given their users more nonetheless. Zoli is compatible with WooCommerce and Elementor page builder. You can easily use this minimalist WordPress theme for successful e-business.

Minimalist themes on WordPress won’t do much for you if your contents are not well documented and designed. Hire a professional if you would like but make sure that your website; both contents and theme looks appealing. Best Minimalist WordPress theme differs with your taste. Choose what compliments your purpose!

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