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Top 10 Best Managed WordPress Hosting

As soon as you reach the conclusion that, you want to buy a WordPress website, what is the thing that you think of first? The most obvious thing that will hit your mind is the hosting services and a domain name. If you do not have that, you cannot expect to get the site up and running. Read more to know about best-managed WordPress hosting in this article.

You cannot proceed any further if you have no idea about hosting services. First of all, it is a service that the server provides the user or the company for posting their website online. It is a valuable aspect of the entire process which includes setting up WordPress sites. A number of companies providing the best-managed WordPress hosting services are available that will meet your specific needs.

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What is Managed WordPress Hosting and Why is it Necessary?

It is a hosting service that specializes in WordPress in which, every technical aspect of operating WordPress is taken care of by the hosting supplier. The main objective here is reducing the stress of a website owner relating to the technical aspect. As a result, the website owner can easily concentrate on building the website and making relevant content. This version of web hosting is rising in popularity due to the WordPress platform.

The main focus of managed WordPress hosting is maintaining safety, quickness, performance, caching etc. You are also going to get advantage of email stability alongside governance of your website with managed WordPress hosting. As you are already here, it means that you are among the increasing amount of WordPress users. You can rest easy since you can avail a straightforward, zero hassle hosting solution with the best-managed WordPress hosting services. There is still the act of choosing the best-managed WordPress hosting service that you have to take care of. Here is a review of the most popular ones.

Top 10 Managed WordPress Hosting

1. WP Engine

This is without a doubt one of the major players of web hosting service suppliers and a name that everybody knows. WP’s managed server is easily one of the best in the business. As a result, it features as the first service supplier on this list. In fact, the hosting supplier guarantees impeccable hosting even if you run a cloud or dedicated WordPress hosting service. Even if you want to set up a complex website or a straightforward personal blog for a brand, you can fulfill those needs through WPEngine. With this managed WordPress hosting provider, you can have a sturdy structure alongside cost less SSL certificates.

You will not have to worry about CDN as it will also be readily available with an automated migration toward WPEngine. Not only that but, you are also getting regular backup and threat detector service for free. You can run a scrutiny anytime you want to and WPEngine will deploy it whenever you are ready.


Starting up Extension Scaling Customizing
$35 per month $115 per month $290 per month Not revealed
25k visit per month 100k visit per month 400k visit per month Millions of visits
Includes CDN Includes CDN Includes CDN Includes CDN
Includes one site Includes five sites Includes fifteen sites Includes twenty-five sites

You are also going to be on the receiving end of outstanding customer assistance. As a three-time winner of the Stevie Award, they are here for their customers 24/7 all through the year. It is the reason why, WPEngine is a part of the best managed WordPress hosting service providers.

2. Kinsta

If you are looking for an alternative to solve your managed WordPress hosting problem, Kinsta is here for the rescue. Kinsta will provide you a completely managed WordPress hosting service, including costless migration alongside regular backup. One of the extra benefits of selecting Kinsta is that, you can get speed optimization with a very quick loading time. It has been constructed with Next-gen infrastructure, so you’ll certainly get your money’s worth. There are some sturdy tools at play which is quite favourable to the users while installing is quick and simple. One of the key features of Kinsta is that, it is backed up by Google Cloud Platform.

In addition, it will help you in securing your server at great speed. You don’t need to worry about the backup system either as Kinsta provides it on a regular basis alongside any possible update. Without costless migration to their server, Kinsta’s list of services is incomplete. Thankfully, Kinsta provides just that along with a very handy helpline.


Starting up Extensions Business Enterprises
$30 each month $60 each month $100 to 400 each month $600 to 1500 each month
5GB storing capacity 10GB storing capacity 15-40GB storing capacity 80-200GB storing capacity
Can access SSH Can access SSH Can access SSH Can access SSH
20k visit 40k visit 100-600k visit 1,000-3,000k visit

As Kinsta grants speed optimization alongside a very quick loading time, you can easily consider among the top managed WordPress hosting providers.

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3. SiteGround

This is one of the most famous names among managed WordPress hosting providers. In fact, this may not be the first instance when you heard of the name- SiteGround. As a user, you will receive every possible hosting service comprising of shared as well as cloud hosting service. Once you take a look, you will know that, SiteGround provides a horde of managed WordPress hosting amenities. These service suppliers are going to provide a special selection of sturdy, high performance delivering machines. The machines receive updates on a daily basis. In addition, SiteGround provides total managing of your server regularly. You can find their hardware in locations that comprise of top data centre amenities. Let’s not forget the domain name alongside 5 manageable IPs that come without any cost.


Starting Up Extensions GoGeek
$3.95 per month $5.95 per monthly $11.95 per month
10GB storing capacity 20GB storing capacity 30GB storing capacity
10k visit monthly 25k visit monthly 100k visit monthly
Unmetered data transferring Unmetered data transferring Unmetered data transferring
SSH & cPanel available SSH & cPanel available SSH & cPanel available

If you enlist the managed WordPress hosting services of SiteGround, you are going to receive customer support whenever necessary.

