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Best Lock Picking Sets

Lock picking is a great skill to have, for keeping your hands and mind engaged, or for considering it as a career. If you are extremely skilled at this, you can also take part in the lock sports competition. All daydreams aside, to begin with, anything related to lock picking, the first thing you need is a good lock pick set.

When it comes to choosing a lock pick set, you will find tons of options available in the market. However, not all of them are necessary for beginners. Even if you are an expert lock picker, you may not need 60 lock picks that will probably open only a particular sort of lock. Wondering where to begin your venture for the best lock pick sets? Continue reading.

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Best 10 Lock Pick Sets to Buy in 2021

1. SouthHord PXS-14 14-Piece Lock Pick Set

SouthHord PXS-14 14-Piece - Lock Pick Sets

As a beginner locksmith, you may want a practice kit that fits your budget as well. The PXS-14 from Southord is such a lock pick set that is great for starters. It comes with 9 different picks that are great for standard locks. There are also 4 tension tools, 1 broken key extractor and a premium quality leather bag for easy transport.

  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Suitable for standard size locks.
  • Zippered leather case included.
  • Slide on the textured grip.

2. Lock Cowboy 7-in-1 Lock Picking Set

Lock Cowboy 7-in-1 - Lock Picking Set

A compact and practical lock picking set, this is another great starter pack for new users. It features the most basic lock picking tools to help you get started. In this package, you will receive a transparent lock with 2 mechanisms. Whenever you are picking at the lock, you will be able to experience the thrill of the entire process.

  • Budget-friendly and efficient.
  • Stainless steel lock picks.
  • Transparent locks with 2 mechanisms.
  • Lifetime guarantee ensured.

3. Peterson Talon Lock Pick Set

Peterson Talon - Lock Pick Set

If you want a budget-friendly but high-quality lock pick set, you may consider checking this out. This basic lock pick kit from Peterson consists of 5 picks, both of which are made of Gov steel. It also comes with a double rake and a padded nylon case for easy transport. As the entire package is small in size, you can easily carry it around in your pocket.

  • Great selection of picks.
  • Ergonomic handles.
  • Stain-resistant design.
  • Resistant to harsh weather conditions.

4. Hima 17-Pieces Practice Lock Picking Set

Hima 17-Pieces Practice - Lock Picking Set

This is a 17-piece set that features different styles of picks to practice on your locks. It comes with an array of lock picking essentials to make your experience fun and exciting. There are 12 locks along with 2 transparent locks. Made of stainless steel material, this is a durable and sturdy product. Therefore, you can remain assured of its prolonged performance.

  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Variety of tools.
  • 5 tension wrenches, 4 keys included.
  • Comes in a zippered pocket.

5. Lock Cowboy Lock Picking Set

Lock Cowboy - Lock Picking Set

For you or for a lock picking enthusiast, the 30-piece lock picking set from Lock Cowboy may be a great gift item. This is a value for the price deal as you will receive all the essential tools in this kit. The best aspect of this set is its transparent locks which display the interior mechanism. You can upgrade your skill level and gradually progress to a lock with a higher difficulty level. You will also receive 2 keys for each lock so that you can always experiment without any hesitation.

  • Top-notch lock picking set.
  • 4 training levels.
  • 12 stainless steel locks.
  • Vegan-friendly leather pouch.

6. Diylife Premium Practice Lock Picking Tools

Diylife Premium Practice - Lock Pick Sets 

Just as the name suggests, this is an amazing lock picking set for practicing the skill at home. With its carefully designed 26 assorted pieces, you can master this skill fast and efficiently. It features 5 major applications to lock picking, which can be done using rakes, tension hooks, wrenches, etc. For keeping all the tools in one place, the manufacturer provides a small zipper bag in this kit.

  • Built of high-quality stainless steel.
  • Refined tool classification.
  • Transparent locks and lockboxes.
  • 12-month free service provided.

7. Loboo Idea Copper Tubular Lock Picking Tools

Loboo Idea Copper Tubular - Lock Pick Sets

The Loboo Idea lock pick set contains 7 pins tubular locks that are great for training sessions. This transparent lock mimics the internal design of a real tubular lock. Therefore, you will have a better understanding of its mechanism while you are practicing. The entire set contains tools made of some premium quality aerospace aluminum stainless steel. Due to its user-friendly design, it may be a great gift item for kids.

  • Convenient and practical design.
  • Includes 3 steel needles.
  • Thimbles and sore damping rubber ring included.
  • Represents exquisite workmanship.

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8. OKPOW 28-Piece Lock Pick Set 

OKPOW 28-Piece - Lock Pick Set

Designed for both the beginners and the pro locksmiths alike, this is a great lock pick kit to get your hands on. Featuring all the necessary tools for becoming a locksmith, this can be considered as an all-in-one toolkit. It comes with an acrylic transparent padlock so that you can understand all the movements inside.

  • 2 sets of keys.
  • Leather zipper case.
  • Instruction manual included.
  • 12-months warranty.

9. Curious Smith Lock Pick Set with 2 Practice Locks

Curious Smith Lock Pick Set with 2 Practice Locks - Lock Pick Sets

Aiming to provide you with all the basics of lock picking, the Curious Smith lock pick set contains an array of tools. It is a top-notch quality product that comes with polished handle and tips. The set also has 2 unique designed transparent practice locks to challenge your skill further.

  • 19-pieces stainless steel picks.
  • 5-pieces credit card set.
  • Suitable for three pins and tumbler locks.

10. TPM Go 18-Pieces Lock Picking Rake Set

TPM Go 18-Pieces - Lock Pick Sets

For beginner locksmiths who are looking for a cheap tool kit to start with, this may be a great option. The TPM Go kit may be the most eye-catching lock pick sets there, but it does the job perfectly. With a beginner-friendly design, this set is easy to operate and unlock. It also has a practical bad compact design that is great for carrying it anywhere.

  • Sturdy and durable material.
  • Double head design.
  • Suitable for new users.

To conclude, as you can see from this article, numerous brands have come up with some excellent lock pick sets. Regardless of your expertise in the area of work, or budget, you can easily choose one that suits your work style the most. However, try to go for the most basic pick and rake when you are a beginner. Invest in better sets after you have mastered the first few. The majority of residential locks can easily be manipulated with standard locks. Therefore, you may also want to avoid aiming for special tools at the beginning of your journey. In this way, you can always keep the budget and value in check.


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