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Metric Tool Sets

The best metric toolset should offer plenty of variety and features to maintain any number of mechanical projects. As, every small part matters in any project, you have to handle them with professional tools. So we have assembled the top best Metric Tool Sets, which will give you easy and comfortable working experience.

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Top 10 Best Metric Tool Sets of 2021

1. Craftsman 450 Piece Metric Tool Set

Craftsman 450 Piece - Metric Tool Sets

This is one of the best brands for toolsets in the market. moreover, this set provides three quick-release ratchets drives in three different sizes. The entire box comes with 191 sockets,

Design and Quality: However, It contains 350 pieces of tools. For extension, there are 6 bars to get your reach. The 191 sockets will add the professional touch on your work. For installing any sort of nut, it has the magnetic handle. Therefore, the box is user-friendly to carry from one place to another.

  • Quick-release Ratchets
  • 191 Sockets
  • Magnetic handle
  • Flexible holder.

2. Craftsman 108-piece Metric Tool Set

Craftsman 108-piece - Metric Tool Sets

Another version of toolset from Craftsman, which has socket wrenches in different sizes including drive and specialty tools. The two different sizes of ratchet drives provide quick-release technology. however, like the previous one Craftsman always tries to ensure the extension bar and the magnetic handle for work smoothly.

Design and Quality: The two different sizes of ratchets drive to provide quick-release technology. Like the previous one, Craftsman always tries to ensure the extension bar and the magnetic handle for work smoothly.

  • Alloy steel protected
  • Long-lasting
  • 10 screwdriver bits
  • 10 socket points.

3. Craftsman 220-piece Metric Toolset

Craftsman 220-piece - Metric Tool Sets

The most fascinating feature of this version of the craftsman is the case. Because of the durable plastic handle, it is very convenient to hold and carry.

Design and Quality:   however, it contains metric sockets for deep well. So it can be your regular companion if you are professional mechanics.

  • Plastic holder.
  • Quick-release ratchets.

4. Craftsman 56-piece Metric Toolset

Craftsman 56-piece - Metric Tool Sets

The tools are protected with black oxide, which allows gripping the tools more conveniently. It is designed with 45 durable teeth, which will offer you the flexible working experience in any toughest spot. The case can be found in red color and is built with durable plastic to carry it easily.

Design and Quality: It has quick release ratchet, which helps to change out the sockets very easily and quickly. It is designed with 45 teeth for fluidity.

  • Black oxide protection
  • Gripping ability
  • 15-degree offset.

5. Gearwrench 16-piece Metric Tool Set

Gearwrench 16-piece - Metric Tool Sets

All the tools come with the bright chrome polish for preventing corrosion. Moreover, the coating also helps to clean the tools easily. The tools are stamped according to sizes, which does not bother the users to find the right one.

Design and Quality: Instruments are designed with off corner loading, which helps easy holding and reduces fastener rounding. Head and beam allow the best access to confinement in the workplace.

  • Bright chrome polish
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant
  • Off corner design.

6. Gearwrench 12-piece Metric Tool Set

Gearwrench 12-piece - Metric Tool Sets

The alloy steel body of the tools provides better strength and long-lasting service. Furthermore, its box offers off corner loading design box, which reduces excessive rounding.

Design and Quality: The case contains 12 pieces of kits. For improving reach, torque and leverage, there is a long pattern beam.

  • 15-degree offset
  • Off corner loading
  • Stamp Marking
  • Alloy steel body.

7. Tekton Combination 15-piece Metric Tool Set

Tekton Combination 15-piece - Metric Tool Sets 

This toolset is mainly manufactured by premium chrome vanadium steel. The mirror finishing prevents corrosion and provides durability. The handle is more flexible to save space and convenient enough to lock wrenches.

Design and Quality: Tekton includes 15 pieces of the metric instrument, which can flip for 15 degrees. So, the tools can even fit in the tight and narrow space.

  • Includes Go-and-Store keeper
  • Folding handles
  • 12-point box.

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8. Craftsman 20-piece Standard and Metric Tool Set

Craftsman 20-piece Standard - Metric Tool Sets

The toolset comes in a hard and compact storage case. This toolset is convenient for automobile services, construction, and other domestic repairs.

Design and Quality: The set includes 20 pieces of drive 6 point metric tools along with 72 Tooth ratchet. The combine wrenches will help you to add the torque in every turn.

  • VERSASTACK portable storage
  • 6 point fastener sockets
  • Large stamp markings
  • ASMI specification.

9. Craftsman 38-piece Metric Tool Set

Craftsman 38-piece - Metric Tool Sets

If you are looking for a long-lasting toolset, then this one will suitable to tighten and loosen any sort of bolts. The body is designed in alloy steel, which prevents corrosion.

Design and Quality: The body of the tools is mainly protected by black oxide. It can be used for both deep and standard well. The blow-molded case helps to carry it easily.

  • Blow molded case
  • Includes high tensile strength steel.
  • Alloyed steel body.

10. Titan Tool Set

Titan Tool Set - Metric Tool Sets


This toolset is the only set, which is constructed with S2 steel along with the satin-plated finishing for durability.

Design and Quality: It is designed as long for maximum torque. The ball tip helps to make the entry up to a 25-degree angle.

  • Satin-plated texture
  • Color-coded body for identification
  • Extra-long precision keys.

After the reviews, you can now have the vivid idea of the best Metric Tool Sets out there. So now you can easily choose the suitable one for you. Therefore, the best tool kits with good service can be your foremost travel companion. Furthermore, choosing the right instrument can give you the hassle-free job experience. So keep your project style on mind while you are hunting for the convenient metric toolset.

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