Top 10 Best Locksmith Tools in 2021

Best 10 Locksmith Tools Reviewed in 2020

There is a saying that a workman is only as good as his tools. If you are a professional locksmith, you may find yourself associated with this saying as well. You may be called upon any time of the day for emergency service. People might lock themselves out, break off their keys, need to install new locks- the reasons are endless. Whenever you are on the go, you want to ensure that you have all the right locksmith tools for the job.

There are numerous common and innovative tools available in the market. Sorting through such a massive number of tools may be a bit tedious. In this article, we will take you through some of the most essential locksmith tools. Check them out below.

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Top 10 Locksmith Tools in 2021

1. Diylife26-Pieces Premium Practice Lock Picking Tools

Diylife26-Pieces Premium Practice Lock Picking Tools - Locksmith Tools

The first and foremost tool you need for lock picking is a lock picking set. This is one of the best practice lock picking sets that will help you to master the art. It comes with two transparent locks so that you get a better idea about the mechanism. The package also includes 17 lock picks, 4 lock keys, 2 lockboxes, and a small zipper bag to equip everything.

  • Transparent design.
  • 5 major application types.
  • Durable and reliable set.
  • Zipper bag included.

2. WORKPRO 156-Piece Repairing Tool Set

WORKPRO 156-Piece Repairing Tool Set - Locksmith Tools

When you are planning to buy locksmith tools, the first thing you may require is a good tool bag. Having a sturdy, durable, and portable tool bag helps you to keep all your tools organized. Instead of buying tools separately, you may consider getting the WORKPRO 156-piece tool bag instead. It comes with all the basic hand tools. Therefore, you can easily store your lock picking tools here.

  • Great for basic home repairs.
  • Wide-open mouth bag.
  • Spacious compartments for different tools.
  • Small pockets for intricate items.

3. Peterson Ghost Pick Set – Locksmith Tools

Peterson Ghost Pick Set - Locksmith Tools

Packed in high-quality padded nylon case, this pick set features some amazing picks for beginner and expert locksmiths. The package also includes “Peterson Reach” tool. You can use it for the low set pins and in case of high-security locks. There are also a key-way pry bar and6 tension wrenches.

  • Ergonomic design.
  • Functional and robust.
  • Cross-hatched slip-prevention handles.
  • Great for long practice sessions.

4. SouthOrd PXS-14 Lock Pick Set

SouthOrd PXS-14 Lock Pick Set - Locksmith Tools

This is another amazing lock pick set that is great for beginners and experts alike. It comes with 14 pieces of the most essential locksmith tools. You may not feel confident with the small number of picks at first. However, it takes only one or two lock picks to master the art, which this kit offers. All the tools come in a small and compact leather case that is easy to carry around and practice anytime anywhere.

  • Beginner-friendly lock pick set.
  • Built of high-quality material.
  • Includes 9 picks and4 tension tools.
  • Broken key extractor included.

5. DEWALT Cordless 18V CR

DEWALT Cordless 18V CR - Locksmith Tools

As a locksmith, you may have to fit locks one daily basis. For such works, you will need a hand drill machine. What better way to use one that is small, powerful and operates with batteries? If you love what you see, you can check out the DEWALT cordless 18V CR brushless combo drill machine. It works excellent for fitting new locks, opening jammed locks and creating adjustments on doors.

  • Handy yet powerful device.
  • Compact design for daily use.
  • Cordless for easy transport.
  • Battery included in the package.

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6. VonHaus 246-Piece Drill Bit Set – Locksmith Tools

VonHaus 246-Piece Drill Bit Set - Locksmith Tools

After you have got the drill machine part covered, you will require some good quality drill bits. In this case, the VonHaus 246-piece drill bit set may be the best choice if you have a high budget. Equipped in a sturdy but easy-to-car case, the drill bits in this set includes flat spade bits, HSS drill bits and so on. This is such a multi-purpose drill but set that you can also use it for woodworking, masonry, carpentry etc. related projects.

  • Suitable for drilling small and large holes.
  • Great for any type of locks.
  • Versatile uses.
  • Works on both wood and metal.

7. HPC Broken Key Extractor Set

HPC Broken Key Extractor Set - Locksmith Tools

Containing 4 interchangeable extractor blades, this is a small and handy tool kit for the locksmiths. Even if you do not have a tool box, you can easily carry it in your pocket. The set includes 1 saw blade and 3 spiral blades in different diameters.

  • Budget-friendly item.
  • Small and portable.
  • Built of stainless steel.

8. Super Mica Bypass Sheets for Locksmith Tools

Super Mica Bypass Sheets - Locksmith Tools

This is undoubtedly one of the simplest locksmith tools to have around. Although the item is relatively cheaper than other tools, it comes in handy in many locked out cases. If your home door has a spring latch, you can use this to slide in between the frame and the door and open it right away.

  • Extremely cheap.
  • Simple but effective.
  • Suitable for European style doors.

9. KLOM Electric Pick Gun PLUS

KLOM Electric Pick Gun PLUS - Locksmith Tools

When it comes to lock opening, a pick gun is a must have item in your tool box. While many locksmiths feel comfortable with a manual pick gun, you can also check out this electric pick gun. One of the best value deals out there, this gun comes with a variety of pick blades. These are suitable not only for standard locks, but also for the dimple and cross cylinders.

  • Two different heads.
  • Rechargeable battery.
  • Includes carry case.

10. Flip-It Lock Picking Plug Spinner

Flip-It Lock Picking Plug Spinner - Locksmith Tools

While picking locks, it is quite common to face challenges, such as, picking the lock in a wrong direction. A plug spinner will save you from this trouble right away. When you insert the plug in this device, it will perform some fast rotations and fix the direction of the plus for another try.

  • Suitable for professional use.
  • Great and efficient tool.
  • Small and handy item.

To conclude, being a professional locksmith requires skills and months of practice to get the work done right. However, the first and foremost step is acquiring the correct set of lock picking tools. Even if you are only considering of getting into this job, you will still need a good quality started kit. From the most basic tools like lock picking set, locksmith tweezers, turning tools, etc., you may also upgrade to hand drills, lock and safe scopes, plug spinners etc. Regardless of the tools you choose, we recommend you to go for a good quality product that will provide longevity. When this is assured, you can enjoy a worry-free professional experience.

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