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4. Hostinger

It will appear as a recommendation, if you look for the best managed service providers that host WordPress. Hostinger is complete with strong hosting server that has undergone fine-tuning specifically for WordPress. This platform comes with a certain level of sophistication and lets you experience features such as, WP-CLI, GIT and SSH combined inside the website. The hosting service comes with an already installed WordPress caching plugins. In addition, you can experience great level of agility with the website as well as delivering top notch performance through it. What makes Hostinger so desirable among WordPress is its affordability.


Sole WordPress host Premium WordPress host Business WordPress host
$1.45 each month $2.95 each month $3.95 each month
10GB SSD storage capacity 20GB SSD storage capacity 30GB SSD storage capacity
100GB Bandwidth Limitless Bandwidth Limitless Bandwidth
Includes SSL Includes SSL Includes SSL

The users can attain Softaculous alongside cPanel Administration with this hosting service. To add to that, Hostinger’s quick SSD optimizes the overall performance. You will need just a click to install WordPress and gain entry to a very compatible Access Manager. Not only that but Hostinger provides outstanding customer assistance through e-mails as well as 24/7 Support tickets. Customers heavily rely on Hostinger if any problem arises since, they can easily create a solution for the impending problem. So, it becomes plausible to consider Hostinger among the best managed WordPress hosting service providers.

5. DreamHost

If you looking to decorate your WordPress website then, it is wise to look for DreamHost. It provides one of the best managed WordPress hosting services. In addition, DreamHost is very helpful when it comes to dedicated and shared hosting. As a premiere managed WordPress hosting services, it can provide completely embedded and allows you to enter SSH. Among some of its best features, DreamHost is well known for providing a limitless bandwidth. It provides just one managed WordPress hosting plan, ranging from Basic to Advanced. You get to select the one which suits you best. DreamHost, as a system receives the support of PHP/Perl/Python and even Ruby Support. You will be glad to know that, as soon as you choose a plan for the website, it will be very easy for you install the entire thing.

DreamHost comes with all the functionalities you will ever need and is five times quicker than a shared hosting system. The server is going to be under the protection of DDoS. No other client is going to disturb you in anyway as it is a completely managed WordPress hosting. When you do start using this particular hosting service, you will quickly be able to notice that, the servers constantly deliver high performance while regularly providing updates to the customer. This hosting service provider is also completely rooted. To add to it, you can access SSH without any restrictions.


DreamPress DreamPress Plus DreamPress Pro
$16.95 on a monthly basis $24.95 on a monthly basis $71.95 on a monthly basis
30GB SSD storing capacity 60GB storing capacity 120GB storing capacity
Single Website Single Website Single Website
Already installed Jetpack without cost Includes Jetpack Professional Includes Jetpack Professional
Single click installing Single click installing Single click installing
100k visit on a monthly basis 300k visit on a monthly basis 1m visit on a monthly basis

Many users consider DreamHost one of the best managed WordPress hosting providers because, it has a very favourable customer support system. Few managed WordPress hosting providers are always at the beck and call of customers like DreamHost. The range of basic to advanced is quite a flexible managed WordPress hosting plan as it fits just about any WordPress website.

6. Pagely

Of course, the list is not complete if it does not include Pagely. It is one of those managed WordPress hosting providers that you cannot make the list without. As a user, you will benefit from their hosting plans that are of premium level. To add to that, you are also going to get every feature you can ever ask for. For an entrepreneur, it is very important to find a managed WordPress hosting service for his/her business site and in that case, Pagely is just right for him/her.

As usual, as a customer, you are going to face a price range starting with entry-level and ending up with enterprise. With a 30-day money back, Pagely appears to give a lucrative deal to the customer. In addition, you can run your website with maximum security and be free of backdoors, malware as well as website defacement. Now, you can have inquiries about the pricing system of one of the best managed WordPress hosting service providers. It is shown here:


VBURST 1,2 VPS 1,2 VPS 1+, 2+
$199-299 on a monthly basis $499-999 on a monthly basis $1249-2249 on a monthly basis
50GB storing capacity 50GB storing capacity 50GB storing capacity
Single node Single node 2 Nodes-HA configuration
5-15 websites 35-60 websites 30-60 websites

Having a well-developed functionality alongside versatile site hosting makes Pagely one of the most desirable managed WordPress hosting providers. Lastly, it has a highly secured platform enables it to stand out better than the regular ones and lands directly on this list.

7. GoDaddy

Keeping in faith with the motto, you are looking at the best hosting solution. It comes with super quick speed and is incredibly easy for starting servers. There is range of hosting services starting with basic and ending up with advanced services. These services vary due to functionality as well as pricing. If you hire the managed WordPress hosting services of GoDaddy, you will end up with costless regular backup including domains with yearly plans. To add to that, the servers introduced Automatic WordPress central software which even includes security update. If you decide to buy the yearly plan, GoDaddy is going to provide a domain without any costs. Let’s not forget that, it also includes a money back policy. GoDaddy involves a one click migration equipment. As a customer, you will receive a business email in the initial year bereft of any charges.


Basic Deluxe Ultimate Pro 5+
$4.99 on a monthly basis $7.99 on a monthly basis $9.99 on a monthly basis $24.99 on a monthly basis
10GB storing capacity 15GB storing capacity 30GB storing capacity 50-200GB storing capacity
Single site Single site 1-2 sites 5-50 sites
25k visit on a monthly basis 100k visit on a monthly basis 400k visit on a monthly basis 800k visit on a monthly basis

Keep in mind that, if you buy GoDaddy’s managed WordPress hosting services, it will come with an SSL certificate for 12 months without any cost. As you can easily begin a server and make further improvements with GoDaddy, it is surely a catch. If you remember just how much quickness it provides alongside quick loading time then, the price will seem quite affordable. Due to these aspects, GoDaddy is in our list for the best managed WordPress hosting providers.

8. Bluehost WP Hosting

When the discussion is about the best managed WordPress hosting providers, Bluehost is easily a part of the same conversation. Powering up More than two million websites all over the world Bluehost is a strong competitor for other managed hosting service providers. In fact, this website provides users with an option of setting up sites via the available plans for all types of hosting service. The site even includes dedicated hosting services. As such, users can avail a variety of service which starts with $19.95 every month. Of course, users are on the receiving end of a 30-day money back policy.


Building Growing Scaling
$19.95 on a monthly basis $29.95 on a monthly basis $49.95 on a monthly basis
Restriction free storing capacity Restriction free storing capacity Restriction free storing capacity
Unmetered traffic Unmetered traffic Unmetered traffic
Jetpack website’s analytics Jetpack premium Jetpack pro

It has undergone fine-tuning to gain ridiculous amount of quickness with the use of modern technology. Bluehost also has immediate provisions for quick loading. You can always improve storage capacity to suit the needs. There is even an alternative root entry to go with sturdy and versatile hosting services. If you have any questions regarding Bluehost, the response is going to be made by WordPress specialists in an instant.

9. InMotion Hosting

Just like us, you are about to find out why InMotion Hosting takes its place among the top managed WordPress hosting service providers. If you need to change to managed hosting for upgrading your WordPress site, you must look out for InMotion. It’s only natural for you to inquire about the aspects which make InMotion Hosting one of the top amanged WordPress hosting service providers. So, it is vital for you to be aware of its costless server managing capabilities including web hosting services. Speaking of web hosting, InMotion delivers incredibly quick hosting on an SSD server.

Let’s not forget that it provides maximum security for your server alongside hack shelter. Setting up a website will never be this easy as you only have to press your cursor just once to install everything. To add to that, InMotion Hosting is in fusion with Google apps. Users also benefit from a complete entry to SSH including data backup bereft of costs.


WP-1000S WP-2000S WP-3000S
$4.99 on a monthly basis $8.99 on a monthly basis $11.99 on a monthly basis
Single site Two sites Three sites
40GB SSD storing capacity 80GB SSD storing capacity 120GB SSD storing capacity
Restriction free Bandwidth Restriction free Bandwidth Restriction free Bandwidth

It will provide outstanding customer assistance for the managed WordPress hosting service. It’s wise for users to remember the single click installing process alongside a completely secured server which receives adequate assistance against hackers. All of these features help in keeping InMotion Hosting among the top managed WordPress hosting service provider. In addition, you will be on the receiving end of super quick loading time. Each one of these features make it worthy of being one of the top managed WordPress hosting service providers.

10. FastComet

You can probably guess from the name that, it provides the quickest managed WordPress hosting you can encounter. It is primarily due to the fact that, FastComet has sturdy servers as well as equipment. It can back up all of this through solid technical prowess. One of the most noticeable aspects of this service provider is that, there are quick provisions powered by cPanel. To add to it, users can avail a domain and root entry without any charges. This managed WordPress hosting service provider guarantees everything you can ever need while working with WordPress websites.

We say this because, it comes with a completely controllable web server which cannot create disturbances. With a complete setup, it boosts the site’s performances. You may also notice that, with FastComet, the reading/writing speed increases by many folds. One of the more benficial features of it is the total root access that you can gain to any hosting pro.


StartSmart ScaleRight SpeedUp
$2.95 on a monthly basis $5.95 on a monthly basis $9.95 on a monthly basis
15GB SSD storing capacity 25GB SSD storing capacity 35GB SSD storing capacity
Unmetered traffic Unmetered traffic Unmetered traffic

FastComet provides help to the users for site building as well as regular customer support. As a user, you can ask them to solve any problem whenever necessary. The support team will come to your aid via live chats, emailing, and even through calling on your phone. So, everyone can assume that FastComet is one of the tops managed WordPress hosting service providers out there.

If your work relates to WordPress, you now know a very easy solution to that problem. There can be doubts about the efficiency of a managed WordPress hosting service provider. Even if some of the plans cost a bit more than usual, it is hard to question the overall effectiveness.

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